Top 10 Mobile Apps You Should Try

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If you take a look at the global statistics on mobile phones, you’ll find that almost half of the world owns a smartphone. Three-quarters of Americans own one, with nearly half of those users claiming that they could not live without their phones. In 2019, 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded to mobile phones worldwidethat’s about an average of 60 applications per smartphone user in a single year. 

So what is this seeming obsession with mobile apps? For one, they are a primary source of entertainment for almost every mobile user out there, whether Android or iOS. They also offer unique aesthetic through their designs. Another thing is that they are quite useful and helpful. Below are some of the best mobile apps that you need to try out:

1. Google assistant

If you’re ever in need of a virtual assistant that can help you keep up with the daily influx of information, you’ll be surprised that you can simply find and download one in the app store. The best yet is Google Assistant. It gives you quick access to information that is most relevant to youwhether it be locations, events, news, photos, or videos. It also has a discover feature that keeps you updated on your interests. The more you use this mobile app, the more it picks up your needs and interests, making it more and more efficient each time.

2. Google maps

Google Maps dominates the market in terms of navigation services. Not only is it so informative, but it comes with features that aim to make life easier for every commuter out there. Traveling to a new place? “Maps” has got you covered. Looking for a business establishment? They have hundreds of millions of businesses mapped out for you. They even have real-time updates for traffic, public transport schedules, and even road incidents such as closures. If you want to get somewhere fast, Google Maps is your go-to mobile app.

3. Google drive

You can say goodbye to that feeling of dread when you’ve just realized that you forgot your files in your flash disk at home. Google Drive offers you cloud storage and easy access to your files from just about any device there is. All you have to do is whip out your phone, connect to the internet, and browse through the Drive to get the files you need. This is especially foolproof for people who are always on-the-go and constantly in need of their data.

4. 1Weather

1Weather is the most awarded weather app. Live alerts, real-time radar, hyperlocal radar, and ten-day forecasts are just a few of the features that this mobile app offers. It helps you stay safe with severe weather alerts such as hurricanes, cyclones, blizzards, fire, and earthquakes. It gives you “feels like” temperature updates so you can plan ahead for your outdoor excursions. You get accurate tracking of daylight through sunrise and sunset trackers. There are so many things to love about this mobile app. No wonder it is the most loved weather app today.

5. TickTick

It is a to-do list, a planner, a reminder, and a calendar in one mobile app. While it’s not as mainstream as other to-do list applications, you should definitely give it a go because its features are some of the best. TickTick has all of the essentials: reminders, recurring tasks, push notifications, categories, and even organizational features. What is level-up about this to-do list app is that it lets you share entire tasks with others, making it great for collaborations within groups such as teams, organizations, and even families. 

6. Youtube

Not only is it a top-notch mobile app, but it also is the second largest search engine to exist. On top of that, it is also a social media platform where users share purely video content. What more can you ask for? If you haven’t downloaded YouTube on your smartphone yet, you better get it now. Pair it with YouTube Music, and you get enough tracks to compete with top-selling music apps. Video and audio streaming has never been as comprehensive as with YouTube.

7. LastPass

A password manager that securely saves all of your login details, LastPass is definitely a must-download mobile app. Aside from saving your credentials, it also generates super-strong passwords for you to use. The best thing is that you can easily use it across all devices that require passwords. The app is protected with one master password, and it also has an authenticator app to help double up on security. Such a feature may not be available with other password managers.

8. Zedge

If you want endless customization of your smartphone’s basic features, you should give Zedge a try. It’s like a one-stop-shop where you can personalize your phone’s ringtone, notifications tone, alarm tone, wallpaper, and background screensaver. It comes with several free sounds and designs that you can choose from so that your phone fully reflects you and your personality.

9. SwiftKey

Microsoft’s newly-acquired swipe keyboard that memorizes your writing style, making typing and composing messages a real breeze for you. It’s like having your own personalized keyboard where your most used expressions, nuances, and even emojis are but a swipe away. SwiftKey also offers free designs, themes, and autocorrect that is actually appropriate and predictive of what you are actually about to say are some of its best features.

10. Bouncer

Bouncer is in a league of its own. It is a unique security app that lets you grant permission or access for any app temporarily. It helps you keep control of which apps you want to grant access to without having to dig around your phone’s settings just to deactivate or change permission status. Also, it avoids giving social media or other applications permanent access to your information, which can be quite threatening to your security. Think of the Bouncer app as like the real-life bouncer, except instead of guarding a club, it’s safeguarding your data.

The beauty behind mobile apps is that they are so readily accessible and that they can actually make an impact on the daily lives of the people who use them. These are but ten of the most must-try mobile apps out there in the market. There are thousands of others that you might want to discover (or even develop!).

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