How to Write Affirmations

Affirmations help overcome negative thoughts that hinder success, growth, and happiness. Not only do daily affirmations boost our confidence, but it’s also necessary to achieve greatness.

Daily positive affirmations rid the mind of any clutter influenced by external chaos. It can change negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Affirmations work similarly to the law of attraction and are the fastest way to attract your life goals.

Life throws a lot of curveballs. And with daily affirmations, you can reprogram your mind to attract positive and powerful outcomes in your personal life, relationship, and career.

When your brain locks in on a positive statement, you’re no longer concerned with self-judgment. Instead, you’ll accept any events that happen to you because you’re confident that you’ll get through them. You’ll take the situation without question and transform it into something positive.

There are many ways to use daily positive affirmations. For example, some people use affirmations to help them gain confidence, while others use affirmations for healing and balance.

Here is an effective way how to write affirmations.

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How to write affirmations

There is no right or wrong way of writing daily affirmations. They can be unique to each individual who wants to control certain aspects of their lives. But there are some guidelines for writing affirmations to make them effective.

Here are the seven simple steps on how to write affirmations.

1. Write your negative affirmations

Negative affirmations are comparable to positive affirmations, but they don’t manifest positive change in your life. When you talk down on yourself regularly, you’ll eventually believe that you cannot achieve your goals.

Write what you think are your opposing traits. Such as:

  • Pessimistic characteristics about yourself as a person
  • Doubtful factors of your life situation

This list can be an idea of yourself or criticisms from other people, whether from the past or present. These negative statements may have stuck in your mind for a long time which you never realized are taking a toll on you.

You don’t need to internalize these traits. All you need to do is acknowledge them as part of the healing process.

After writing your list, categorize them per theme. For example, “It’s difficult for me to earn money,” “I don’t have enough time for my tasks,” or “It’s challenging to have a healthy work-life balance.” These negative statements relate to success.

In contrast, these example statements concerning anxiety. “I’m too worried that I’ll fail,” “I get too stressed in social gatherings,” or “I have no control over my life.”

To some, these are just nonsense words. But it can consume you and makes life unappealing. If you want to manifest positive transformation, you need to change how you speak to yourself.

2. Rephrase your negative thoughts into positive affirmations

After listing down your negative thoughts, rewrite them into positive opposite to eliminate negative thinking. Using the example above, you may rephrase them as such, “I’m contented with what I have right now,” “I have all the time I need to focus on my tasks,” and “I have a healthy work-life balance.”

These affirmations for success are excellent self-care tools when situations go south. It helps with any negative mental chatter and boosts self-esteem to achieve success.

And “My failures are part of my learning process,” “I love meeting new people,” and “I have complete control over my life.” These affirmations should help you gain confidence when you feel any ounce of anxiety coming your way.

When converting negative statements, use positive, powerful words that resonate with you. Some terms may have moderate depth, while some can be extreme depending on how profound you want the changes will be.

You may use an online dictionary like Wordhippo and Thesaurus to find what words mean to you.

3. Start with “I am”

Daily affirmations are most successful and influential if they contain “I am.”

You don’t want to sound like you’re still trying to achieve it. So instead, make it sound like you’re already living your lifelong dream. For example, “I’m living my best life.” This positive statement sounds permanent, describing what your life is like at the present moment.

You want to change your mindset and physical being forever. Because using the words “I am,” you’re already embodying what you want to become.

4. Write in the present tense

For your daily affirmations to be powerful and effective, you must write them in the present tense. You’re not talking about the past or the future because you want your affirmations to discuss your current state.

Writing positive affirmations is all about visualizing your reality. So you don’t want to use terms and phrases that don’t involve the present moment. For instance, using “I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow” or “Next year I’ll own the most successful business” doesn’t have a sense of urgency. These sentences mean that your goal isn’t true right now.

Instead, say, “My body is capable of accomplishing anything,” and “My business is overflowing with success.” These affirming statements make your subconscious believe that you’re living the frequency you want to receive.

5. Keep a positive tone

Thoughts are magnetic, and they have a particular frequency. So when you begin to think about an idea, it doesn’t matter if they’re positive or negative; you’re also attracting like ideas.

Write your affirmations in a positive tone. If you want to become healthy, make it a habit to affirm your health in a positive way. However, if you use words like “impossible,” “difficult,” “can’t,” and “not enough,” you also attest to contradicting desires.

To illustrate, by saying, “I don’t want to get sick.” you start over analyzing your daily lifestyle, avoiding public spaces, and obsessing over being clean. As a result, your body won’t be able to adapt to some microbes that can develop your immune system.

