broadcast media advantages and disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Broadcast Media Advertising

The term broadcast media covers a wide range of communication systems. Traditionally, it refers to the use of television and radio. However, it may also include the use of the internet as it fits in with the definition of distributing content to a vast audience. Further on, we will be discussing broadcast media advantages and disadvantages. 

Importance of broadcast media

Broadcasting is the dissemination of audio or video material by transmitting to an audience, Therefore, broadcast media encompasses a wide range of communication methods. These include but do not limit to traditional television and radio, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, online streaming, advertising, and websites.

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Despite the advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media, its usefulness and practicality are undeniable. It serves the following purposes:


Broadcast media can be a powerful tool in disseminating educational material that can benefit the masses. Educational shows and infomercials may target not only children but also adult audiences seeking general knowledge.

Public service

Public service announcements are usually most effective with the help of broadcast media. An excellent example of public service announcements is evacuation notices for calamities such as hurricanes or major fires.

Daily news and weather forecasts

Your daily dose of the news is all thanks to broadcast media. It is the easiest and cheapest way to disseminate information. Because of this, the news can quickly come in on a daily basis without much cost to the viewer or the news agency.


Talk shows and interviews are yet another mainstay for broadcast media. Radio guesting and TV appearances are still the main methods but are thriving. They do so with the help and supplementation of podcasts and live streaming on the internet.


Documentaries are nonfictional materials, usually in motion picture form. As the name implies, these document reality for educational on instructional purposes. It also serves as a source of historical information for future reference. Broadcast media is a common way individuals or organizations disseminate documentaries.


Reality TV, sports, comedies, and movies are also all dependent on broadcast media. Almost everybody uses broadcast media to be able to access these types of entertainment.

advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media for radio listeners

Advantages of broadcast media

You might wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media are. The former is a lot more obvious so let’s start with its pros.

Multi-sensory appeal

Broadcast media makes use of audio, video, and a combination of audiovisual media. That is why people are naturally quickly drawn and hooked to it. It is effortlessly more appealing to consume broadcast media than other forms such as print media. 

It’s all thanks to several senses stimulated, making messages more impactful and even emotional. According to a study that analyzed the impact of audiovisual input in university academics, audiovisuals made teaching and learning more effective.

The same is true for broadcast media. When you advertise with the use of sight and sound, you tap into your customers’ interest more profoundly. Therefore you create better brand retention. That is why digital media marketing makes use of not just status updates and blog articles but also videos and images with captions.

Broad reach

Another advantage broadcast media has the scope of reach that is capable of, which is immense. If you want a piece of information to reach as many people as possible in as little amount of time, broadcast media is your best bet. 

If you are a company that wants to increase brand awareness exponentially, broadcast media is a useful tool. Almost everyone has a TV and/or a radio at home. This means that if you choose to use broadcast media advertising, your potential audience is almost everybody out there.


Broadcast media is not just effective. It can also be very economical. On the consumers’ end, all they need is a TV, a radio, or even just a phone with a basic internet connection. Then, they can have unlimited access to all the information that broadcast media has to offer.

From a company’s perspective, broadcast media may take some investment, especially if you are looking to advertise on TV. However, radio broadcasts are relatively cheap and are therefore a good option for small businesses that want to get the word out about their products.

A third option is digital broadcasting. It can be as expensive as television ads, as cheap as radio ads. It can even be virtually free if you have the skills and knowledge to navigate your way through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media for tv viewers

Disadvantages of broadcast media

Now it’s time to delve into the latter portion of the discussion between the advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media. 

May target lower-income audience

There is a study that links high rates of watching television with poverty. You will also notice in articles that talk about habits that differentiate the rich from the poor that time spent watching TV is lesser among the wealthy. 

There are many possibilities for this phenomenon. It could be that rich people can afford better entertainment that does not involve television as opposed to the lower or middle class whose only entertainment is the TV.

It could also be that rich people are too busy making more money that there is little time left to sit down for some TV time. 

Distracted audience

People may not realize that they are multitasking a lot of times. It is very rare to see someone glued to the radio and just listening. Also, when the news is on, people are usually busy doing other things at the same time, such as cooking dinner or doing chores.

Sometimes, people even check messages, emails, or their social media feed even when they are already seated in front of their wide-screen TV. If you want to advertise with broadcast media, you have to make your material attention-grabbing enough to be memorable; otherwise, your audience will easily forget you amidst the surrounding distractions.

Inconsistent costing

While cost is an obvious advantage, it is also a disadvantage of broadcast media. Sure, you can find cheaper means to advertise, but if it does not apply to your product or business, that would be a bad spend. Worse is if you invest in expensive broadcasting and end up with little or no revenue at all.

You need to find the right balance between the type of broadcast media you choose, its cost, and its applicability to your business. Sometimes, it takes some mistakes which can cost you money to find out the exact media that will work for your business.

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