Career Guides

Software Developer

Earns $101,790+ annually

Software developers are one of the creative minds behind computer software, computer programs, web, and mobile applications.


Physical Therapy

Earns $86,850+ annually

Physical therapists help patients manage and treat injuries by developing treatment plans to improve mobility and restore body function.



Earns $70,500+ annually

Accountants ensure that financial records are accurate, perform audits, prepare taxes, and offer financial consultation.


Business Operations Manager

Earns $100,930+ annually

Business Operations Managers lead the coordination among each department to ensure operational efficiency.


Database Administrator

Earns $90,780+ annually

Database administrators make sure that a company’s database function properly and users can easily utilize the information from the database.


Interpreter and Translator

Earns $49,930+ annually

Interpreters and translators convert written materials or spoken words into another language whether it is oral or written language of a particular community or country.


Marketing Manager

Earns $134,290+ annually

Marketing managers analyze consumer demand and identify potential markets for the company’s products or services.


Massage Therapist

Earns $41,420+ annually

Massage therapists improve the wellness of their clients by the power of their touch. By performing therapeutic massages, they are able to relieve pain, alleviate stress, heal injuries, improve blood circulation, promote relaxation, and more.


Occupational Therapist

Earns $84,270+ annually

Occupational Therapy deals with assisting patients who were injured or diagnosed with a disability and need help to perform daily activities through proper education and restoration of the body’s abilities to make movements.


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