Though there are some specific tangible goals that you’ve yet to achieve, having positive mantras can get you in the right state of mind. It can ease the roadblocks you may face during your journey to reach your objective.

6. Keep them brief but concise

Your daily affirmations should be simple enough to repeat every day. And brief enough so you can memorize them quickly. These positive statements can contain four or even six powerful words.

Affirmations shouldn’t contain one word, but they should possess meaningful phrases. They should be short, sweet, and to the point, “I can handle any challenging situations.”

Short effective affirmations make it easier to remember when visualizing your goals.

7. Make them realistic

Powerful affirmations are realistic and believable.

 If you don’t believe in your affirmation, don’t expect the law of attraction to make it happen for you. So, try to make them realistic and attainable.

Realistic affirmations make you believe that what you want is already yours. For that reason, you must believe in the unseen, which means that you have complete and utter faith in your capabilities.

However, affirmations can only do so much if you don’t focus and act on what you desire. So, you have to take the necessary steps to make them happen as well.

30 example powerful daily affirmations

Affirmations for gratitude

  • I’m grateful for the effort I put into myself and my career.
  • With gratitude, I see the world in a different light.
  • I have the opportunity to chase after my dreams every day.
  • I live with gratitude and gratefulness.
  • Good things come when I show gratitude and appreciation.

Affirmation to release negativity

  • I choose to be positive today.
  • I let go of old negative habits that don’t resonate with my growth.
  • I’ll transform my negativity into love and light.
  • I choose to eliminate negativity.
  • Today is a new day and a fresh start.

Affirmations for mental health

  • I am capable of healing and balance
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • My feelings are valid.
  • My mental illness is only a fraction of who I am.
  • I deserve happiness.

Affirmations for wealth and abundance

  • I am destined for greatness.
  • I am grateful for my wealth.
  • I am in control of my destiny.
  • I am worthy of wealth and abundance.
  • The more I earn, the more I share.

Affirmations for self-worth

  • I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • I thank myself for working on my goals.
  • Other people respect me because I create healthy boundaries.
  • I am beautiful and blessed. I am successful.
  • Good things are coming my way.

Affirmations for growth and personal development

  • There’s always room for me to grow.
  • Anything is possible.
  • I stay focused on my desires over my challenges.
  • I have the Universe’s strength within me.
  • I have a purpose.

How to use daily affirmations

Here are a few practical tips on how to use your daily affirmations.

1. Speak your affirmations out loud daily

The ideal way to affirm your daily affirmations is to say them aloud in front of a mirror. You’re not saying these remarks for fun, but instead, you want to attract its energy.

When you speak your affirmations, you silence the chatter within. For instance, when you’re just thinking about them, other thoughts will distract you from the process.

At first, you may not believe your affirmations. But with constant repetition, your subconscious mind is already in a state where it can handle any stressful situation.

Performing daily affirmations takes patience and practice to get the best results. Saying them aloud when you feel calm and relaxed is most effective.

2. Anchor them in your body

When you feel strong emotions like stress and anxiety, certain parts of your body will feel hot. 

The nervous system responds to emotional stress by increasing your body temperature. As a result, you’ll feel physical symptoms like:

  • Blushing
  • Sweating palms
  • Trembling hands
  • Stuttering
  • Headaches

Identifying where your physical manifestations are is a sign of acceptance and healing.

Place your hand in the area that feels uncomfortable when writing affirmations. This practice allows you to understand how your body works for a speedy recovery.

3. Get someone to repeat them to you

Some people who suffer from severe anxiety needs help from someone to remind them of their affirmations. When you encounter a nerve-racking situation, you may call a friend, a family member, or a life coach if you have one. They can help you repeat your affirmations and encourage you with positive thoughts.

4. Combining with other practices

Combining your affirmation ritual with other habits is also an excellent method to achieve specific goals. You may include your daily affirmation routine with other practices like yoga and meditation, gym workout, or cycling.

When integrating your affirmations, you can visualize them, or you may even listen to an audio recording as you perform other exercises. Listening to affirmations works similarly to stating them out loud. It helps lower stress and allows you to focus on the tasks at hand.


Affirmations are brief, concise, positive statements that, when performed daily, can make remarkable results for personal developmentWhen you create them, it’s essential to think about the negative feelings that bother you first. Then convert those negative statements into positive ones.

Effective affirmations in the present tense start each statement with “I am.” You want to make them realistic and relevant in the now. Saying them out loud is silly at first because you’re used to your old habits. But with consistency, you’ll free yourself from your negative thought patterns.

Make your affirmations a part of your daily routine to internalize what you want to achieve.

You may change your affirmations daily, weekly, or even monthly, depending on what you need the most at those times.

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