10 Qualities That Make a Good Teacher

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Becoming a teacher isn’t just a profession—it is a responsibility that requires a mix of dedication and the right qualities to be effective in nurturing students. It’s not a job you can wing easily as teachers help with the intellectual development of students. So if you’re seeking to pursue the career, you need to know the skills and qualities of a good teacher. 

Teachers possess the right combination of hard and soft skills that help them thrive. In this guide, we’ll break down each quality that makes them tick in the workplace. You can also take the shortcut and check out this online teaching class for a thriving teaching career: Teach the Perfect Training Students Love with Teacher Training.

1. Strong communicator

Stellar communication skills are one of the most crucial skills that teachers must possess. That is because communication is vital when teaching. It is the fundamental skill that you’ll use in most aspects of your job to interact with students to guide them throughout the teaching period.

Good teachers possess both competent verbal and nonverbal skills. These are skills they use to communicate with students, coworkers, and parents effectively. Without proper knowledge of how to communicate with the students, you cannot expect them to learn. You must know how to approach every situation in a way that students will easily comprehend. Learn to become a better communicator here.

2. A good listener

Listening is crucial in communication, but it’s worth highlighting in this list since good listening skills influence your interpersonal skills. This implies that being able to listen to your students means a lot in the context of teaching. That is because teaching is two-way—you have your audience to respond to. If you don’t know how to listen to their responses, students will have a hard time learning. 

Excellent teachers are receptive to students, especially when they need clarity over unclear subjects. Even more, teachers who are responsive to students’ needs encourage engagement. This quality helps foster a class that doesn’t fear asking because the teacher encourages feedback.

3. Patience

Teaching requires long patience for workload, stress, and having to deal with lots of students of various ages. Being a teacher isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need to bring lots of patience if you want to excel in this career. Not only will you be dealing with the unpredictable behavior of children, but you should also understand their learning capacity. 

When teaching, you can’t expect everyone to comprehend your lessons right away. You need to ensure everyone is on the same page during classes. That said, you must be prepared to extend help to those in need of further guidance. 

4. Caring and kind nature

In addition to patience, good teachers are very compassionate people. They know that being kind and caring mean so much to students as these qualities help foster a good relationship with them. 

When a teacher displays an approachable nature, students are more eager to learn. There’s this voluntary shift in learning since kind teachers are always likable. You don’t even have to force students to study and behave in a particular way when they like their teacher. 

5. Adaptability

One of the remarkable qualities of a good teacher is the ability to adapt to different scenarios. For example, teachers cannot guarantee the success of a particular teaching method. Thus, they need to try other teaching methods that demonstrate the most optimal results. 

Knowing how to adapt to what your students need more than your preference shows your dedication to the job. It implies that you are flexible enough to bend your own comfort to ensure your students’ learning.

6. Drive for continuous learning

Good teachers know that knowledge intake should never stop. Just because they are the educators doesn’t mean that they know everything already. So they make an effort to educate themselves further. Besides, some information changes. Thus, they need to be updated if they specialize in it.

Teachers who strive to learn continuously are the best kind of educators. They consider their students’ needs while also investing in themselves by taking online classes, getting continuing education, and more.

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7. Always prepared

It’s so rare to meet a teacher who isn’t prepared for class. After all, the class highly relies on what the teacher prepared. Thus, any teacher is inclined to plan and come to class well-prepared.

This preparation requires good organizational skills to master the art of preparation. Good teachers know that they should always have lesson plans, task assignments, activities, and exams ready before facing their students.

8. Ability to build relationships with students

The best teachers are friends with their students. This is a manifestation that they can nurture good relationships with their students. Building relationships with them implies that there is trust between the two parties. And when students trust you, they are more open to feedback while you can understand them at a deeper level.

This ability to form relationships quickly also comes in handy with the students’ parents. Teachers will communicate with them every so often, which requires you to establish a good relationship with them as well.

9. Empathy

Good teachers have empathy towards their students. It implies that they can put themselves in others’ shoes. Being empathetic to students helps them understand the learning curve of students. This then results in adjusting your teaching method to ensure they actually learn.

The best teachers know that every student is different. Thus they take this into consideration in teaching them. They give students the breathing room to adjust in the lesson.

10. Conflict management

During class, it’s inevitable not to encounter conflicts that involve the students. Teachers should know how to mediate this kind of situation as they serve as guardians inside the classroom. It can get stressful, but good teachers are knowledgeable in conflict management

Conflicts may also come in different forms. These may be issues that will disrupt your lesson plan, activity, or class. Regardless of what they are, you need to have the capacity to manage them to minimize the impact on what matters most, the effectiveness of your teaching.

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