7 Benefits of Hand and Stone Massage

In today’s lifestyle, some people find it hard to take time to wind down after a stressful day. People are always on the go with increasing workloads, family, and financial pressure. All of these factors take a toll on the body and mind.

Hand and stone massage is an excellent way to relax since it can release tension and alleviate pain. It eases tense muscles and boosts energy levels to relieve any form of stress from the body.

There is no need to go to the spa all the time to have a hand or stone massage. You can learn some of these techniques at home so you can enjoy some of their benefits without leaving home or spending too much. 

Here are seven benefits of hand and stone massage:

person massaging a client with a stone

7 Benefits of Hand and Stone Massage

Helps cope with daily stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are normal to some degree. It is the driving force that motivates people to take action. But the downside of stress is that it can stay in the body and manifests in our emotions, behavior, and physical health.

Some people would schedule regular visits to the spa to relieve stress and anxiety. The effects of hand massage are immediate—a feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

When you get a massage, the brain delivers happy hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine throughout the body. These three hormones are responsible for reducing anxiety. 

In a sense, massage makes a person happier. Being happy can lead to a positive ripple effect on our lives and those around us. It also frees us from depression.

Reduces body pain and tension

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of touch therapy. Ancient civilizations indulge themselves in the therapeutic advantages of massage treatments. It involves kneading, stroking, and applying pressure on the muscles and soft tissues, while some require tools like hot stones. 

The most common location for body pain is in the back, neck, and feet. Around 80% of the population experiences pain in these locations. 

Pain has the power to control our emotions, and it can deteriorate our quality of life. It can make us irrational, temperamental, and disempowered. Having a massage can temporarily diminish pain and tension in our bodies.

Therapeutic massage has the same anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties as most over-the-counter drugs. It relaxes the muscles, tendons, and joints by stimulating the nerves.

Regulates sleep

Insufficient sleep can lead to chronic diseases and health conditions – type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, impaired memory, and mood swings. Pain and mood disorders can disrupt healthy sleeping patterns.

About 20% of the global population is experiencing sleeping disorders, and 4% take prescription pills for sleeping. While prescription medication does aid sleeping disorders, it comes with a price. It has many adverse side effects on the body that can interfere with their daily lives.

Thankfully, massage is a holistic approach to sleep regulation. Some studies have shown that weekly massages and daily self massages improve poor sleeping habits. 

Massage therapy like hand and stone massage can increase melatonin from the brain. Melatonin is a hormone that controls sleep and wakefulness.

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Increases mobility and flexibility

Immobility and inflexibility can limit our range of motion. As a result, it causes pain in the muscles and joints, poor posture, and unwanted injury.

Data shows that any form of massage therapy can optimize a full range of mobility and flexibility in the joints, tendons, and muscles. It enhances movement by restoring the natural production of joint lubricants and keeps the body free from toxins.

Almost everyone can benefit from hand and stone massage therapy because it helps reduce the risks of accidents and chronic orthopedic problems. But it is not recommended for anyone who has any of the following: high blood pressure, menopause, heart disease, skin inflammation, metal implants, and recent radiation and surgery.

Medical practitioners still need sufficient studies and evidence to prove that pregnant women can have a hot stone massage. If you want to try a hot stone massage at a spa near you, contact your health care provider for advice.

Improves oxygen and blood circulation

When a muscle is tense and stiff, it slows the blood flow to the brain. When the muscles become deprived of oxygen, it forms lactic acid build-up, and symptoms include nausea, weakness, and heavy breathing. 

Muscles need oxygen to function and heal properly. Massage therapy is an excellent way to cultivate oxygen and blood circulation since it can release tense and tight muscles and joints through gentle to intense strokes on the body.

Higher oxygen and blood flow to the brain energizes the body and improves concentration, cognitive behavior, and memory – especially for the elderly. According to studies, it also alleviates and rehabilitates muscle soreness from exercising, playing sports, and some physical injuries.

Develops the immune system

Some people combine holistic therapy like hand and stone massage with contemporary health care programs for a good reason. Apart from the obvious benefits of modern medicine, massage therapy can also offer the same medical advantages. It can naturally boost the immune system by increasing the activity of white blood cells in the body to fight disease and lower cortisol.

The primary role of cortisol in the body is regulating blood pressure, responding to stress, and managing inflammation. It is also the primary stress hormone responsible for the fight or flight response. It is necessary to keep track of the cortisol levels in the body because it can lead to threatening health conditions.

The long-term effect of high cortisol is digestive problems, heart attack, stroke, and Cushing syndrome – a disorder caused by prolonged high cortisol level.

Ease symptoms for addiction recovery

Addiction rehabilitation is a mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging process for the patient. Their loved ones feel this pain too.

If drug addiction recovery is not successful, it can lead to social disconnection, impaired cognitive behavior, fatigue, and the possibility of relapse.

Some rehab facilities integrate pharmaceutically induced programs with therapeutic massage to manage withdrawal symptoms of their patients. Touch therapy can ease joint and muscle pain, cultivate sleep and improve digestion associated with withdrawals. It can also offer proactive detoxification at the onset of recovery. 

Through these helping hands, patients can relax from the physical distress of recovery. They are more emotionally and mentally encouraged to undergo recovery treatment as they have a sense of control over their body.

woman having a stone massage

Hand and stone massage aftercare

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Abstain from caffeine and alcohol for at least 12 hours
  • Take a rest
  • Schedule your next visit
  • Keep exercises light
  • Relax at home
  • Keep a healthy diet
  • Listen to your masseuse
  • Steer clear from a hot shower

If you think you have healing hands and massage therapy is something that interests you, then check this course on spa relaxation massage

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