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11 Things to Consider When Job Hunting

Finding your next career is not as easy as passing your application and waiting for a call from a company. It takes a lot to land your dream job—you have to make tons of considerations before you pursue an application with your prospects. That said, you need job hunting tips that will ensure you land the right company that fits your career objectives, best interests, and qualifications.

In finding the right job, you are not just looking into the next milestone of your career, but also for a second home that will nurture your utmost potential. You will need enough consideration upon your job hunting to avoid landing in the wrong company.

What you should consider when job hunting

In order to find your perfect match in the job market, here are some job hunting tips on what to consider in your next career:

1. A fit to your goals

Your next job should be a place where you can see yourself growing for years. No matter how long you want to stay, you should be able to foresee the growth and career opportunities it can provide you. After all, applying for a job that doesn’t align with your goals will just end up making you bored and unmotivated. Therefore choosing a career that covers your interests and passion is most likely to land you a job where you will stay for long.

2. Impressive resume and cover letter

Before you submit an application, you have to make sure that your resume reflects all the factual information about you. Creating a resume is not a piece of cake; however, doing it right will land you an interview so you should learn how to write an impressive resume.

Aside from that, you should not forget sending along a cover letter that will demonstrate your genuine interest in the job. Having a cover letter changes the game as it helps to prove how much you fit the job.

3. Good pay

It’s reasonable to look for a job that offers a significantly high salary. However, money shouldn’t be the only reason why you would go for a job. You don’t want to end up with a high-paying but extremely stress-inducing career. Instead, you should opt for a career that suits your capacity, while giving you enough monetary rewards. 

You can try researching ahead what the average pay for your desired career is and keep that in mind as your guide. Also, it never hurts to negotiate for your salary when you think an offer is not competitive enough. 

4. The benefits

One of the best ways to know how much a company cares for its employees is through the benefits it offers. Your salary is just a part of the compensation package you are entitled to receive. A competitive offer should include insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, health benefits, paid time off, and other incentives.

This shows how the company fares in the industry. If they offer enough benefits, it could mean the business is flourishing. Whereas if it doesn’t, it could mean they are struggling in their sales. 

5. Your travel time

The average cost for US commuters is reportedly $2,600 a year. Don’t make the mistake of getting a job that’s obviously beyond your commute budget. Also, think of the non-productive hours you are going to spend on your travel time due to the significantly long distance you have to endure. Pick a location that can give you work-life balance, as well as save you hundreds of bucks.

6. Working hours

A factor that most jobseekers forget to assess when getting a job is the working hours they will render in the company. It’s easy to say “yes” and just agree with the time they tell you. However, working hours affect your overall productivity, work-life balance, and travel time. You should take into consideration the working schedule they provide to avoid having an unfortunate impact on both personal and professional matters. 

7. Office culture

The culture of a company affects how you are going to perform once you are hired. You will want to see how the management works, how the employees are treated, and what kind of programs they offer in terms of career and team growth. To have a glimpse of what it’s like to be there, you can check out their company website, browse through job portals for company reviews, or follow some people working in the company. This way, you can see how you fit in the company culture before you even report for work.

8. The people

One of the crucial things that affect your success in a job is the people you work with. With the right people, you can perform better while building relationships easily. But how do you know how people behave when you have only met some in your interview? Well, you may take notice of how the hiring manager, bosses, and other associates treat you and their co-workers.

job hunting tips

9. Office perks

One of the factors that can lure you to getting a job is finding some office perks that are valuable to you. These could be in the form of an office gym, sleeping quarters, in-house yoga studios, a gaming room or free lunches. These are little things that greatly induce productivity and boost the motivation of employees.

10. Growth opportunities

Climbing up the corporate ladder is everyone’s aim so be sure to ask if the company offers room for career advancement. You can ask about this during the interview or tap someone you know who’s working in the company. This way, you will have an idea if the company you are pursuing is invested in nurturing its employees to be the best that they can be.

11. Company stability

Last but definitely not least is to look for a company that has proven its stability. As your source of livelihood, you can’t afford to lose a job over a sudden job layoff because of unstable business. So before signing with a company, do a background check of their history and reputation in the industry. This way, you know what you are getting yourself into.

And that’s how you find the right companies to include in your career pursuits. Follow these job hunting tips when you are scouring through the job market. Pass your credentials, wait for the call, and nail that interview to land your dream job.

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