How to Automate Your Advertising Production Workflow Using an Online Banner Creator

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A good advertiser possesses basic advertising skills like creativity, communication and project management skills. Apart from these essential skills, a professional advertiser is also proficient in automation processes. For a smoothly automated advertising production workflow, a good knowledge of online banner creation is necessary for an advertiser.

This article treats automated advertising, banner advertisements, how to automate advertising production workflow using an online banner creator, and the benefits that come from it.

couple managing automating advertising

What is automated advertising?

With the fast pace of the digital world, it has become important for marketing processes to be automated. This is justifiably so as there is so much that manual effort can achieve in the ever-moving digital marketing world. Automated advertising makes marketing teams more efficient. Many take courses like these Facebook ad courses just to stay on top of the game.

Automated advertising, also known as marketing automation, is the automation of routine marketing work with the use of software. To be more efficient and to customize their customers’ experiences, marketing teams make use of this software to automate monotonous tasks like ad campaigns, email marketing, and social media posting.

Due to the era of data boom that we’re in, marketers struggle with tasks like generating leads and customer engagement. Automated advertising is a solution to this challenge. With it, marketing teams can now use programs that are self-regulated, making their production workflow easier.

What are banner advertisements?

Banner advertisements are those images put in high-traffic spots on web pages, promoting brand exposure and driving click-throughs, leads and purchases. The front, bottom, or side of a webpage are some examples of these high-visibility areas, which are where browsers’ eyes tend to naturally stray. 

A compelling banner ad catches the reader’s eye and entices them to find out more about the product being promoted. Banner ads are cheery and friendly and come in the form of photos or other kinds of multimedia rather than a lot of text.

One of the most popular types of digital marketing is banner advertising. It primarily serves to promote brand awareness and product sales. With it, advertisers can target particular markets, demographics, and sectors with customized messages. In addition, advertisers can track the success of their ads and the way visitors interact with the banner ads using click-through rates (CTR) analytics.

Banner ads are very effective as they are among the most profitable methods of making money. In fact, first-quarter 2019 saw a historic high of approximately $28.4 billion in income from digital ads. This is possible due to programmatic advertising, a phrase used to describe how advertisers place ads. These applications’ software matches advertisements to website visitors’ interests.

5 steps you can take to automate your advertising workflow with an online banner creator

1. Thoroughly research your target audience

Without a clear understanding of your target audience, you cannot effectively manage an advertising campaign. If not, you run the risk of blowing your budget way out of the water. When conducting audience analysis, note the following:

  • Age, gender, place, language, education, occupation, amount of income, marital status, and other demographics of your target audience
  • Requirements, passions, pastimes, challenges, and other psychographics of your target audience

Finding the problems that your target audience is facing is your major objective. Your banner ad stands a better chance of being successful if you get it right at this stage.

2. Get a good online banner creator

Getting a good banner maker is one of the first steps to take here. Once that is settled, all other steps come easily. Creatopy’s online banner creator is a great example of an online banner maker or creator. An online banner creator is a software that makes it simple for you to build banners for your website by offering free banner templates and other visual designs that can be altered to match your brand and design needs.

Creatopy automated banner creator

Use Creatopy’s user-friendly free online banner builder to quickly produce banners that appeal to your intended audience. Create banners using Creatopy for display ad networks and all of the main social networking sites.

4. Edit your content

After choosing your content, it is time to edit it. Here, you can play around with the fonts, typeface, icons, images, colors, shadow, line height, opacity, shadow, letter spacing and other elements to come up with a captivating online banner. Take your time and be thorough here as one little error might affect the ad negatively.

5. Automate your ad

That’s it! Once you’re done editing, go ahead and automate your ad. The type of online banner creator you’re using will determine the steps to take here; just follow the prompts. Some banner makers allow you to use an automation API to industrialize the generation of banners from your catalog. Others let you create an ad from a spreadsheet. Choose the options most appropriate for you and automate your ad.

Benefits of automated advertising

Reduced business costs

The biggest problem small businesses have, according to respondents of Keap’s 2020 Customer Survey, is finding the resources and time for marketing. For example, rather than automating the procedure, 22.9% of respondents said they gather contact details manually over the telephone or in person. Software not only helps you get more done but also saves you a lot of time.

If you’re making use of the appropriate marketing automation tools, it’s like having one team member complete manually what it would take 20 employees to complete. Simply develop a method for producing and nurturing leads, as well as marketing campaigns that are automatically initiated in response to set goals.

Improved data for better decisions

Big Data is a body of information that is enormous in volume and is always expanding exponentially. No typical data management systems can effectively store or process this data due to its magnitude and complexity. Big data is an extremely large type of data.

Sadly, not all businesses are effective at gathering and utilizing this data for their sales and marketing initiatives. Understanding Big Data is made easier by marketing automation, and obtaining the necessary intelligence makes matters work in your favor.

Generation and nurturing of leads

If you own a small business, you know how lead generation is important to the growth of your enterprise. You can focus more on developing strategies that can produce and nurture prospective leads by automating the processes in marketing and sales. Having more prospects will help you attract more clients.

Sales tasks like managing pipelines, following up, appointments scheduling, and other basic administrative functions can be  automated. When this happens, it generates and nurtures more leads. To show that this works, early adopters of sales automation consistently report a potential boost in sales of up to 10%.

Tailored customer journey

How to turn a one-time client into a devoted follower is among the challenges that businesses face on a regular basis. Choosing automated tailored social media and blog content is one way of accomplishing this.

More than 70% of consumers seek excellent, unique, and tailored content, according to video marketing statistics. Marketing automation tools streamline the process of sending the necessary content to the right customers at the right time via email.

The data gathered by marketing automation is useful for qualifying leads from marketing and sending them to sales, among other benefits. To further personalize your lead’s experience and position your sales reps for success, marketing automation grades and scores leads before assigning quality leads to the appropriate salesperson.

Polished marketing processes

You can structure the path your customers take, thanks to marketing automation software. The processes you develop can be based on the experiences of your potential clients due to your marketing strategy. It is simpler to process goals and nurture leads when you create systems centered on this customer journey.

Understanding that 44% of customers will switch to another business if you don’t respond quickly enough can inspire you to reevaluate your follow-up procedure. It can also open your eyes to the benefits of adopting marketing automation for higher levels of client satisfaction.

Wrapping up

One of the skills a good marketer has is mastery of marketing automation processes. Know-how of online banner creation is one such. Steps to take in automating advertising production workflow using an online banner creator include thoroughly researching one’s target audience and getting a reputable online banner creator.

Choosing content, editing it and finally automating the ad are other steps to take in the banner automation process. When these steps are taken, your business will reap benefits such as reduced business costs, improved data for well-informed decisions and the creation and nurturing of leads. Other benefits are personalized customer journeys and refined marketing processes.

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