14 Tips to Create a Successful Tiktok Marketing Strategy

You can’t underestimate the power of Tiktok. It’s currently the fastest-growing social media platform of choice for teens. For that reason, this video-sharing app became the most visited site in 2021.

Digital marketers are taking advantage of Tiktok’s 1 billion users. Many brands use the platform with a well-developed TikTok marketing strategy to maintain an active online presence. Nearly half of their users purchased a product after seeing it from famous Tiktokers.

It may seem like Tiktok is just for viral dance crazes, but it’s an enormous income streaming opportunity. So it’s important to understand the potential of this social platform to drive sales and generate revenue for businesses like yours.

This guide will show you 14 tips on creating a powerful Tiktok marketing strategy.

1. Determine your purpose

Tiktok is a fun and entertaining platform for self-expression. But wouldn’t it be better to have tangible goals that can lead to a potential business possibility?

Knowing your purpose is imperative to having an effective Tiktok marketing strategy. Dig deep and ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I creating a Tiktok account?
  • Is my Tiktok account for educational or entertainment purposes?
  • Am I promoting awareness for a product?
  • Do I want to reach new audiences?

Having S.M.A.R.T goals is a proven marketing approach for your Tiktok brand.

It’s undeniable that social media has advantages and disadvantages for students. But Tiktok introduced educational video snippets and may be the future of education.

For example, Tiktok influencers like @mathswithmisschang upload problem-solving math tips that you might not know in school. And, of course, the famous @billnye who posts entertaining, easily digestible scientific facts to kids and adults.

Whatever purpose you have in signing up to Tiktok, stick to your objectives and keep your content lighthearted. Most users come to this social channel to kill time watching playful, amusing videos.

2. Create an attractive brand

Your Tiktok brand is your identity. It’s what people know you for, and if your audiences want to watch something, they can rely on you to have what they want. The more you understand your purpose, whether it’s unboxing products or witty life hacks, the easier it is to differentiate your brand identity.

A unique brand identity that shows your personality builds strong relationships with your target audiences. It makes them feel like you share the same values or even humor. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to choose you over the competition.

Suppose you don’t focus on producing branded content. In those circumstances, you won’t be able to cultivate a long-term connection with your followers. They might unfollow you if you don’t observe your Tiktok brand identity.

3. Research your competitors

Keep your competitors close. They’re the window to understanding your strengths and weaknesses to further your Tiktok brand. By researching your opponents’ strategies, you’ll recognize what your common audiences like to see on this social network.

Find at least three to five top brands that have similar concepts to yours. Then, evaluate how they craft their content to be one step ahead of the competition.

To explore how your competitor grows their network, keep track of these benchmarks below.

  • Follower count
  • The average number of posts per week and video views
  • Types of posts that have greater engagement
  • Integration of paid ads
  • Leverage from other social media channels
  • Their choice of topics

The benchmarks vary depending on your brand goals. For example, if you want better audience engagement, pay close attention to which of your competitor’s content has the most interaction. Or, supposedly, you’re after future sponsorships. You’d want to focus on post frequency and the number of followers.

There are competitor analysis tools like Brandwatch that conduct deep research on consumer opinion history. It’ll help you with your Tiktok marketing strategy.

4. Research your audience

Another great marketing tip is to research your TikTok audience. Identifying your target persona helps you figure out relevant content, hashtags, and messages. 

Find users with whom you share the same passions, ideas, and belief systems. You may find it easier to interact with your audience if you know what interests them.

Most Tiktok users are Gen Z, where the age demographic in the U.S. consists of 32.5% are aged 10-19 and 29.5% are 20-29. So, if you want to market to these age groups, you’d consider building a brand around what excites them.

5. Take advantage of current trends

Tiktok Marketing trends change rapidly. It doesn’t last more than 5-7 days. So, staying on top of the game is crucial if you want authentic followers.

Try to understand the current TikTok trends by contributing to conversations. You’ll often find popular hashtag challenges like #tiktokmademebuyit, #whereilivechallenge, and #googleearthtrend. Most business owners use these trends to showcase their products and services to potential customers.

Tiktok creators post user-generated content that focuses on themselves. Statistics show that 37% of viral Tiktok videos are people speaking to the camera. They usually add music to their videos as their prominent background noise.

Joining Tiktok trends allows you to turn the latest fad into an ad campaign that seamlessly integrates into users’ feed. For this reason, your videos become more enjoyable without making them seem too salesy.

6. Use strategic hashtags

Like other social media platforms, Tiktok users depend on hashtags to label their content. Think of it as a keyword/phrase that helps followers find specific content of interest. So while it allows your audience to search for videos by subject, it lets you amplify your target audience.

Tiktok doesn’t have a limit on the number of hashtags you can use. However, it’s important to note the maximum caption character allowed per post. Since this platform isn’t like Instagram, it’s advisable to only use 3-5 hashtags for each video you upload.

When adopting Tiktok hashtags to your clips, quantity doesn’t matter. Instead, it’s the quality and relevance of your hashtags related to your content. It helps Tiktok algorithm show your posts to respective viewers.

Avoid using trending hashtags. Popular hashtags get overcrowded by millions of posts daily, so your intended demographic will unlikely see your posts. Better to include brand-specific hashtags because you want your videos visible to people you want to attract.

7. Post content at the best times

Instinctively, you’d often post your Tiktok videos as soon as you finish editing them. It sounds like a good idea, but it might not be best if you want to find your target audience. If you’re uploading content when your potential followers aren’t online, they won’t see it.

