Best Remote Jobs to Check Out This 2021

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As the Internet continues to pave the way for more efficient business operations, many companies now seek to operate remotely. It’s not just an innovative strategy but also a convenient setup for both employers and employees. And if you are looking to switch permanently into remote work, there are tons of promising opportunities waiting for you. It’s just a matter of finding the best remote jobs that fit your skills.

What is remote work?

Chances are, you’ve heard about remote work and its perks a couple of times. And quite frankly, it’s all worth the buzz since it offers a ton of benefits that you cannot get from a typical office job. Remote work is any job opportunity that you can perform from any location but the employer’s headquarters. That means you have the liberty to choose where you work, including at the comfort of your home, coffee shops, and even during your travels.

In a remote job, you need a reliable internet connection and a functional computer, which sometimes are provided by employers. Most importantly, you need to possess skills that will impress tech companies.

Why choose a remote job this 2021?

Remote work is not new in the scene, but it continues to pull in more and more workers because of its amazing perks. 

If you are still not fully decided about switching to a remote work setup, here are some benefits that might just convince you to:

  • Eliminates your commute expenses
  • Offers the flexibility to choose your work schedule (for some companies)
  • Maintains a distraction-free work environment
  • Increases your time for personal endeavors, family, friends, and more
  • Improves work-life balance

What to consider before working remotely?

Before you even begin working from home, there are two things you need to ask yourself. Asking these two questions will verify your compatibility with the work setup:

  • Are you reliable enough to perform your tasks without the close supervision of a superior?
  • Are you self-motivated and highly focused?

If you answered both questions with a “yes,” remote work will be a profitable venture for you.

Work from home jobs that pay well

Here is the list of the best remote jobs that pay well:

1. Programmers

If you are within the computer-related field, there are so many opportunities waiting for you—starting off with anything that does programming. These may include computer programming, video gaming design, software development, and more.   

IT-related jobs always offer lucrative pay, making it among the best remote jobs to pursue. Programmers earn an average of $69,980 annually. In some cases, this could even go high as six figures, depending on your experience and niche.

2. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers help clients analyze their website and sales processes. They design user experience and help improve the way people interact with their products. They recommend and implement solutions that will help increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

This is another lucrative IT job that pays well. Even more, its demand continues to grow in this digitally-powered era. 

3. Digital marketer

Digital marketers deal with email, social media, and web content to increase brand awareness and generate sales. They handle a client’s entire web presence, including the website, SEO, blog, and digital marketing strategies.

This is one of the most promising career opportunities in remote work since most companies hire digital marketers to amp up their web presence. That said, there is a great demand for it. Also, the job pays well, with an average of $52,857 a year

4. Operations Manager

Operations managers oversee essential business functions. They deal with multiple departments to ensure the business’s smooth operation, which includes recruitment, production, and quality assurance.

This managerial position pays well, making it a great option when deciding to transition to remote work. The average pay is $92,165 a year

5. Data Scientist

Data plays a significant role in businesses. Without proper analysis, the company cannot really measure its success and outline its plan. That’s why businesses need data scientists to deal with their business data. This includes the creation of strategies for data collection and interpretation.

There is a growing demand for data scientists in most industries. The job outlook is 15% more in the next ten years. And with a pay of $113,309 a year, remote data scientists have a great future waiting. 

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6. Nurse

Telemedicine is a booming industry that allows health consultations with medical professionals over the phone. This opportunity opened a lot of doors for nurses who opt to work in the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to the Internet, gone are the days that nurses can only work in-clinics. Now, they can perform their jobs through telemedicine video apps or merely the phone. 

Nurses who work for telemedicine receive an average of $103,220 per year. The career demand is looking up due to the increasing number of patients who use telemedicine over traditional in-person consultations.

7. Project Manager

Project managers work in various industries to coordinate department and individual tasks that contribute to team goals. They are an essential part of the business operations as they ensure the proper delegation and completion of tasks. Project managers can work remotely since there are tons of available project management software and cloud-based tools, making it easy to communicate with team members online. 

Project management is one of the lucrative professions one can pursue. And if you are looking to try remote work setup as you practice project management, now is the time to switch. Apart from the growing demand, the pay is $66,137 a year

8. Accountant

Today, accountants do not need to come to the office to perform their jobs. They can prepare financial documents for individuals and businesses by merely working from home. Whether for an entry-level or senior role, accountants may start working remotely as more and more companies seek their assistance in a remote setup. 

Even more, accountants have always had an impressive salary. You can earn as much as $71,550 a year with this job. 

9. Freelance writer

There is a steady demand for writers in this content-hungry generation. You will notice that almost all kinds of industries hire for them to create compelling copy and creative content

Writers earn an average of $23.70 per hour. You can even make more when you do freelancing and handle multiple clients at the same time. 

10. Graphic designer

One of the best remote work jobs today is graphic design. Graphic designers work along with the creative team to produce visual concepts that customers will fall for. These designs can vary from logos, product mockups to digital ads. 

Graphic designers earn an average of $45,991 annually. But with this kind of job, you can secure multiple clients at the same time, increasing your total earnings.

Those are the ten best remote jobs you can check out in planning to switch to this work setup. There is so much to explore and experience in remote working—things that you cannot get from a traditional office setup. If you are in dire need of help in surviving remote work, here are some Skill Success courses to save you:

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