Why Now is the Best Time to Learn a New Language

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If you find yourself bored in the house with nothing much to do, why not learn a new language? Learning a new language gives you a productive past-time. Moreover, it also has tons of other benefits you might not have expected. There are some stand-outs if you need more reasons to learn a new language aside from being cool.

Make good use of your free time.

Online learning for personal development is a productive way to pass the time these days. Social activities are now very limited, and things that you used to enjoy might not be as accessible as before. Movie houses, sports complexes, theaters, and most restaurants are closed or operated on a limited capacity. That means that you have to come up with other ways to pass the time.

You can spend all day on social media or binge-watching every series you can find. However, why don’t you pass the time while learning something new? Learning a new language can take up a good chunk of your free time while teaching you something new. At the end of each lesson, you will feel more productive as you level up on your language skills. It’s a lot better than wasting it all away on useless things or excessive entertainment. 

Boost your confidence

Learning a new language has the ability to increase your level of self-confidence. Learning how to speak a new language is just like learning any other new skill. Acquiring skills and being able to apply them to daily life is satisfying. It is also rewarding to use it to boost your advantage at work. That is probably why people who speak multiple languages are more confident. There is actually a study that proves this perception of bilingual individuals.

If you often feel like a wallflower in many events and situations, you might want to become more assertive and visible to others. You can do this by enhancing your self-esteem and confidence. One of the most productive ways is to learn a new language. You’d be surprised at how more willing you are to speak up in your next meetings once your second language skills have improved. You may even entertain others and gain closer relationships by teaching them common foreign phrases.

Travel inspiration

Whenever you travel, it’s always helpful to know how to communicate well with the locals to express yourself. You might find it useful when you need directions or if you have specific queries. It might even save you from confusing and awkward situations when spending some time abroad.

Now that travel is restricted for safety reasons; you might think that it’s pointless to learn a new language. On the contrary, now is the best time to learn a new language. It’s  because you have all the time in the world to learn at your own pace. If you’re fast, you may even learn multiple new languages. Moreover, you may gain a deeper understanding and broader vocabulary of a specific language. 

With such knowledge, once you do get the chance to travel abroad, you’ll feel much more confident. For example, if you visit Thailand and take the initiative to learn Thai, you’ll be able to have small talk in Thai. Your foreign language skills will be so on point that you would be able to converse with locals more smoothly. You will have gained more in-depth knowledge about a language and their common expressions, as well as having a broader vocabulary. Those are much better than just learning basic phrases. You can immerse yourself in the culture a lot better and have a better experience while traveling.

Exercise your brain cells

It takes a lot of work for your brain to learn an entire language. Imagine a young child just beginning to learn how to speak. That is why learning a new language is an intense workout for your memory. You can expect better memorization skills after learning a new language. That’s because your brain has gotten used to the strain of mastering so many new words. You also need to understand how to properly use and pronounce them.

Several studies suggest that learning a new language improves brain function. This is true, no matter what age you may be. You may feel that you have much to improve in terms of memory. You might also want to rewire your brain to improve your thinking and decision-making skill. In this case, learning to speak a new language might just be the right kind of brain exercise you need to achieve that.

Make new friends

It’s easier to make new friends when you know how to speak other people’s language. Even in a group of unilingual people, others will easily find you more interesting if they know that you speak different languages. Generally speaking, people who speak other languages are perceived to be cooler, classier, and more intelligent.

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Relate better with your foreign colleagues

You can finally relate better and even become friends with your foreign colleagues if you speak their language. It shows how sensitive you are to other cultures because you are willing to learn how they communicate. Learning their language also familiarizes you with their common expressions and what they mean.

If you are a remote worker, chances are you are working with a diverse team of individuals from different countries and cultures. Learning a foreign language allows you to communicate with them on a whole new level. It may even improve your collaboration and sense of teamwork.

Step up in your career and earn more

If you think you have what it takes to get promoted, you can up your game by simply learning a new language. Gaining a new skill at this level shows others that you are open-minded, receptive to new ideas, and eager to learn. These qualities show that you have the initiative to grow yourself as an individual. It makes you the perfect candidate for leadership positions. It takes someone who is self-driven, intelligent, and yet still open for new input to become competent in managing a team. If you are a writer, you may learn more about productive writing and give your writing skills a boost.


If you feel like you’re ready to give it a go, you can look through Skill Success’ language courses, which has plenty of beginner-friendly foreign language class options from languages such as French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic.

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