Data Analyst Cover Letter: Template + Tips

Since the world has become more data-driven, more companies have invested in data analysts. Data analysts can forecast market trends and sometimes identify factors that could manipulate ongoing statistics. 

As of 2022, there are 87,627 data analysts employed in the United States. However, experts expect that there will be more demand for job openings for data analysts soon.

Data analysts often enjoy lucrative compensation. The best ones, even newbies, can earn as much as $100,000 annually. Companies are willing to pay this much or even more so long as they hire high-quality candidates.

Data analysts cost a lot of money, so companies are meticulous about their hires. If you are applying as one, be strategic to create positive impressions on hiring managers.

Why do you need a data analyst cover letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to convince whoever is reading that you are the top choice for a given job opening. It touches on your background and professional experience, too. Most importantly, cover letters let you leave a strong first impression on hiring managers.

1. Better chances of employment

Surveys reveal that adding a cover letter boosts your chances of getting booked for a job interview. In a competitive position like being a data analyst, you need to use every opportunity to grab a hiring manager’s attention. 

Many think a resume is enough, but a cover letter adds another layer of depth to your application. A resume contains factual details about you, but a cover letter lets you customize your introduction. In short, cover letters make your application feel more personable.

Submitting an application without a cover letter will not make you stand out against hundreds of applications. Remember that more people have been aspiring to become data analysts, so you should not be too complacent.

2. Explain employment gaps

Employment gaps pertain to the period you were not employed. These gaps can range from months to years. They can also happen at different intervals. Hiring managers look intently into employment gaps as they may reflect your work performance and commitment.

You can use your cover letter to explain why you were not working for a while. Reading your cover letter will make your resume look complete and three-dimensional. 

Employment gaps can raise many different suspicions, so you should be comprehensive with your explanations. Additionally, provide information as to what you learned during your break. It will show employees that you kept on growing despite not being employed.

3. Signify eagerness to land a job

Cover letters help applicants highlight their personalities even without meeting the interviewers. If you manage to impress upon an interviewer that you are an excellent candidate, they may look forward to interviewing you. As a result, you will have an easier time earning their trust and favor.

One way to create a good impression is by expressing your eagerness to get the job. Unfortunately, many people apply for jobs aimlessly. Companies look for committed employees. Even if a job is only short-term, employers will not look for people who do not want to work for a job or those with tendencies to bail out halfway.

oftware engineer, statistician, visualizer and analyst working on a project

How to write a data analyst cover letter

There is no formula for the perfect data analyst cover letter. After all, everybody has unique preferences. However, you can take steps to create an effective cover letter.

When drafting a cover letter, familiarize yourself with the steps below. Each step will enhance your cover letters and make them more appealing to potential employers.

  1. Determine who the proper addressee is.
  2. Open your letter with an attention-grabbing introduction.
  3. Explain why you are excited about the position.
  4. Discuss skills that make you the best candidate for a data analyst position.
  5. Mention previous accomplishments as a data analyst.
  6. Close your letter with an engaging call to action.

1. Determine who the proper addressee is.

Typically, companies designate their HR managers as the appropriate addressee for job applications. However, you can also choose to confirm this by calling the HR department.

Once you confirm who to address for your cover letter, get that person’s full name, position, and office address. You will need these details as part of your cover letter.

2. Open your letter with an attention-grabbing introduction.

Being direct to the point helps you create an attention-grabbing introduction. Begin with a strong statement and express your intentions about the company. 

You can also explain the extent of your professional capabilities and how much more you can grow. It is not wrong to try and impress readers from the get-go but refrain from being unrealistic and wordy.

3 . Explain why you are excited about the position.

Express feelings of excitement in your cover letter. When you do so, readers will have a better impression of you. They might view you as a competent professional committed to their work.

Also, it is unimpressive if you sound weak and gloomy. Companies need people who take the initiative and can carry themselves.

4. Discuss skills that make you the best candidate for a data analyst position.

There are many ways a person can become an ideal data analyst. In your cover letter, explain what the things you do best are and why these help the company. 

You can also compare yourself with other candidates. Mention the traits that may make you stand out from the rest.

