How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

At this digital age, marketing your business has never been easier. The internet is there to save you. Both social media and email offer you endless marketing opportunities that are cost-effective. In early 2019, email users jumped to 3.9 billion, while social media reached 3.5 billion. Looking at these numbers, it’s a good idea to focus on learning to market through emails. Thus, you need to fully understand how to build an email list for your business. Email marketing is an effective approach to sell affiliate products and In case if you don’t know about affiliate marketing then you should check out this best affiliate marketing course for beginners to learn how it works and how you can build an email list effectively.

Email marketing is an effective approach to gaining and retaining customers. It gives business owners a variety of options to promote their business at a personal level. It lets you communicate directly to your audience—you are just one click away to them!

Now, how does affiliate marketing amp up your email list building? It’s quite simple. An affiliate email marketing strategy focuses on offering something to a potential lead so this person signs up on your list–and you don’t stop there. Once you have obtained their email, you have to employ strategies to keep them subscribed through consistent quality content. When you have successfully established a connection with them, you can then put affiliate links so they can make purchases from you.

It’s not an overnight approach to success and it takes time to grow an email list. You have to be analytical in finding ways that will effectively build it, so it counts to learn strategies of building your email list for affiliate marketing. 

Strategies to build an email list for affiliate marketing

Building your website is the first step. Once you have your own business website, you can then start focusing on employing proven strategies to build your email list for affiliate marketing.

1. Put pop-ups on your website.

Upon the arrival of visitors to your business web page, a pop-up should appear after a few seconds of viewing. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your exclusive offerings and capture their emails. Most likely to be effective on first-time viewers, you ought to give an enticing “gift” to them that they could find value in.

2. Have opt-in forms available on every web page.

Opt-in forms placed carefully at the right locations bring in some emails to you. You can either put them on a slide bar, the navigation menu or the footer. This way, you can collect their emails when they seem to be interested in what your products are and what you can offer them besides newsletters. 

3. Create lead magnets to lure people.

Lead magnets are the valuable resources people get interested in upon subscribing to your email list. People aren’t really going to sign up to your list without getting anything in return, especially at the initial stage. You have to lure them in with free resources such as ebooks, pdf guides, stock photos, podcasts, courses, software and many more. Prior to getting these freebies, they have to provide you their email first.

4. Use paid ads to grow your email list.

Using paid ads such as Facebook Ads speeds up the process of finding your subscribers. Through this, you can directly generate leads and send traffic to your landing page. You can either use traffic ads that use landing pages to lure potential leads or lead generation ads that offer lead magnets.

5. Designate an effective landing page to your website.

The landing page is where you direct a potential lead to subscribe to your email list. They get sent here when they have clicked an affiliate link you have provided. Make sure your landing page speaks volumes with good marketing copy and valuable offerings to convince them they need to be on your email list.

6. Cross-promote with other businesses.

If you know other businesses that deal with the same niche or target market, you can ask to work with them and send out to their email list as well. You can collaborate and work together with the common goal of growing each other’s email list.

7. Join forums and share affiliate links.

A smart way to introduce your website and grow your email list is by joining forums that deal with every niche. For instance, if you have content related to gaming or pop culture, you could participate in discussions about “Fortnite Batman Who Laughs“. You can share your perspective there and add an affiliate link that will lead them to your landing page. 

In addition to that, you can also comment down on blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn groups that discuss related subjects to your business. When people see your idea and your affiliate link attached, there is a high chance of converting them to be your subscribers. 

Rules of thumb for email marketing for affiliates

In order to retain those people who have provided their emails, take the initiative to consistently give them a reason to stay on your email list. There are subscribers who opt-out when they don’t like the emails they are getting—this is what you want to avoid.

Here are the rules of thumb you should live by for quality emails:

1. Address them with their name.

An email greeting them by their name is so much better than having no proper addressee. “Greetings,” won’t make the cut. Ensure you address them with their first name or last name to build a deeper connection. Not only does this feel personal, but it also creates an approachable reputation—making them at ease with you.

2. Avoid repeating yourself.

Too many introductions of what you deal with will seem off to your email subscribers. Avoid repeating content that will turn them away. Ensure the freshness of your content to retain their interest in your business.

3. Send out emails in a timely manner.

Do not send email campaigns too frequently as this will annoy your subscribers. Sending out three emails a day is just too much. Learn to moderate your email distribution to keep them comfortable at seeing your business emails on their inbox.

4. Obey the guidelines of your affiliate program.

Keep in mind the guidelines of the affiliate program you have as not everyone allows email campaigns such as the Amazon Affiliate program. You have the responsibility of aligning with the affiliate agreement you dealt with.

These are just some of the powerful strategies and guidelines you should live by when seeking to grow your business. With the proper understanding of how email marketing works, in no time you will see results that gain you sales growth and customer retention. All it takes is the pursuit to boost your knowledge through educational resources such as an online course that can help you start out. Then, you can fully redeem a more rewarding approach to marketing your business with so much potential and less costs.

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