You can get a detailed analysis of your target followers’ profiles by converting your platform to a business account. This Tiktok analytics tool will allow you to understand your audiences’ behavior, location, and age group. Although it takes time to gather measurable content performance, it’s still a helpful marketing strategy for becoming viral on this social channel.

Once you determine your target demographic, build a consistent content calendar plan around your follower’s activity. For example, If your viewers are from the U.S. and Canada, the best days and times to post are around 9 AM EST on Tuesdays, 12 PM EST Thursdays, and 5 AM EST on Fridays. 

As you build a Tiktok audience, it’ll be effortless to know when to upload your videos. So, for now, use these tips to guide you through the process.

8. Post consistently

Getting a quality follower base on Tiktok requires a consistent posting schedule. How often you post can influence your content engagement and distribution.

Posting frequency helps attract new audiences by updating them daily with unique, valuable content. But can posting too much on Tiktok be a bad thing? It depends on what works for your brand and followers.

If you’re starting from zero, uploading videos once every day, even three times a day, can grow your brand rapidly. However, posting more than that with a good follower count will make it difficult for your viewers to interact with your clips.

Most established Tiktokers know how to balance fan engagement and posting frequency. They typically post quality content 3-5 times per week. But, if they upload content under that amount, Tiktok algorithm may find it challenging to discover their brand.

Consider the hours and days that work for you without disregarding your analytics because it takes trial and error to perfect this balancing act.

9. Engage with your followers

Engagement rate is vital for successful social media marketing because it keeps your relevance on the platform. When interacting with your Tiktok followers, keep them invested in your multi-sensory content. It makes your profile more impactful and appealing to consumers, creating better brand retention.

Focus on authentic interaction by producing a video with a call to action. This marketing strategy drives your audience to actionable campaigns like asking a question, a poll, or a video quiz. Then, respond genuinely in the comment section to keep a lasting relationship.

Here are other trendy Tiktok engagement ideas.

  • Make a video to reply to comments
  • Share your opinions on industry news and hot topics
  • Host contests
  • Prove viral Tiktok hacks
  • Create a Tiktok challenge
  • Interviews with other Tiktok influencers

The first 3-5 seconds of your video is the most crucial time to catch Tiktok users’ attention. So keeping them engaged in those vital time frames can boost a higher engagement rate.

10. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing rewrote how people and brands interact with each other in a creator-driven space. Consumers are constantly looking for content that’s entertaining and educational. Your brand will come to life when collaborating with other influencers in so many ways.

Working with influencers is one of the best ways to experiment with different creative strategies. As a result, you can expand your reach and build brand loyalty.

Some companies rely on Tiktok influencer marketing because customers trust recommendations from real people. They have better sales turnover thanks to creator endorsements.

So if you want to evolve in this creative space, partner with relevant Tiktok influencers who share the same brand goals. Otherwise, you’ll go head to head on contradicting ideas.

11. Create and follow a content plan

Your content should reflect your goals and brand voice. So, keeping an organized marketing plan detailing when and what type of content to publish for the coming weeks is essential.

You don’t want to waste time thinking about what to post next, as it can get overwhelming. And you might end up with the typical case of creator’s block, interrupting the flow of your ideas. But a well-thought content plan can ensure you won’t run out of concepts.

A content calendar is an essential element of Tiktok marketing. Set aside time to visualize your content and write down all the campaigns you want to publish on specific dates. Instead of frantically posting mediocre videos, a content plan lets you take a steady organic approach to content creation.

12. Draw insights from your analytics

All Tiktok business accounts have an insight tool that pulls information to make better brand decisions. It’s far more comprehensive than counting likes and shares. Alternatively, it examines social consumer behavior.

Your analytics feature is accessible on both desktop and Tiktok app. It has four sections: overview content, followers, and LIVE. You can also study content performance to understand your growth and which trending videos drive people to your profile.

Other users fail because they don’t fully grasp how to use Tiktok analytics. To avoid this, invest your time exploring your profile statistics and plan your content around what resonates with your objectives and target audience.

13. Use Tiktok effects to create entertaining posts

Millions of videos get uploaded to TikTok each day. So how do you stand out from the sea of content without drowning in the rabbit hole of entertaining short clips? 

Tiktok offers a range of visual effects, filters, sounds, and music that can enhance your content to make it more attractive. Firstly, research the trending ones and try incorporating them into your videos. Then, experiment and recycle the effects that generate the most interaction and shares for your brand.

There will be risks, but taking the chance is essential so you don’t fall behind.

14. Invest in Tiktok ads

Tiktok ads may change your idea about digital marketing. User-generated videos outperform other forms of advertisements, namely Facebook ads, by 32% while exceeding traditional ads by 46%. Even branded videos don’t capture viewers’ attention as user-generated content.

Most successful Tiktokers know how to create compelling and relatable organic content. Their authentic storytelling appeals to companies and would want to partner for future advertising campaigns.

Many brands find media advertising advantageous over conventional channels like commercials and radio broadcasting. So investing in Tiktok ads yourself or hiring a UGC agency for that don’t only multiply your viewers but also draws business owners to collaborate with you.

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To summarize, Tiktok is a unique platform for marketing. It revolutionized how businesses broadcast their products and services. It provides marketers with a new way to reach and engage with consumers, thanks to the viral nature of Tiktok algorithm.

If you’re new to this channel, it takes time to wrap your head around its marketing tools and features. Since Tiktok trends are constantly shifting, it’s important to always stick to your niche and conduct thorough research on what’s to come.

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