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Tips For Young Professionals Starting A New Job

Starting on your first real job can be nerve-racking. You are probably excited to start working and get your first paycheck and at the same time, nervous about meeting new colleagues, adjusting with your job, lifestyle changes, and new work atmosphere.   

Whatever industry you might step in, it is important that you are geared up to face your new challenges.

Here are some tips for young professionals starting a new career.

1. Dress appropriately for the job you have landed.

Choose the right work clothes based on the industry that you will be part of. You may ask your human resource person on what employees typically wear in the office, before your first day. Some companies require their employees to wear a suit while other companies are okay if their employees wear jeans. But remember that first impression lasts, so wear your best clothes and your best smile on your first day of work.

2. Arrive early and leave late.

Being on time or even earlier than your co-worker will leave a strong impression that you are diligent about your attendance. Your co-worker will also see you as responsible and committed to your job. Also, being one of the people who leave the office late will help you learn more about the office culture. If you showed up late and leave early, your colleagues and employer might assume that you are not serious or interested in your job. 

3. Take the initiative to introduce yourself.

Taking the initiative of introducing yourself, genuinely smile and shake the hands of your colleagues will leave a good impression. Introducing yourself is essential in building both professional and personal relationship with your colleagues. A simple introduction will do, state your name and the position you are taking on, as long as you approach them in a friendly manner.

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4. Separate your personal and professional lives.

When you are at work, you are expected to do your job. So during your work hours, you need to avoid making any personal calls (unless it is an emergency), sending personal emails, chatting with your colleagues about personal events and other non-work-related activities.

5. Learn how to approach the office generation gap.

It is typical in companies to have their younger and older employees. As a younger employee, you must respect and give value to your senior colleagues because they already have the wisdom and experience from years of working in the company. You may break the ice by asking some suggestions or advice about the project that you are currently working on. You should also respect their opinions and use appropriate language when communicating with them.

6. Build networks.

If you want to continue to grow in your career, you need to learn how to build your networks. You need to know your colleagues and let them know who you are and what skills you can bring to the table. The easiest way to grow your network is to establish a relationship with your colleagues and people in your same industry. These people within your network could help you have more opportunities to advance in your career.

7. Time management.

After your onboarding procedure, you might be given tasks that you need to handle at once. Creating a strategy that would help you finish your tasks on time to an agreed standard is essential. For you to create your work strategy, you must first practice your time management skills so you will stay focused on your tasks and be ahead of the game. This will also help reduce your stress and anxiety.

8. Be optimistic. 

Lastly, be optimistic. Always have a positive attitude. As you are just new in your job and you do not have enough experience yet, some tasks may be overwhelming at first. You must stay positive about everything that will come your way. Employees who stress themselves and complain a lot with their issues with work would not be successful on their job. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller.

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