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How to Highlight Microsoft Office Skills in a Resume

Microsoft (MS) Office skills come in handy when you are applying for a job. Almost any kind of job requires you to perform MS office tasks—whether you are working on administrative tasks or making a presentation report for the organization. Knowing how to highlight relevant Microsoft Office Skills in your resume gives you an edge over other candidates.

The MS Office Suite is a set of productivity tools that most organizations use globally. It consists of different tools with different functionalities that streamline the administrative tasks of a department. Here are some of those tools:

  • Microsoft Word – for writing and editing of texts.
  • Microsoft Excel – for organizing and manipulating data.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – for creation of presentations.
  • Microsoft Outlook – for managing emails, contact lists, and calendars.
  • Microsoft Access – for database management and information storage.
  • Microsoft OneNote – a digital notebook for gathering information in several forms, including texts, drawings, and audio files.

Why should you include Microsoft Office skills in your resume?

Some people overlook the benefit of showcasing their MS office skills in their resumes. This is especially true for those who like zeroing on more niche software programs like project management, video editing, or photo manipulation tools. The truth is that familiarity in the MS office suite demonstrates efficiency in using these tools that provide organization efficiency.

You are expected to know these since most jobs require the use of these tools in streamlining tasks and projects. 

What are MS Office skills?

MS Office skills comprise of the specialized techniques in utilizing the different MS office programs. These skills are valuable in any organization as these are fundamental skills that lead to more efficient and streamlined business operations. Most employers prefer candidates who have proven competency in using different Microsoft programs. 

When to include Microsoft Office skills in your resume

So when is the right time to highlight your proficiency in MS Office programs? An ideal situation is when the job description mentioned the need for it. Since a resume should always align with the job description, it is only right to highlight these skills as necessary.

To even amplify your expertise in using particular MS Office programs, you should also highlight the level of proficiency you have. This classification includes fundamental, basic, proficient, intermediate, or advanced. This way, recruiters will immediately know how skilled you are in using such office tools.

Adding MS Office skills to your resume helps fill your credentials when you have limited work experience. 

Here are some jobs that require highlighting your MS office skills in the resume:

These jobs require creating several word documents, presentations, reports, and more through MS Office tools. Some tasks might even use similar cloud-based productivity tools like Google Workspace. 

The MS Office skills you should include in your resume

Here are the skills that you may include if it applies to your skillset and the job description:

1. Microsoft Word

  • Page setup
  • Design or mock-up creation for print materials
  • Proofreading
  • Template creation
  • Graph and chart incorporation into reports
  • SmartArt
  • Quick Access
  • Table and document formatting 

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2. Microsoft Excel

  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Table creation
  • Data analysis
  • Formulas
  • Functions
  • Group data
  • Macros
  • Pivot tables
  • Charts
  • Automatization
  • IF statements
  • Data validation

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Presentation creation and design
  • Template creation and formatting
  • Interactive slideshows
  • Custom slides
  • Graph and chart creation
  • Templates
  • Manuscript
  • Presentation troubleshooting
  • Video linking and embedding
  • Media incorporation to presentations
  • Advanced timeline

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4. Microsoft Outlook

  • Email configuration
  • Task creation, scheduling, and delegation
  • Meeting plan
  • Calendar configuration
  • Scheduling
  • Email filing

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5. Microsoft Access

  • Database creation and design
  • Data sorting and filtering
  • Advanced queries creation
  • VBA and SQL in Access
  • Use of other application within Access

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6. Microsoft OneNote

  • Note taking
  • Image sharing and drafting
  • Note filing and retrieval
  • Note organization
  • Record uploads

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ms office skills

How to enumerate Microsoft Office Skills in your resume

Here are the ways on how to identify the set of MS skills worth highlighting in your resume:

  • List them down on the skills section.

The skills section is the first section to write your MS Office skills. Be concise, and don’t elongate with unnecessary details. 

  • Include those that genuinely apply to you.

Never include a skill that you don’t know. If you think that’ll appear impressive, just think of how you’re going to justify that skill once asked during an interview. Thus, you need to be honest from the get-go.

  • Assess your level of expertise.

It is necessary to classify your level of competency in the skills you’ll highlight. You want to let recruiters know right away how experienced you are in using particular tools. The key here is being honest. So if you are not that familiar, you’re better off not including that.

  • Include the MS Office skills in your experience section.

To prove your competency in the MS Office skills, you must mention them in the experience section. Incorporate how you used such skills in your previous job responsibilities.

  • Be specific.

An ideal resume should be a one-pager. That implies that every line counts, so be concise and specific with skills and remarkable experience worth highlighting.

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