5. Mention previous accomplishments as a data analyst.

A data analyst cover letter is never complete without relevant statistics. For example, you can write how much your work has improved your company’s systems and other developments attributable to your efforts.

You may need to draft a two-page cover letter to be more in-depth about your accomplishments and other contributions.

6. Close your letter with an engaging call to action.

Often, call-to-actions (CTAs) appear at the end of ads. However, they are usable in cover letters, too.

You can use a phrase or sentence at your cover letter closing to encourage employers to contact or hire you. CTAs hold a sense of urgency that demands an immediate response from the other person. Using it effectively can increase your chances of being called for a job interview.

How to outline your data analyst cover letter

The ideal cover letter length is somewhere around one to two pages. Your goal is to compact as many details as possible without sounding repetitive.

Organize your thoughts before writing a data analyst cover letter. Here is an outline you can follow so that you can create a cohesive cover letter:

  1. Cover letter heading
  2. Date
  3. Adressee’s details
  4. Welcoming salutation
  5. Introductory paragraph
  6. Professional background
  7. Personal explanation on choosing the role
  8. Closing paragraph
  9. Sign off and signature

1. Cover letter heading

Cover letter headings are formalities that should consistently be formatted well. Avoid committing mistakes in this section.

Place the date you will submit your cover letter at the top left corner of the document. Add a space, then write the name, position, and company address of the person who will receive your application.

2. Date

As previously mentioned, the date should reflect when you submit your cover letter. It is good practice because you can trace when you submitted your application and determine whether you should give the company a follow-up call. They might have lost your application if they did not call you for an interview.

3. Addressee’s details

Double check the addressee’s details before submitting your cover letter. Committing any typographical error in this section can be fatal for your application. 

You can rely on the details provided online, but it is better to call the company. Some information could be outdated.

This section encompasses the addressee’s name, position, and office address. Often, the addressee is the company’s HR manager or director.

4. Welcoming salutation

The first part of your cover letter’s body is a one-liner for a salutation. The most common and acceptable way to do so is simply stating, “Dear Mr./Ms. [Surname of addressee].”

The following paragraph is often a greeting. Many applicants say “Good day” or “Greetings of peace” when opening their cover letter body.

5. Introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph is the hook that grabs readers. It should be impactful and memorable. In a few sentences, the reader should already have an idea of who you are as an applicant.

Do not complicate the introduction paragraph. Instead, be enthusiastic and express your interest in the open position.

6. Professional background

The body of a data analyst cover letter must contain a summary of previous work and accomplishments. In this paragraph, mention how long you have been practicing in the industry and the significant changes you introduced in your last company.

If you are a fresh graduate, discuss your educational background and internship. Be sure to mention any technology courses you finished.

7. Personal explanation on choosing the role

You can make your cover letter more personal by expressing your sentiments about the role. You may connect your passions and experiences to sound more natural.

Dedicate a paragraph explaining why you want the position. You could also try to convince the reader why you are the best person to fill in the job opening.

8. Closing paragraph

The closing paragraph is your final chance to convince the reader why you deserve to have an interview with the hiring manager. Wrap up the essential details and highlight your most appealing points.

Also, add CTAs on this paragraph. Urge the reader to call or email you when they want more information.

9. Sign off and signature

A cover letter sign-off should be filled with gratitude and respect. Always thank the reader for reading your cover letter. It will show your sincerity as an applicant.

Top sign-offs include “Truly Yours,” “Respectfully Yours,” and “Best.”

End your letter with your full name and signature. When signing, use black or blue ink to preserve the formality of your letter.

Sample data analyst cover letters

Are you looking for references to write your data analyst cover letter? Get inspired by these stellar examples:

Cover letter example #1: Entry level data analyst

June 27, 2022

Caroline Sanders
HR Manager
First Step Technologies
4134 Blue Coral St., 
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Dear Ms. Sanders,

Greetings of peace!

I am sending this application in response to your LinkedIn post for a junior data analyst at First Step Technologies. Finding this job opening made me excited to share what I can offer to your esteemed company.

I am a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkley, with a degree in Computer Science. I graduated with honors and a GPA of 4.0, ranking me third in the graduating class. Given my scholastic feats, I know I can be an indispensable asset to First Step Technologies.

