5 Tips for Effective Time Management

Do you always chase time and scramble completing your tasks at work and in your personal life? Are you frequently late and consistently fail to prioritize what needs to be done? Poor time management is actually the result of poor planning skills and failing to set priorities.  

You might not be aware of it, but there are also time management mistakes you are probably making. Such mistakes include multitasking, not getting enough sleep, and letting the “urgent” tasks overtake the “important” tasks.

So, what should you do to manage your time and become productive effectively? Here are some tips.

1. Stop procrastinating 

Many people are struggling with time management because they delay doing their tasks. There are many reasons why people put off tasks. It may be the fear of failure, which causes them not to exert a lot of effort into the task. Other people also get overwhelmed with their tasks, and they don’t know which one they need to prioritize and where to begin. As a result, they start procrastinating.

2. Plan out each day to manage your focus

It is important that you set the right tone for the rest of your day with a clear mind and think with clarity. That is why you should have already determined what you need to achieve before you start your day. By doing this, you are helping your brain to focus on completing the most critical and challenging tasks first before working on other less important tasks.

Having a clear mind starts by planning the night before what you need to accomplish for the next day. It is much easier to stay focused when you already know what you should do and in sequence. 

Writing your to-do list before you go to bed is an effective way of setting priorities. This technique will help you focus on working on the most important items first instead of prioritizing the less important items because they are easier to do.

3. Use time management tools

We live in a digital age, and there are thousands of Smartphone apps and computer programs out there that you can download to help you effectively manage your time. You will be surprised how many hours you will save in a day by just downloading time management tools.

One of the most popular and user-friendly time management apps that you can use is Evernote. It is a cloud-based software for note-taking, organizing data, task management, and archiving various media files. You can also download this application for FREE and can use it on your Smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Since files are stored up in the cloud, you can access your files remotely on any device as long as you have your own Evernote account.  

These are just a few samples of Evernote’s cool features; you can visit their website to learn more. You can also learn how to use Evernote effectively with the “The Complete Evernote Mastery Course: Maximize Productivity” online course.

4. Find and work during your most productive hours

Are you a night owl who works best late at night? Or a morning lark who performs best early in the morning? This is an important question to ask yourself. For you to take advantage of your efficiency to the fullest, you should start by matching your highest priority to your most productive hours.

How would you know your most productive hours each day? It all starts with experimentation, self-awareness, and tracking of your motivation, focus, and how you are most productive. You should work with your mind and body to find your peak work hours or most productive hours.  

When you are more alert and energized, you are more likely to solve complex thoughts. You can also make critical decisions faster and accomplish more tasks.


5. Get rid of distractions

There are many things in our lives that can potentially waste our time, and one of those is the presence of distractions. By minimizing or getting rid of your distractions, you can accomplish more and become more successful. Some of the biggest distractions that you should be aware of and avoid include:

  • Gossiping or chatting with colleagues
  • Social media
  • Browsing the Internet 
  • Reading and replying to emails
  • Background noise
  • Clutter
  • Hunger

Distractions seem impossible to avoid, so how do you reclaim your focus and control? It starts by building a habit, establishing a schedule, and creating an environment that will allow you to be on distraction-free mode.  

You can close the door of your office when you are working or use noise-cancellation earphones. These can help you avoid distractions caused by your colleagues and noises.  

According to research, Americans check their phones about 96 times a day. Therefore, turning off your cell phone or putting it in silent mode and then putting it away will help you avoid getting distracted from constantly checking your phone.  

Effective time management is the first step in achieving your goals. By doing this, you will find a balance between your professional life and your personal life. 

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