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8 Prominent Generation X Characteristics in the Workplace

The workplace comprises a mix of different generations that work for common business goals. The generational difference in each other’s personality and beliefs affect how the business operates and how it meets success. Concentrating on Generation X, they have specific Generation X characteristics that make them tick in the workplace that you wouldn’t usually see in other generations. These are what we’ll break down in this guide to know how efficient they are in the workplace compared to the other generations.

Who exactly is Generation X?

Born between 1965 to 1980, Generation X is sandwiched by the Baby Boomers born in 1946 to 1964 and Millennials born in 1981 to 1996. 

Generation X or Gen Xers grew up with limited adult supervision, making them independent and firm believers of work-life balance. They possess qualities that are different from those of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z.

The Generation X characteristics

Here are the prominent characteristics of Generation X in the workplace: 

1. Likes independence

The Gen Xers are independent and individualistic. They can fend for themselves as they grew up with minimal adult supervision. They are accustomed to their parents working in their childhood, which resulted in being self-sufficient individuals. 

Gen X likes independence—they thrive in it. That’s why they are okay on giving others the autonomy to do their tasks on their own. They want the freedom and responsibility of conquering challenges on their own. So if you are working with a Gen X, you may open up about giving yourself the autonomy to do your tasks. They are more likely to approve of it.

2. Values work-life balance

Generation X highly regards work-life balance. They are not as dependent on their employers as their boomer parents are. They know how to manage their time effectively, design work schedules that can accommodate personal endeavors and relationships. To manage your time as effectively as the Gen Xers, you may reap some powerful hacks in this online class.

Gen X strives for work-life balance, which helped them learn how to juggle priorities simultaneously. They know how to strategically plan their tasks and goals, which they can relate to their careers. This is one of their strongest points which they can even highlight in their resume.

3. Adapts easily

One of the striking qualities of Generation X is their flexibility. They can quickly adapt to changes and be willing to learn. They recognize diversity, creative thinking, and fun work with such high regard. As a result, they are flexible to new environments, open to changes, and adaptable to out-of-the-norm ideas. This openness makes them ideal coworkers as they see the value in keeping up with necessary modifications.

4. Aware in technology

The Gen Xers witnessed the transition of analog to digital technology. While they are not as technologically advanced as the Millennials and Gen Z, Gen X is way more adept in technology than the Baby Boomers. 

The Gen Xers were there when phones had been invented, and the Internet has sprung. They know how to use computers and are well-versed with social media. They can keep up with the latest technologies, making them great teammates in the workplace in this digitally inclined era.

5. Embraces feedback

A remarkable quality of Generation X is that they are receptive to feedback. They don’t take things by heart. They acknowledge feedback with openness and take these as a lesson to improve. Contrary to the characteristics of millennials who get easily affected by crucial feedback, Gen Xers move forward with the lesson in mind. They strive to improve themselves.

6. Does not beat around the bush

The Gen X workers like to be frank. They don’t avoid confrontations—instead, they like being direct about anything. Be it concerns, feedback, or suggestions, Gen X workers value honesty and openness. This can also relate to the reception of feedback since they don’t mind being corrected.

7. Enjoys collaboration

While they are known to be self-sufficient, Gen Xers are good collaborators. They have excellent networking skills that help them get along with teammates of all ages and generations. This personality stems from growing up tech–free. They can build genuine connections with their ability to converse in-person and manage conflicts seamlessly. Like them, you, too, can know how to ace conflict management with this online course.

8. Invests in their professional development

The Generation X workers believe in the powerful returns of investing in their career development. This implies that they seek mentorship outside work, and they strive to stay relevant by investing in their continuous education, like taking online classes and having a career coach.

They are the generation that doesn’t mind shelling out for an investment that will yield more in return. That’s why they acknowledge education with the utmost value. They know that it keeps them in the game and helps them stay relevant. 

How do you work with Generation Xers?

Got Gen Xer bosses or coworkers you want to develop good work relationships with? Here are some quick tips on working harmoniously with them:

  • Give them the autonomy to work on their own.
  • Respect their time.
  • Encourage work-life balance in the workplace.
  • Be honest and practice open communication with them.
  • Avoid micromanaging Gen X workers.
  • Promote continuing education and expand learning opportunities.

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