During my internship at VXV Global, a data analyst firm, I sharpened my programming, problem-solving, and data warehousing skills. In addition, I worked closely with my superiors and paid close attention to their work. Because of my hard work and dedication, I received recognition for being an exemplary intern.

As a fresh graduate, I know I have much more to learn. Rest assured, I am open to learning more and undergoing rigorous training. Once hired, I will put my full attention to the company and grow alongside my peers.

Thank you so much for reading my application. If you require more information about me, please refer to my resume for my contact details. 

I am hoping to hear from you soon.


Angie Castro

Cover letter example #2: Mid-level data analyst

June 27, 2022

Josh Price
HR Manager
W. Bruce Analytics
114 Fig Tree St., 
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Dear Mr. Price,

Good day!

I am a 5-year data analyst looking forward to growing with W. Bruce Analytics as a Junior Data Analyst. Ever since my younger years, I have had a deep fondness for numbers. Because of this, it was easy for me to choose data analytics as a long-term career. 

I have been a data analyst for a couple of private companies. I created strategic solutions in those companies to resolve problems with stocks, distribution, and storage management. With these experiences, I am confident that I can share much more with W. Bruce Analytics as a junior data analyst. 

I have high proficiency in SQL and statistical programming languages. On top of that, I get praised for being someone who handles stress well despite time pressure. I can multitask and work on different projects within the same period. I understand that the job I am applying for will have overlapping responsibilities.

After seeing your job posting on LinkedIn, I knew I could not let this opportunity pass. I am excited to share my professional background and create something new and more progressive with W. Bruce Analytics.

Feel free to reach out if you need more information. I am amenable to both face-to-face and online interviews. I am hoping to hear from you soon.


Mark Andrews

Cover letter example #3: Senior level data analyst

June 27, 2022

Melina Cho
HR Manager
Galaxy Data Systems
805 Aster Bay,
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Dear Ms. Cho,

Good day!

I am excited to share my decade-long data analyst expertise at Galaxy Data Systems. I had extensive experience in statistical programming, data cleaning, and data visualization in my previous jobs. As a data analyst, I always aim to develop actionable strategies to help my clients realize their best potential. I will use my skills and experience to become a helpful addition to your esteemed institution.

I was a senior data analyst in my previous role. At GS Systems, I used to interpret data, analyze results and produce reports for the marketing team. They use my reports to raise product sales and reduce the number of returns. For example, during the last quarter of my stay at GS System, I created a sales model that boosted store sales by 15% in three months.

Being in the industry for quite some time made me realize that data analytics is a broad spectrum. From this time onwards, I wanted to expand my horizon and provide data analytics support to more types of companies. I know Galaxy Data Systems will provide me with that opportunity because you handle clients with varied niches.

Thank you for receiving my application. If ever hired, please expect my full attention and dedication. Please do not hesitate to call or send an email if you want to know me more. 

Respectfully Yours,

Rashid Khan

Can a data analyst cover letter be two pages?

The typical cover letter templates you will find online do not exceed one page, but it does not mean you cannot create a cover letter with two pages. Extend another page if you feel that submitting a one-page cover letter will not be enough to introduce yourself to hiring managers and potential employers. Do not worry; it is not a capital sin during job applications.

The most crucial component of how to write a data analyst cover letter is getting your message across. No matter how suitable an applicant’s background is, it will not be impactful enough if they do not create a connection through their cover letters.

63% of hiring managers opine that cover letters reflect applicants’ eagerness to do great in their desired jobs. Therefore, if your one-page data analyst cover letter sample does not convey a burning desire, it is best to re-write and add more details. Include details that make the most sense for the data analyst position.

Having two pages is also an unconventional way to stand out. After grabbing the hiring managers’ or employers’ attention, present a letter that will make them want you for the company. Make your content engaging, and refrain from repeating details already discussed in the resume and other phases of the application.

Stand out against other data analysts

Keep increasing your professional competencies while perfecting your data analyst cover letter. One efficient way to do so is by undergoing data science and analytics courses online. Stay updated on the latest trends to keep up with the neverending demands of the industry. It will help you be a step ahead of your competition.

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