Simple Stress Control Techniques That Can Change Your Life

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Life can be stressful at times—we can’t help that. With the overflowing responsibilities that do not seem to end, we sometimes tend to be drained and unmotivated. Although we cannot predict what comes our way, we can manage these demanding situations with the wise practice of stress control techniques.

Stress wreaks havoc to our mental health; if not handled carefully, it can massively impact how we function holistically. There are tons of reasons why anyone could be feeling down, and it’s totally okay to be overwhelmed with everything that’s on your plate. What could be detrimental is letting these troubles get the best of us. 

Why should you control your stress?

If you are letting your stress eat you up, you are putting your well-being at risk. It does not just affect your mental health but also your physical health. It greatly impacts your ability to create distinct decisions, handle your responsibilities, and enjoy your life.

You need not be beating yourself up with constant hesitations, fears, and regrets. It’s an inevitable habit, but you have to learn to keep them at bay and have them in moderation. It’s a difficult feat to conquer, but you can make progress by instilling some stress control techniques when things get out of hand. 

The techniques to control your stress

To fully enjoy the blissful things coming your way, you can cast aside your problems with effective stress management. Though each technique is not universal and may vary per person to person, you are at least a step closer to having a well-balanced life for work, family, friends, relationships, and of course, yourself. 

Here are some of the best stress control techniques you can apply to your life:

1. Make time for recreations.

Allot time for leisure to recharge your senses instantly. Tired? You can try reading, watching a movie, playing a mobile game, or doing any hobby you have to break the stressful everyday routine. By doing so, it helps you refresh your mind and relieve any tension building up within you.

2. Get enough sleep and rest.

When things go chaotic, you will tend to feel restless, which results in having no sleep at all. Stress and sleep affect each other—when you are stressed, you can’t sleep; when you lack sleep, you easily get stressed. Make sure you catch a good amount of nap time through effective practices like drinking chamomile tea, avoiding alcoholic drinks, doing acupressure, or more.

3. Keep a healthy diet.

Eating healthy helps you attain a body that can handle significant amounts of stress. You should opt for nutritious food and steer clear from fatty, salty, starchy, and caffeinated goods. Also, alcoholic beverages prove to prolong stress based on a 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, so avoid that as much as you can.

4. Squeeze in some exercise time.

Physical activities benefit the mind as much as it does the body. Put in some time to exercise any way you can—either a 15-minute walk every day or a full-blown 3-times-a-week workout will do. Start doing this regularly to reduce your stress.

5. Find your confidant.

Letting your problems out in the form of words can help alleviate your stress. You should consider getting social support from people you fully trust, like your partner, family, friends, or even a psychologist. Confide to these people, and you will know how much they value you through the support and help they are willing to give. 

6. Cut out the stressors.

Be able to identify the contributors to your stress and evaluate the way how you can modify them. Although there are things you cannot run away from, some stressors can be easily cut off, so be ready to weed them out. It’s a hard feat, but for the betterment of your inner peace, you can try, right?

7. Manage your time wisely.

Tasks can be overwhelming when they are disorganized; these can result to your stress and inefficiency to be productive. If you are muddled with your to-do lists and miscellaneous responsibilities, you should start identifying your top priorities and allot considerable time on each one. Along the way, you will learn to neglect the unimportant things and just focus on your prime concerns.

8. Learn to say “no.”

Having various demands from your responsibilities, you ought to learn how to say “no” and choose your inner peace. This doesn’t make you a selfish person, but it creates a path to a healthier you. You don’t have to say “yes” to everything that’s coming your way if you think they don’t promote your growth. 

9. Practice guided imagery.

This technique helps soothe one’s tension and inner conflict. All you have to do is think of relaxing scenes to relax and calm your senses. Mentally picture out a green meadow, the beach, the night sky, or any exciting event in your life. Doing this helps create a positive vision of yourself, which reassures and comforts you.

10. Breathe deeply every once in a while.

From time to time, remember to do long, slow, and deep breaths to detach yourself from any tension instantaneously. This technique is called the diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal/belly breathing, which is proven to reduce stress based on a clinical study done in China. However, this technique is not recommended for those who have respiratory concerns or heart difficulties.

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11. Do positive self-talk.

The way you see yourself impacts your overall outlook in life, so be kinder to yourself. Try to clear out all the unhealthy self-criticisms, doubt, or overthinking—these won’t help you at all. Instead, try turning all negative statements to positive and cheer yourself up. 

12. Relax and meditate.

Meditation is a form of relaxation; it helps you check on yourself and evaluate your mindset, which gradually results in reduced stress and tension. You can try meditating regularly and adding other forms of relaxing techniques to regulate your mental health. These ways may include yoga, relaxation massage, or self-reflection time.

13. Express gratitude to yourself.

Being grateful for what you have makes you evaluate your existing resources and all the blessings you have right now. Recognize the good things happening in your life and be thankful for their existence. This creates a positive outlook and empowers you to be more forgiving to yourself. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress and have better inner peace. 

14. Go easy on yourself.

Lastly, do not push yourself to the edge. Accept that you have your limits, and you cannot do everything all at once. Whether you are stuck in long-term or short-term pressure, it’s okay to take a break and let yourself rest for a while. It’s healthier and helpful on de-stressing yourself. 

The struggles we have in our lives today are only temporary, so let’s always remember that they will fade sooner or later. These challenges are built to make us stronger, so hold tight and believe in your capacity to handle them. Through the use of effective stress control techniques, you lessen the internal conflicts within you.

If you want to discover more stress control techniques to help you gain better inner peace, this Stress Management Techniques course is perfect for you.

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