4 Tips on Grant Writing for Nonprofits

A business or an organization can’t function without a budget. But how does a nonprofit organization work? As its name suggests, they don’t generate income. They do projects for impactful causes. Hence, grants for nonprofits are essential because it fuels their operations. 

There are millions of nonprofit organizations worldwide and millions of grant writing pieces that funders read in a week. So how can you make your proposal stand out?

Grant writing for nonprofits is of utmost importance as it helps prospects and funders know your organization and projects better. This gives them a glimpse of how you function, what you are fighting for, and why you do what you do.

But how do we make our grant writing impactful enough to leave a mark on funders? Here are four tips on grant writing for nonprofits that can help you out on drafting one.

4 tips on grant writing for nonprofits

Make your output data-driven

Data shows people the relevance of your project. Through the data you will be providing, they will sense the urgency of your cause. It will also show where they can help without being too straightforward and pushy. People love to know that they are needed, and your data can do the talking for this.

Highlight its benefits and impact

It is essential to highlight why you do what you do in writing grants for nonprofits. It is what will make funders resonate with you. This is important because the benefit is not only to the people you are helping but also to the funders you are reaching out to. The key is to hit both points that show how they can help and how it can benefit their reputation.

Include the risks and preventive measures

Your funders are busy people, so your grant writing piece must be concise enough to provide all the information. It should also answer their possible questions. You can do this by including the possible problems and how you are prepared adequately to solve them right away. People have a short attention span, but unfamiliar information can pique their interest.

Create a reasonable and well-thought-of timeframe

As previously stated, your funders are busy people. They don’t have time to be dealing with matters that are better left unattended. So, your project shouldn’t fall under that category. You need to lay out your plan and proposal effectively to do that. This will tell them how serious you are about the matter and how prepared you are for its implementation.

Courses to help you with grant writing for nonprofits

Course Rating

There are various rules of thumb in writing. However, not everyone knows it naturally. So, this course is ideal, especially when you are trying to get the attention of funders from different industries.

This 1 hour and 30 minute-long course is taught by an entrepreneur and educational coach that helps you improve your paragraph writing. It discusses the important concepts and strategies you can use in different settings, such as chronological and order of importance in grant writing.

From the concepts to the structure, this course is perfect if you want to be knowledgeable about the effective use of varying paragraph lengths and styles.

"Excellent course. I learned a lot from it. Information is great not only for paragraph writing but for writing reports as well. I’ve definitely learned more than some classes in college."

Omar Lara
Course Rating

Writing about a particular topic is not about what you know. It is about what the readers will know after reading any output from you. For some, it takes much courage even to start conceptualizing, especially when trying to get on people’s good side. So, this course is a good push in helping you just start.

Taught by an accomplished author and business trainer, this course allows you to learn more than just guidelines. The course includes discussions about writing styles, focus, and clarity, which will significantly help you know what can strengthen your mission and projects to close the deal with funders. 

Filled with digestible information, this course is not intimidating and is filled with digestible information, especially for beginners. Hence, it allows you to understand it better and apply the concepts faster.

"I enjoyed this course. The individual lessons are short and specific allowing each to implant into your brain. While many of his thoughts seem like common sense it’s amazing how we falter on applying these simple techniques. Enjoyable delivery as well."

Barbara Cross
Course Rating

The world we are in now is ever-changing. It is sometimes hard to cope with the fluctuating market trends, needs, and demands. There are now different standards in different industries. So, it is often hard to be consistent, especially when attracting other professionals. 

Taught by a marketing nerd, this course gives you no room for excuses to be better and show up every day. With ten writing exercises you can choose from every day, you can sharpen your skills, know what you like better, and apply it on different occasions. It can also help you be consistent with your offer and unique proposition.

So if you wonder how to be just good enough at different things, this course allows you to do just that. After all, practice makes perfect, and knowing where to start makes it even better.

Course Rating

For beginners, and even for experts, it is still sometimes confusing to use punctuation marks. Sometime in your career, you will find yourself torn between a semicolon, comma, and hyphens. So if you are eyeing to improve your knowledge of the English language and punctuation marks, this course is for you. 

It helps you learn how to use punctuation marks correctly and write more clearly. In writing to different people, it is imperative to share your ideas easily so that they can understand them fully. Through this course, you can show your command of the English language more confidently. 

Guiding you to be keener with details, this course will benefit students, teachers, and professionals alike in putting things in their proper places.

"This course has a lot of punctuation tips. I took this course because I needed the confidence of my words to show in my letters, texts, and emails. I’m so glad it was an option. Mr. Koeber really helped clear things up for me."

Tanesha Register
Course Rating

Enticing funders can be intimidating. It can give many unwelcome thoughts that question your credibility, advocacy, and mission. So if you want to be effective in hooking your funders to your projects, this is the perfect course for you.

If there is one thing that funders and dreamers have in common, they both want to make an impact. This course teaches you the fundamentals of writing that will review you of the basics. Aside from that, it will help you get out of your writing block. Helpful, right?

For beginners, experts, and all in between, this is perfect for recalling why you do what you do, and whom you are doing it for.

What’s the best course for you?

You can choose the best course for you, depending on your prior knowledge. If you need help with reviewing the use of punctuation, then there’s one for you. Basically, it depends on what it is for. It also depends on your preference, goals, and desired outcomes. 

For more information and help, here are more courses you can choose from.

How to best write grants for nonprofits?

You don’t need the best course or excellent writing skill to make your proposal stand out from others. What matters is the mastery over the subject, the benefit to the receiving end, and the efficient workflow upon its implementation.

These tips on grant writing for nonprofits will not guarantee your excellence in writing, but they can push you to close your funding.

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