Google Ad Grants: Guide + Tips for Beginners

After taking our recommended nonprofit training courses, you will realize how important it is for NPOs to secure a stable financial source. Since they cannot earn like typical companies, NPOs rely on donations and grants. 

Modern technology advanced the way NPOs utilize donations and grants. With grants specifically, sponsors can help NPOs grow brand visibility to reach more donors and volunteers.

If you are managing NPOs, never miss out on Google Ad Grants. Internet mogul Neil Patel recommends it to support NPOs who lack concrete digital marketing strategies.

Keep on reading to know if Google Ad Grants is for you.

Google Ad Grants: Guide + Tips for Beginners

What is Google Ads Grants?

Google Ad Grants provides grants for nonprofits. This program helps eligible beneficiaries attract more sponsors, grantors, and volunteers through varied internet facets. It is a dynamic tool that advertises NPOs’ needs, advocacies, and goals.

Google Ad Grants was the brainchild of Michelle Hurtado. She started this project in 2003 after realizing how online ads create opportunities for NPOs to receive more support. Since then, Google has given $9 billion worth of free advertising to more than 115,000 nonprofits.

NPOs who sign up for this program may receive an advertising grant worth $10,000 per month. Google renders the grant by hosting text ads in browser searches, boosting NPOs’ visibility to philanthropists and other interested entities.

Google Ad Grants have varied results on nonprofits. A case study disclosed that some companies experience a 5x increase in average donation value and an 89% decrease in cost-per-conversion. 

Is your NPO eligible for Google Ad Grants?

To qualify for the $10,000 program, applicants must comply with the following Google Ad Grants requirements:


Only registered NPOs may qualify. Interested applicants should comply with the requirements set in their respective countries. Some countries impose more documentary and procedural requirements than others. In the United States, applicants should be a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization.

Restricted organizations

The Google Ad Grants doesn’t cater to all kinds of nonprofit entities. An applicant organization must not be a: government agency, hospital or any health institution, or a school, or academic institution. Please note that hospitals and schools’ charitable or philanthropic arms may qualify under the program.

Terms of service

One of the most critical Google Ad Grants requirements is following the program’s terms of service. Google is strict on its policies and requires beneficiaries to observe specific standards. They will decline grants for nonprofit applications that promote discrimination, hatred, and violence.

Website domain

Applicants should have a website hosted on their own registered domains. Further, Google must have approved the said domains. To get approval, NPOs should undergo the Google Ad Grants enrollment process or accomplish the additional website domain(s) request form.

SSL certification

Applicants’ websites must have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificationAs of now, there is no time limit within which applicants may qualify for the Google grant. NPOs eligible under the above-listed requisites and those who underwent the needed processes may become grantees.

Utilizing the Google grant is a practical NPO fundraising strategy. The exclusive marketing tools and services you would access can open multiple doors to success.

How to apply for Google Ads Grants

Step 1: Build a website

Your NPO must have a website before qualifying for the Google grant. Unfortunately, Google will not create a website for you. If you do not have a website yet, try building one with Wix.

Before applying, ensure that your website is compliant with the requirements. It should follow Google’s terms and policies, security protocols, and other miscellaneous terms.

Google does not require specific formats for websites, but each should embody the purposes and advocacies that an NPO represents. Google may deny your application if there is a stark disconnect between the website and the NPO.

Step 2: Register with TechSoup

Website? Check. Google Ad Grants requirements? Check. If you cleared these two, the next step would be to register your NPO with TechSoup. TechSoup is a nonprofit international network. It is composed of non-governmental organizations that support NPOs through technological tools and services. Google works with TechSoup to verify the legitimacy of applicant NPOs.

NPOs should proceed to the TechSoup registration site, where applicants may register as new members. The verification period may last up to 30 days, and TechSoup may require documents from applicants. After registration, TechSoup will grant applicants a TechSoup Validation Token.

Step 3: Sign Up for Google Nonprofits

The TechSoup Validation Token is necessary to register with Google for Nonprofits. Applicants should also prepare their Tax ID numbers. Applicants should visit the Google for Nonprofits website to register. They must correctly input the necessary personal and organizational information.

Registering with Google for Nonprofits will provide applicants with a handful of benefits. For example, account holders have access to special features like the donate button on YouTube.

Besides Ad Grants, Google for Nonprofits account holders have access to Google Workspace for Nonprofits, Google Maps Platform credits, and Google Store discounts.

Step 4: Undergo the enrollment process

Once your Google for Nonprofits account is verified, the next step would be to activate Google Ad Grants. To do this, enter the same account name for your Google Ad Grants. 

The next step will be to fill out the assessment within the eligibility form link. This assessment has two purposes. First, Google wants to confirm if your NPO is eligible, and second, it will adjust settings to personalize your Ad Grant experience.

After activation and assessment, Google will review your account for the final time. You will receive an email for further instructions. Wait three days for the results.

Step 5: Test run your account

After setting up your account, have a feel for how Google Ad Grants works. Check out the features and explore the services that may apply to grants for nonprofits. Try new things with caution.

The more you use the program, the more you will gauge its impact on your nonprofit activities. The beginning is the perfect opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.

New users should also be familiar with the operation of Google Ad Grants to have realistic expectations. Not all NPOs will achieve the same results. Having a test run for some time will help stakeholders adjust their strategies, goals, and priorities.

Step 6: Check and update your settings

After a short test run, make some adjustments. Trying things for a while will give you an idea of what things work and what does not. But before you implement changes, be wary about the possible consequences.

It is also ideal to set up an account for Google Analytics. It is another Google platform for tracking website traffic. Remember, sales and donations are not the only indicators of NPO success. 

Start setting up achievable results like having an account-wide 5% clickthrough rate. NPOs may adjust their website’s content when traffic remains low. Nonprofit content marketing is also critical.

More to learn about NPOs

Now that you learned about Google Ad Grants, the next step best step would be to expand your skills and knowledge of nonprofits. Skill success has a vast library of resources you can explore. Learn something new today from our carefully curated nonprofit courses.

Our courses on grant writing and NPO business plan contain personalized information from seasoned NPO professionals. Follow every instruction to achieve better results in your practice.

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