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Software Developer

Earns $101,790+ annually

Software developers are one of the creative minds behind computer software, computer programs, web, and mobile applications.


Physical Therapist

Earns $89,440+ annually

Physical therapists help patients manage and treat injuries by developing treatment plans to improve mobility and restore body function.




Earns $71,550+ annually

Accountants ensure that financial records are accurate, perform audits, prepare taxes, and offer financial consultation.


Business Operations Manager

Earns $107,510+ annually

Business Operations Managers lead the coordination among each department to ensure operational efficiency.


Database Administrator

Earns $90,780+ annually

Database administrators make sure that a company’s database function properly and users can easily utilize the information from the database.


Interpreter and Translator

Earns $51,830+ annually

Interpreters and translators convert written materials or spoken words into another language whether it is oral or written language of a particular community or country.



Marketing Manager

Earns $136,850+ annually

Marketing managers analyze consumer demand and identify potential markets for the company’s products or services.


Massage Therapist

Earns $41,420+ annually

Massage therapists improve the wellness of their clients by the power of their touch. By performing therapeutic massages, they are able to relieve pain, alleviate stress, heal injuries, improve blood circulation, promote relaxation, and more.


Occupational Therapist

Earns $84,950+ annually

Occupational Therapy deals with assisting patients who were injured or diagnosed with a disability and need help to perform daily activities through proper education and restoration of the body’s abilities to make movements.


IT Manager

Earns $146,360+ annually

IT manager requires a person not only to have the smarts in technological know-how. They are also required a wider skill scope in terms of leadership and organization because of their management title.


Physical Therapist Assistant

Earns $58,790+ annually

Physical Therapist Assistants perform tasks that are usually indirectly related to patient treatment. Their primary responsibility is to aid and work under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist (PT).


Financial Manager

Earns $127,990+ annually

Financial managers function as the financial planners, they have a handful of tasks that revolve around making sure the business is financially intact and it is maximizing any income streams for the business to flourish.


Web Developer

Earns $73,760+ annually

Web developers create, design, and implement Internet websites according to the client’s specifications. They are responsible for the overall appearance and aspect of the website—its technical aspects, features, performance, capacity, speed, and traffic.


Computer Systems Analyst

Earns $90,920+ annually

Computer systems analysts work hand in hand with other people within an IT department such as software developers, data administrators, and IT managers.


Financial Advisor

Earns $88,890+ annually

Financial advisors help individuals or companies achieve their financial goals. They work independently or employed by a financial firm. Most people seek help on how they will handle their money wisely.


Information Security Analyst

Earns $99,730+ annually

Information security analysts are the gatekeepers of the computer networks and information systems of a certain organization. They create preventive measures to avoid any harmful infiltrations that can leak any confidential data of a company.


Market Research Analyst

Earns $63,120+ annually

Market research analysts are responsible for studying the market to see if a product or service has selling potential. They determine which types of customers will buy a product or service and how much they are likely willing to pay for it.



Earns $79,010+ annually

A psychologist is a licensed individual who studies and researches about human behavior and mental processes through observation, interpretation, and documentation of how people relate to one another and to their respective environment. Then, they use this research to improve and help the existing processes and behaviors.


Sales Manager

Earns $124,220+ annually

A sales manager serves as the leader of the sales department of any organization. He directs orders and plans strategies and coaching sessions to his army of sales personnel to achieve the revenue goals of the organization.


Dietitian and Nutritionist

Earns $60,370+ annually

A dietitian and nutritionist helps promote their clients’ health and control disease. They do this by carefully plotting and implementing nutritional programs that are based on the diet needs that have been identified during a patient’s health assessment.



Earns $120,910+ annually

Lawyers advise and represent their clients in legal issues. They act as advocates in situations where they are employed such as in disputes.


Management Analyst

Earns $85,260+ annually

Management analysts help organizations improve their efficiency in getting things done. They provide advice to managers on how to create more effective ways to boost productivity and ensure the goal attainment of the organization.


Technical Writer

Earns $71,850+ annually

Technical writers transform complex and technical information into a written material that can be easily understood by a target audience. These written materials are in the form of white papers, instruction manuals, and other documents.




Earns $93,830+ annually

Veterinarians are medical professionals who provide healthcare for animals and aim to protect public health as well. They are doctors who took an oath in providing overall healthcare for animals and educating animal owners.


Computer Network Architect

Earns $109,020+ annually

Computer network architects are responsible for building and designing data and communication networks from small interoffice connections to large and modern networking, such as cloud infrastructures with multiple institutions.


