10 Businesses You Can Start with Little Or No Cash

Want to start a business but you don’t have enough funds? Do you want to know the businesses you can start with little to no cash?

For some, this would sound ridiculous because most businesses need a startup capital or “seed money” to start the operation of their business.

Starting your own business with a little bit of fund or no fund at all is possible. You just need to find lists of business ideas and start rolling up your sleeves and pull up your bootstraps to be successful. Discover here how you can become a business operations manager for your own company!

1. Website Design

If you have knowledge in coding and programming, consider starting a web design business. Some of its advantages are: it pays well, it is a high-demand business, and you don’t need any training or certifications to start.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers different office tasks services for their clients from a remote location. Some of the virtual assistant tasks are: SEO and digital marketing, email management, booking appointments with clients, calendar management, blog commenting, and a lot more. You can make a profit from any of your skills when you can use those skills to virtually do the tasks.

3. Blogging and Freelance Writing

You don’t need a degree in English, journalism or even an experience in writing if you want to start your blogging and freelance writing business. You can start right away, as long as you write well, know how to do research for your content, have good grammar and can proofread or edit your work.


4. Proofreading and editing

Are you detail-oriented and can spot punctuation and grammar mistakes effortlessly? Can you critique the content of written materials? If the answer is yes, then you may start your proofreading and editing service. You also don’t need to have a degree in English or journalism. It is just essential that you understand the proper punctuation usage, have a wide vocabulary and know the correct spelling, grammar, and have an idea of different writing styles.

5. Online Tutoring

This business is ideal for someone who loves teaching, sharing their knowledge, and guiding others. You don’t need a teaching degree to start with this business. What you should have is the knowledge about the subject matter and the ability to explain it well to your potential student. 

If you are new with online tutoring, you could start by registering to a good online tutoring company. Once you have been verified and have been approved, the company’s support team will walk you through their whole platform. After that, you can start tutoring. It is easy and a lucrative business.

6. Online Clothing Boutique

If you have an in fashion, you may try starting your own online boutique. Even if you do not have the capital to buy clothes or make one, you can start by going to your wardrobe and look for clothes that you do not use or rarely use, and start making a profit by selling your items online. 

Selling clothes is so easy nowadays with the use of the internet and your mobile phone. There a lot of websites and apps that you can use to sell your pre-loved clothing or even brand new clothes in the comfort of your home.

7. Drop Shipping

You can sell any product that you want, without a need for an inventory, and you do not have to manufacture your own product with drop shipping. All you need to do is market and advertise the products or services of your distributor to make sales—and this is through your online store. 

When a customer purchases a product from your store, you will order the item directly to your distributor and your distributor will send the product to your customer. You don’t have to invest money for your inventory or for the product, plus you will only purchase an item when a customer already paid for the product.

8. Bookkeeping Services

You don’t have to be a certified public accountant to start this business, you just need to love and be good with numbers. What a bookkeeper does is that they create a balance sheet, provide income statement, and create financial reports (monthly, quarterly, and annual), and process payroll. This type of business nowadays is high in demand especially because most small startup business owners are not yet familiar organizing their accounts and properly record all of their business transactions.

9. Fitness Instructor

This business is perfect for those who are into fitness and want to share their love for fitness to others. Having a degree is not required but it is better if you have a personal fitness certification and experience to start in this business. You should also be a good motivator and have good interpersonal skills. 

Being a fitness instructor does not limit you to train your clients inside the gym; you can train them in their homes, parks, studios, health clubs or any place as long as you and your client are comfortable on your choice of location.

10. Micropreneurship: AirBnB

Make money on your property whether if it is just one of your rooms or you whole house by having it rented through AirBnB. To become a host of AirBnB, you just need to register and submit photos of your property. Once your property has been listed, travelers can find your accommodation when they are looking for a space for rent in your area.

These are just 10 of many business ideas you can start with little to no cash. If one of these businesses interests you, the next step is you need to create your business plan to guide you with the execution of your business. Most importantly, for you to be successful, you need to thoroughly research the business you are going to dive in, if it is viable, and prepare to work hard.

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