Top 5 Career Development Goals for 2020

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Career development should be one of your top priorities if you want to make a positive change in your work life this year. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to achieve career development. It is not only limited to getting a promotion. It can be anything that puts you on a higher level skills and knowledge-wise. There are also several ways to achieve it. Here are the top five career development goals that you can set for yourself to accomplish within the year:

Improve performance metrics

The easiest and most straightforward method of ensuring career development is by improving your work performance as well as the overall performance of your department or company. Performance metrics are clusters of data collected that reflect overall performance. It can vary greatly depending on the industry or type of work undertaken from time records to sales performances. 

You can improve your metrics by meeting and beating deadlines, delivering above and beyond expectations, and improving the overall environment and efficiency of your department. You can track your performance metrics to note improvements on a regular basis. Positive results in your performance metrics can be used when you apply for a promotion or a higher salary. It can be used as solid proof of how much you have contributed to the company and how worthy you are for those rewards.

Here are a couple of self-improvement and personal development courses that can help you perform better at work:

  1. Improve Your Memory

  2. Methods To Improve Your English Fluency

  3. Master Any Language And Improve Your Memory In 10 Easy Steps!

  4. Simple Eye Gymnastics: Improve Your Vision Naturally

  5. The Three Laws Of Improvement

Apply for a promotion

As mentioned above, bagging a promotion is also a form of career development. It is probably the most recognizable form of career development. That’s because a promotion is not only a reflection of how well you have done in your past role. It is also a new challenge for you to take over bigger responsibilities.

To thrive well in this kind of situation, the best course is to seek improvement constantly. Gain new skills that can help you cope with your new responsibilities. Learn to lead, delegate, and foster teamwork instead of just striving to be part of the team. A promotion is not the end of your career development goals. It is merely a milestone towards a higher path. It is a testament to your capabilities, and at the same time, an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and skills and to push yourself to better heights.

Here are a few leadership skills courses that can help you prepare for a promotion:

  1. Leadership Skills Mastery

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Leadership Skills

  3. Day-To-Day Leadership For Great Results Everyday

  4. Transformational Leadership: Ultimate Leadership Course

  5. Corporate Leadership And People Management

Learn new technology

If there is one area of career development that is a definite must for all, it is the need to stay abreast of new technology. Technological advances are ever-present in almost all fields and industries nowadays. It is also expected to be on the constant rise throughout the future. Companies are always striving to move forward, and the most effective way is to modernize their resources.

Learning new technology can come in many forms and methods. It could involve learning new software. It could also be learning how to operate new machinery or equipment. You could also take the initiative in learning tech-related skills that you think can help you perform better or help your department with tech-related skills such as coding, programming, and the likes.

Below are some beginner-friendly programming courses that might help you get a head-start in your career:

  1. Introduction To Programming

  2. HTML Programming For Everyone

  3. C Programming For Beginners

  4. Python Programming For Everyone

  5. Javascript Programming For Everyone

Finish a course, certificate, or degree

Apart from learning new technology or gaining tech-related knowledge, there are other pools of knowledge and skills you can tap to help you with career development. Additionally, there might be new skills that you can add to your bag or existing skills that need improvement. Plenty of skills and knowledge can be attained by attending seminars and conferences. You don’t need to finish a higher degreealthough, that would be ideal as well.

A few examples of these skills are public speaking, presentation skills, creativity, and advanced spreadsheet skills. These skills are usually not a prerequisite to being promoted, but they can help out a lot to improve your performance. Moreover, they help make work easier for you, and they have the potential to improve the efficiency of your department or your team.

Here are a few skills-related courses that you can take to level up:

  1. Public Speaking And Presentations Body Language: Professional Skills

  2. Advanced Microsoft Excel Master Class

  3. PowerPoint And Excel Fusion: Learn How To Use Them Together

  4. Public Speaking And Presentations PowerPoint: Master Design

  5. Advanced PowerPoint Training

Improve communication, networking, and teamwork

If you are an outgoing person, you will definitely enjoy this area of career development. It involves socially placing yourself so that you are favorable to as many of your colleagues and superiors as possible. Generally, networking can be as simple as joining in with the rest of the office for after-work drinks on Fridays.

A couple of things that can help you with your networking endeavor is communication and teamwork. Being able to communicate well within your team makes it easier to establish connections and make working relationships that can help you improve yourself and achieve career development.

Below are a handful of courses that touch on communication, networking, and teamwork:

  1. Inclusive Leadership: Working With Equality And Diversity

  2. Respect: The Secret To All Soft Skills And Leadership Skills

  3. Build Commitment And Trust In Your Team

  4. Team Building: How To Build A Team Of Rock Stars

  5. Small Talk Networking: How To Talk To Anyone

With the help of these carefully curated courses by SkillSuccess, and with your eyes set on your career development goals, you can finally watch your career take off into new heights.

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