Computer Systems Administrator

Earns $82,050+ annually

Computer Systems Administrators' main job is to oversee the performance of the organization’s computer networks through proper maintenance of the hardware, software, updates, and more.



Earns $74,600+ annually

Logisticians are responsible for coordinating a company’s supply chain. They ensure that products move through manufacturing up until distribution. They oversee this process and continuously find ways to improve it while keeping setbacks and errors at bay.


Medical Assistant

Earns $34,800+ annually

Medical assistants support doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to provide high-quality patient care. They are specially trained to act as the frontliners of physicians and other allied health professionals to perform a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks.


Operations Research Analyst

Earns $84,810+ annually

Operations research analysts are hardcore problem-solvers. They help high-level executives come up with decisions based on the analyses and recommendations they provide.


Political Scientist

Earns $122,220+ annually

Political scientists conduct in-depth studies about the origin, development, and operation of political systems. They analyze the government structure, operations, and its entities. Also, they may utilize the use of public polls, surveys, election results, and other public documents to their analysis.


Financial Analyst

Earns $81,590+ annually

Financial analysts provide guidance to individuals or businesses by giving advice on how to make financial decisions. They usually come up with an analysis that deals with investments by collecting data, organizing information, and analyzing financial statements and market trends.



Earns $102,880+ annually

An actuary makes use of advanced mathematical and statistical tools to accomplish their duties. They make use of specialized computer programs that are unique to their field of work.


Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse

Earns $46,240+ annually

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses are healthcare workers assigned to take care of the basic medical and wellness needs of patients. They monitor a patient’s health, watch out for health changes, report to RNs and MDs, and assist patients in self-care activities.


Physical Therapist Aide

Earns $27,000+ annually

Physical therapist aides work under the supervision of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. They provide assistance to patients by helping them find their way in the facility, prepare treatment areas for them, while also doing clerical tasks in the clinic.



Earns $208,000+ annually

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in psychiatry, a branch of medicine focused on dealing with the assessment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders.


Personal Care Aide

Earns $25,280+ annually

Personal care aides assist another person to do their daily tasks. They are hired to provide assistance, care, and companionship to patients with cognitive and physical impairments who can’t operate on their own.



Earns $91,160+ annually

Statisticians are professionals who utilize various statistical methods and models to draw a conclusion from a real-world problem. They provide their expertise in several sectors, including the government, engineering, business, healthcare, and many other fields.


HR Specialist

Earns $61,920+ annually

Human Resource (HR) Specialists help establish companies by hiring talented and competent employees and, at the same time, keeping them happy in being part of a company. HR specialists help with the development of employees in an organization, improving their engagement as well as their productivity.


Cost Estimator

Earns $64,040+ annually

Cost estimators gather and evaluate different types of data in order to determine the cost of constructing infrastructure, manufacturing products, or undertaking projects. The cost they identify are not only in terms of money but also in time, labor, materials, and other resources.


Social Worker

Earns $49,470+ annually

Social workers are integral members of communities. They ensure that every member of society, especially those who are most in need and most vulnerable, have access to their basic necessities such as housing, healthcare, legal rights, food, and protection.


Home Health Aide

Earns $25,280+ annually

Home health aides provide help to clients with illnesses, disabilities, or cognitive dysfunction by aiding them in their daily tasks. Mostly working under the direction of a nurse or a healthcare practitioner, home health aides attend to the medical needs of a patient at home.



Earns $159,200+ annually

Dentists are physicians whose specialization is oral health. As far as anyone knows, dental care is not only limited to teeth and gums. The areas of dental care also include the jaw, tongue, salivary glands, as well as the head, neck, and the nervous system.


High School Teacher

Earns $60,320+ annually

High school teachers get ready students for their future endeavors after graduation. They influence grades 9-12 to learn fundamental knowledge they could use upon their entry to college. Their job is not limited to teaching students in academics, but also molding them to be well-rounded individuals.



Earns $26,090+ annually

A hairdresser, also referred to as hairstylist, is a person who specializes in cutting, styling, and coloring hair to enhance or maintain a person’s appearance. This career can either be for males or females, although barbers are considered to be for most males.


Mental Health Counselor

Earns $46,050+ annually

A mental health counselor helps people who are going through mental, behavioral, and emotional problems to achieve mental health and emotional wellness. They also offer psychological care for people who are dealing with substance abuse, depression, and unhealthy relationships.


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