Treat Ailments With A Hand Reflexology Massage

Did you know that you can alleviate pain and tension without having to get a whole-body massage? If you’re experiencing headaches, neck pain, or other issues such as an inflamed sinus, you might want to give hand reflexology a try.

Hand reflexology is an ancient healing practice that is believed to treat various ailments and conditions. This form of touch therapy or massage is performed by applying pressure on specific points of the hands that are said to be connected to different parts of the body. Various finger and thumb techniques are executed during the treatment without the intake of any medicine or drugs. 

Although hand reflexology is not a cure for any medical condition, it serves as a complementary therapy to alleviate symptoms or conditions and overall improve the quality of life. According to Urban, a large platform consisting of trusted practitioners that promote wellness through a wide range of services, a hand reflexology massage can:

  • Relieve pain caused by repetitive tasks using the hands, as well as forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Boost circulation and restore balance to the body
  • Improve mobility and joint movement which results to increased flexibility 

On top of these benefits, this treatment may also relieve a number of conditions. If you suffer from any of the following below, read on to find out how you can perform a hand reflexology massage on yourself to improve your well-being today.

Take note: Consult your doctor first if you have serious conditions such as epilepsy, thyroid issues, open wounds, circulatory problems, or any kind of inflammation, etc. This treatment is generally safe, however, you must still be cautious.

Tension headaches

If you get tension headaches, you can target the points for the head located on your thumbs to relieve the pain. 

First, use your thumb to apply pressure on the center of the other hand, under the ball of the middle finger called the solar plexus reflex. Work around seven to ten circular motions on this area and then repeat on the other hand. As you do this, take deep breaths to feel the maximum effect of relaxation. 

Next, take the hand you’re massaging with; start at the base of your hand where your wrist is (on the palm’s side) and thumb crawl slowly using even pressure all the way to the top of your thumb. This targets the spinal column reflex. Repeat this four times on each hand. After this, press as firmly as you can on the pituitary reflex located in the middle of the thumb and create small circular motions seven to ten times.

Finally, use quick thumb movements to massage your opposite thumb all over. Start from the knuckle then make your way to the top of the thumb, going over the sides and around the whole thumb. Include your nail as well. Remember to repeat on the other thumb.


Aside from pain, you might experience the feeling of a “blockage” because you blew your nose too hard or even started hearing a ringing or crackling sound in your ear. You can get rid of these sensations by applying steady pressure under the pinky finger where the ear reflex points are. Do this three to four times using small circular motions. 

Next, make bigger circles in the same area and alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Do this seven to ten times. 

Lastly, use your thumb and index finger to pinch or “hold” the area. Slide your thumb two to three times to the side to sort of “smooth” it out, then repeat this sequence on the other hand.

Neck Pain

The neck and spinal column reflex points are found on the sides of your hand around the thumb, as well as the area between your thumb knuckle and the ball of the thumb joint. 

Start off by thumb crawling over the “line” below the pad of your thumb. Make your way across slowly, pressing and releasing eight to ten times until you get to the other side. Do this ten times on both hands.

Next, thumb crawl little by little down the side of your hand around the thumb up to the wrist. Do this at least five times on each hand, pressing firmly. Once done with this, go back to the first joint of your thumb (where the line is) and perform another thumb crawl downwards until you reach the next joint. Again, do this five times on each hand and using your opposite thumb, carry out a sweeping motion upwards your thumb three to four times.

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If you’ve got a sinus problem or a clogged nose due to a cold, this simple hand reflexology massage is the answer. The sinus reflex points are found on your fingertips, including the thumb. Starting on your left hand and left thumb, use your opposite hand to pinch firmly the pads of each finger three to four times. Once done, take your opposite hand’s index finger and firmly press the tip of your other thumb, rotating four or five times as you work through each fingertip. 


If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, you can perform this hand massage on yourself to calm yourself down. All you have to do is focus on your thumbs, the balls and middle part of your hands below the ball of the middle finger, as well as the area off the center of your palm.

Begin a thumb crawl using your opposite hand, starting on the side of your thumbnail and then working your way up and around the tip of your thumb until you reach the other side of the thumbnail. Do this three times and apply pressure on the tip once finished.

Next, thumb crawl three times across your palm–just under the balls of your hand, beginning at the pinky and working your way over to the index finger. After this, move on to the center of your palm and perform circular motions for thirty seconds using steady pressure.

To top it all off, pinch the area between the thumb and index finger (the skin, fleshy part) and repeat the whole sequence on the other hand. 

There are many reflex points on your hands aside from the ones we’ve mentioned above. You can find hundreds of hand reflexology charts online that show more reflex points, as well as massage techniques to improve your life. You can also take this hand reflexology massage course to learn first-hand from a massage therapist who actually demonstrates the sequences on video. 

This type of treatment is an easy way to relieve stress and pain, even when you’re at home and by yourself. You can also find an experienced reflexologist or massage therapist to do it for you. Either way, you’re sure to benefit from the effects a hand reflexology massage offers.

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