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Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

You feel that you are always scrambling to accomplish all of your daily tasks and meet the deadline. While you see some of your colleagues having more tasks than you, but they still manage to finish their entire task early. You ask yourself “how do they do it?”

Being productive is not that hard. You can learn how to increase your productivity and feel fulfilled by the end of the day with these simple strategies. 

Prioritize your tasks in advance.

Prioritizing your task helps you manage your time effectively. This is by listing your tasks from the most important to the least important. You will be less stressed and be more productive because you know which task you should work on first. It will also help you avoid procrastination because you have created a schedule and deadline for yourself.

Complete your most important tasks first.

Doing your most dreaded task first thing in when you get in your work would help you be productive the whole day. This is because you have more energy and doing this in the latter part of your day would only make you burnout. Also, once you have completed the most difficult task, your next tasks won’t seem that hard.   

Take full advantage of your commute.

Commuting can be a waste of time. Imagine being in public transportation doing nothing when you could have just used that time doing important things. Well, you can do several things when you are commuting. You can create your to-do list, read messages and organize your inbox.

Quit multitasking.

We might be tempted to answer phone calls while doing emails because we think that multitasking can help us save our time and accomplish more tasks. Studies show that multitasking is very hard to accomplish make us not productive. Instead, we should focus on accomplishing one task before we proceed to the next.

ways to improve productivity

Minimize interruptions.

During work hours, turn off the notifications or put your phone on silent. Having multiple browsers and applications that are open on your desktop also causes distractions. You could close the browsers and applications that you don’t need at the moment. By doing this, you will eliminate all distractions and you can concentrate on accomplishing your tasks.

Complete tasks in batches.

This is by grouping or batching similar tasks into a single batch to complete in a dedicated session without interruption. The logic behind this is that it keeps our brain to stay focus and don’t lose its momentum by doing one similar task. It takes time for our brain to switch its focus when we do different tasks.  

Listen to music to increase productivity.

Research shows that listening to music while working increases your productivity and creativity. It boosts your mood because some music, especially those you enjoy listening to, helps release feel-good chemicals in your brain which make you beat the stress and anxiety. When you improve your mood, you also improve your ability to focus, and when you are focused, you can accomplish more tasks with fewer to no mistakes.

Take short breaks.

Most of us thought that by working longer hours we become more productive and get more work done. However, our productivity slows down when we are burned-out. Research shows that taking short breaks actually helps improve your concentration and mood. Stepping away from your work station for a while allows you to come back with a fresh mind and eyes.

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