12 Signs That You Should Trust Your Intuition

Sometimes there’s a feeling in your gut that tells you what to do, but you can’t explain why. That’s your intuition trying to tell you something.

When Albert Einstein was questioned about the source of this intellect, he answered, “I believe in intuition and inspiration. I sometimes feel that I’m right. I do not know that I am.” in an interview with the Saturday Evening Post in 1929.

The famous physicist wasn’t the only one who believed in trusting your intuition. Even Richard Branson said, “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.” in his book Losing My Virginity.

There’s power in your gut feeling, and science backs this up. It’s the guiding force that helps you make accurate decisions on the spot and lets you confidently make better judgments.

What is intuition?

Intuition is a strange phenomenon you have in the pit of your stomach that allows you to make the right decisions minus conscious reasoning. Some call it their sixth sense, while others refer to it as their gut feeling. It sometimes happens so fast that your reaction is second nature.

For example, you have a sudden urge to do something, either leave a specific situation or see someone. And you find yourself saying, “I knew it; I had a feeling this would happen.” That’s your intuition speaking to you.

These feelings often come out of nowhere. But, even if you may or may not experience them overwhelmingly, it’s hard to ignore them.

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Signs that you need to trust your intuition

People often tell you to listen to your inner voice—your intuition. And if you have good intuition, it’s usually accurate, maybe even more so than your conscious mind. While logic can solve many problems, some answers may require more than just logic.

Thus, your brain uses every circuit in the body to create your gut feeling. And these are based on a combination of your emotion, experience, and reason.

Your intuition has massive value only if you listen. It’s there mainly to protect you from any danger. That’s why it’s worth being in tuned into, so here are some signs that you need to trust your intuition:

1. People open up to you

Intuitive people are usually emotionally intelligent, so their peers, including strangers, can pour their hearts out to them. As a person with strong intuition, you’re a perceptive listener with high emotional intelligence.

People are comfortable talking to you and may feel as though you’ve been friends for a long time. You tend to make good relationships after meeting them for a short time because you make them feel heard.

2. You value your creativity

Intuitive people are creative, and creatives are highly intuitive. It goes hand in hand. You recognize abstract ideas, enjoy life’s meaningful symbolism, and often think outside the box.

Because you have a keen sense of observation, you’re a creative thinker and see the world differently. Your creativity comes from deep inside you, from somewhere you can’t explain. So everything you see around you, you find meaning.

While you might think you have a messy mind, in reality, you enjoy mixing and incorporating seemingly contradictory ideas to produce something unique. Just like Ray Bradbury, an American author and screenwriter, intuition and love shaped his poetry rather than intellectual understanding.

3. You’re quick to pick up on emotions

Being emotionally aware is important in understanding your intuition, as it often reveals itself in a hunch or a gut feeling. This makes it easy for you to read a room full of people through their nonverbal cues, even without talking to them.

These nonverbals can be their facial expression, body language, or tone of voice, to name a few.

Nelson Mandela is a prime example of an empathetic person who used his pure intuition to usher his country into a new era.

4. You’re a good judge of character

If you can sense if someone has a positive or negative energy based on your first impression, it’s your intuition telling you if they’re trustworthy or not.

People find it challenging to fool you since your hyper-awareness makes you good at seeing through their facades. You know when someone is being genuine or dishonest. You’re always careful who you build relationships with; that’s why people think you’re picky. But the truth is you trust your intuition.

5. You have sudden realizations

When flashes of understanding come to mind out of nowhere, it is a sign that you can trust intuition. These thoughts may come as visions, ideas, and sounds that lead to epiphanies that allow you to realize some facts about life.

You may randomly think about a solution or a realization you haven’t thought of before. For instance, thinking about a brilliant answer to a text message sometime after you gave a lousy response. Because of your dependable intuition, you process information deeper than most people.

Ingvar Kamprad instinctively created his company, Ikea, when he realized it’s a struggle to load a car with pre-built furniture.

6. You have a strong inner voice

One of the simplest signs that you’re intuitively gifted is the presence of a strong inner voice. You’re one of those who often make decisions by listening to what your heart tells you. So you usually go with what feels right for you, even if you don’t know why.

People who go with their inner voice typically trust themselves to know what’s right without overthinking it. This is your intuition guiding you in ways you can’t explain.

7. You’re interested in life’s mysteries

When someone has a strong intuition, they pay attention to symbolism or any signs that the universe shows them, even if they’re coincidences. They believe that intuition is a gift from the supernatural world. Thus, many read about mystical traditions and the power of the universe.

The perfect example of these mystical beliefs is astrology, Tarot, synchronicity, and numerology. There may be numbers that have significant meaning to you, like looking at the clock and seeing it’s 11:11 or 4:44.

JP Morgan, a highly educated man, used astrology to help him with his financial dealings. When someone asked him if millionaires use astrology, he said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, but billionaires do.”

8. You have vivid dreams

Intuitions sometimes speak to you through your dreams. While some people think dreams are nonsense, intuitive individuals don’t. Instead, they usually try to understand what it means and how they can use it to make better decisions in the future.

Have you ever thought of something or someone so much that you vividly dream about it? Perhaps because your intuition and dreams bridge the conscious and the subconscious mind.

9. You’re a deep and analytical thinker

If you find yourself lost in your thoughts or daydreaming a lot, it signifies that you’re in touch with your intuition.

Most intuitive people are also deep thinkers. These individuals often believe that every being in this world is connected somehow. They often find meaning in everything; the rain, the leaves, and to the tiniest of creatures.

You may find yourself wondering and believing how the trees, sun, plants, animals, and yourself are one. Or how different everything is from one another.

In moments alone, you find a deep sense of gratitude, like Nikola Tesla, who believed that being alone was the secret that allowed him to create inventive ideas.

10. You’re always right answer somehow

Your intuition nudges you to the right answers. Simultaneously it’ll also tell you when something is wrong. So you may often catch yourself saying, “I had a feeling this would happen.” You always notice that your inner voice about people, events, ideas, and paths is almost always right.

11. You find meaning in everything

An intuitive person finds themselves drawn to meaningful and symbolic thinking. They’re often inspired by something small that others may not pay close attention to and are quick to pick up on subtle cues they hear or see from others. Thus they find meaning from abstract information, such as thinking of someone, then they suddenly call.

12. You adapt your perspective

For you, nothing is black and white because you don’t classify everything in one category. Most intuitive individuals try to understand and adapt their perspective to another’s shoes. Every argument and issue has an array of similarities and differences to consider. That’s why many intuitive people always question and debate to test their and others’ opinions.

You often like to challenge arguments and popular concepts, including your own. While most people argue just to be right, you, on the other hand, want to understand things that you don’t.

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Trusting your intuition is finding progress

Trusting your intuition lets you harness your creative self-expression to achieve your highest potential. It’s not only limited to artists, writers, and musicians but also people in the fields of science and business.

Your inner knowing is the best compass to change and meet your needs and those around you. While your mind tells you to rationalize each scenario, your intuition tells you to step into uncertainty even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment. So wake up the knowledge in your heart because it can lead to new paths.

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