12 Promising Jobs That Involve Working With Children

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Do you have a penchant for spending time with children? If you do, why not pursue a career that involves them? You may discover how satisfying it is to work with kids. And if you are interested, there is a roster of jobs working with children you must check out.

A job with kids suits those who possess genuine love in raising amazing kids and being a part of their development. To work for children isn’t an easy task—you need lots of patience and creativity to engage with them. That’s why pursuing jobs with kids takes more than just your passion.

Benefits of working with children

So why should you pursue a job that involves children? Here’s a list proving why you should take that chance and start working around children:

1. Become a part of their development

Children emulate valuable lessons in life from people they spend time with. If you work with them, you teach them life skills they’ll use as they grow older. If that sounds fulfilling to you, you can find true satisfaction in getting a job that involves children

2. Reap high job satisfaction rate

If you possess a genuine passion for working with children, you’re bound to get the job satisfaction you want. Having kids around can be rewarding and enjoyable in many aspects. So long as you have that fondness over being with children, then you can find the motivation to work harder for them.

3. Enjoy job safety and stability

The demand for jobs that require working with children is steadily growing. It is a niche that never goes out of demand as the children’s population isn’t something that fluctuates drastically. There is always a need for workers to guide, nurture, and oversee children’s growth. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any decline in job growth as new children are continuously born every year.

Signs you’ll suit working with children

Before you pursue a job for children, it’s crucial to know first how you fit the work environment. Fortunately, you can do that by checking the signs if you can thrive in the work nature. Here are some to assess:

1. You have high energy.

Children are naturally active, which requires you to keep up with them. Most of them have a hard time staying in one place, and you should be ready for that. The physical stamina plus energetic attitude will help you perform the job requirements.

2. You can stay calm.

You never really tell what might happen when you work with children. But in case of emergencies, you are bound to handle the situation. This requires you to have the composure and the level-headedness to take on encounters like this. This is especially true when working as a teacher, supervising everyone on your watch, without anybody’s immediate help at all.

3. You are incredibly patient.

If children’s antics don’t get on your nerves, working with them will be suitable for you. Dealing with children requires patience when you need to reiterate lessons, manage their mood swings, and battle their naturally short attention spans. Thus, long patience will work wonders in performing any job that includes children. 

4. You can mask your exhaustion and frustration.

Most jobs working with children may take a toll on you when they get exhausting and frustrating. However, you can’t afford to show them that—you need to conceal those. Failing to do so will impact how children see you, which may make things even worse. Thus, you need to know how to set aside your frustrated face when you’re in front of them.

5. You have a genuine love for children.

Some people are innately fond of children. And these are the people who will likely thrive in this work environment. Having the interest to be with children makes the job easier to endure. Faking your way to this field may sabotage the quality of work you aim to provide the children.

The necessary skills you need on jobs working with children

Here are the essential skills that will come in handy as you pursue a job with kids:

  • Flexibility – to keep up with children’s mood swings, high energy, and unending curiosity.
  • Patience – to guide them in any situation.
  • High energy – to keep up with their innately playful nature.
  • Creativity – to keep them engaged as kids have a short attention span.
  • Ability to multitask – to be able to manage multiple children at a time.
  • Passion – to keep the drive going regardless of how challenging the job may be.
  • Stellar communication skills – to communicate with children in a way that they can understand and comprehend.
  • Broadmindedness – to understand how kids behave and prevent yourself from judging them over their actions.
  • Leadership skills – to serve as their guide and row them in the right direction.

The different jobs working with children

Here is a list of the jobs you must check out if you really are invested in working with kids:

1. Pediatric nurse

Pediatric nurse provides nursing care to the children. They typically work at the pediatrician’s office, hospitals, and clinics.

To become a pediatric nurse, you must obtain a nursing degree and secure a license as implemented by the state health board’s requirements. The average annual salary is $72,800.

2. Pediatrician

If you have the heart to serve children, becoming a pediatrician can be one of the most satisfying jobs to pursue. Pediatricians are children’s doctors. They specialize in children’s health and ensure a proper child development.

Pediatricians earn an average of ­­$162,922 a year, making it a promising career. To become a pediatrician, one must complete a bachelor’s degree, pursue medical school, and earn the required certification to finally practice. 

3. Pediatric dentist

Children have their dentists too. Pediatric dentists specialize in maintaining children’s healthy teeth. They guide children and parents in achieving proper oral hygiene to ensure the kids’ healthy pearly whites.

Pediatric dentists must be good at comforting children who are scared at dental appointments. The job earns lucratively with an annual average of $193,463.

4. School nurse

Most schools hire nurses to man the school clinic. Their jobs include wound care, medications, CPR, and emergency health care. They also communicate with both parents and teachers about a student’s health condition.

If you are a nurse and like being around kids your entire shift, being a school nurse might work well for you. 

Recommended courses for you

5. Camp director

Camp directors run children’s summer/day camps. Their job includes designing the camp schedule, hiring staff, marketing the camp, and managing the budget. They are also in charge of overseeing the various camp activities for the safety of children.

You’ll have a great time becoming a camp director if you love seeing children explore outside school. It’s also a job that requires a passion for guiding children in their learning journey.

6. Family photographer

Family photographers offer their services to families, including children. They conduct photoshoots for newborns, families, schools, and even senior portraits. They are the kind of photographers who know how to work with children. Thus, they typically possess that extra patience and the playful attitude in doing shoots.

If you want to learn more about being successful in taking photos, here’s an online photography class to guide you.

7. Teacher

Teachers serve as the educators of children in school. Teachers teach a variety of subjects to children of different grade levels. If you have a passion for teaching kids and being a part of building their knowledge, you’ll have a fulfilling career as a teacher.

To be a teacher, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and obtain the necessary teaching units before teaching. There is a steady demand for the role, making it a promising career when you want to work with kids.

8. School librarian

Librarians are in charge of supervising the school library. Their job includes assisting students in finding books, helping them with their needs, and teaching them how to use any school online library system. They also ensure that students abide by the library rules like maintaining silence and keeping a study-conducive workspace. 

In terms of pay, librarians earn an attractive base pay of $51,238 a year.

9. Sports coach

Sports coaches work as the supervisor of a school’s sports teams and athletic initiatives. They set schedules for games, pick out the best players, oversee practices, and provide coaching aid.

Sports coaches typically double as teachers who teach PE and health and wellness subjects. They also assist students applying for athletic scholarships.

10. Social workers

Social workers spend a lot of time working with children. Their job involves reaching out and observing families for evaluation of a safe child environment. They typically visit families, interview the children, and find out any parental issues. If the evaluation results come out poor, the children are deemed to be up for home relocation.

This career is for you if you have the heart for helping children find a good and safe environment for them. You will find satisfaction knowing that these kids reside in a safe and better place. 

11. Child psychologist

Child psychologists help underage patients get proper mental wellbeing advice and care. They conduct therapy sessions and prescribe necessary medications to said children. They typically meet and talk with kids who display behavioral problems and have experienced mental trauma.

Becoming a child psychologist is one of the fulfilling jobs with kids around. If you are passionate about providing mental awareness and wellness to the youth, you’ll reap satisfaction doing the practice. 

12. School counselor

School counselors provide guidance and mental health support to students. Their role is vital in every school. They help raise mental awareness in the school by doing individual sessions and spearheading student assemblies.

To become a school counselor, you must obtain a master’s degree on top of your bachelor’s degree. You will also need to earn a license from the state you want to work in. Here’s an online counseling course you can take in this learning journey.

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