How to Become a Digital Nomad Photographer

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If you love traveling and have a passion for photography, then this article is for you. Discover how to become a digital nomad photographer and what steps that you can take to make money from your photos. 

The digital nomad lifestyle is an exhilarating career path for a photographer. You will get exposed to different destinations and cultures that not everyone gets to see and experience. And as a photographer, you will be able to capture those moments and share it to the world. 

Most people think that there is no money in photography, but little do they know that you can make money out of your photos, and if you are serious about monetizing your travel photos, you could earn much more and turn your hobby into a full freelance photography business. By following this business approach, you can make a living and sustain your digital nomad lifestyle.

Steps on How to Earn as a Digital Nomad Photographer 

1. Find your photography niche.

A photography niche is a specialized subset of a (photography) market for a specific product (images) where it is focused. If you know your niche, you will find the satisfaction from your experiences and grow from it as an artist. The key here is to be the best in your chosen niche. Also, your target audience can find you easily as you will be the first photographer that will come to their mind when they think of a specific type of photography. 

There are different kinds of niche in photography, but the most common a digital nomad photographer would choose are:

  • Landscape Photography

These are photos of nature and the outdoors. Landscape photography gives a feeling of excitement to the person looking at the picture, encouraging them to visit that place. You want to make your audience feel the same emotions you are feeling when you are there at the moment and capture the image that you have in mind. There are tons of online courses about landscape photography that you can take if you want to take your own stunning landscape photos.

  • Food Photography

You will be traveling a lot, so you will also be exposed to different kinds of food and cuisine. You can take mouthwatering food photography even if you are just using your phone’s camera and applying your composition, lighting, and styling skills. You should also consider investing in cameras that are best for food photography.

  • Wildlife Photography

These are photos of natural sceneries and wild animals. The wildlife photography niche is one of the highest-paid types of photography because it is an obvious challenge since you have to deal with wild animals, and at the same time you have to be cautious so you will not disturb them in their natural habitat. Also, you need the proper wildlife photography gear to capture clear images, and those usually cost much. 

  • Macro Photography

This type of photography involves small-sized subjects made larger or life-sized in photos. Macro photography uses different techniques and equipment, such as macro lenses and extension tubes.

  • Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a niche in photography that focuses on buildings and other structures such as bridges. It also includes the interior and exterior as subjects.   

2. Create an online portfolio and social media pages

Establishing your online presence as a photographer is the first step to get your photos noticed by your preferred audience and potential clients. If you want to get paying clients, then you should allot time creating a portfolio that represents yourself as a photographer. This includes building your website and portfolio by incorporating your best outputs, as well as creating an Instagram account and Facebook page. 

Blogging is also a good avenue to show who you are as a photographer, what your values are, and how you treat your clients. Optimizing your blogs using SEO will increase your visibility to your target audience.

3. License your images

Licensing your images is important as this will protect you and your art against illegal downloads. This is also another way to earn as a photographer. It is because you are selling your permission for a client to use your images, given that they will comply with what is in the scope of your contract. That is why taking time to learn how to license an image is essential if you want to make photography your business.

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4. Pricing

Just like any other business, setting a price for your images is a complicated topic, especially for new photographers. You either price your images too low or too high—which will probably lead to business failure. There is a chance you might lose money for setting your price too low or even lose clients for setting your price too high. 

5. Use freelance platforms

Most digital nomad photospheres’ goal is to find a freelance job since this gives them more freedom as they can choose what project that best suits them and how they want to do it. Here are some of the best places where you can find freelance photography gigs online.

6. Use stock photography to sell your images

The term stock photography is used for photos that are legally made available by the artist. The client can use an image as long as they acquired the license. This is by paying a fee for both the artist and the managing agencies. Here are the popular stock photography websites where you can submit your photos:

Setting a price for stock images is a different topic. This is one great way to make an income as a photographer and, at the same time, advertise your photos. 

7. Partner with other businesses

Find local businesses that might need your photography services. The key here is to show them what value you can offer for their business. Restaurants, wedding planners, and event organizers are some of the businesses you can reach out to offer your services. The chances of you getting referred to other businesses are also high, especially when you nurture your partnership. Remember that word of mouth is the most powerful form of endorsement. 

Photography is important because it captures moments that allow people to convey emotional experiences towards the photos. The digital nomad lifestyle and photography go hand in hand, so why not make the most out of it? Do what you love as a photographer and capture what you see and experience, and share it with the world. You can upgrade your passion in photography and make it your business by blending the powerful tips mentioned above and find a balance between work and travel. 

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