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The guitar is the most popular musical instrument in the world. Many find fulfillment in playing the instrument, making it a staple to every musically inclined person. It is not only easy to learn but also versatile in all kinds of music genres. If you seek to master playing the guitar, Skill Success has the best online guitar lesson for you.

Introduction to Playing the Acoustic Guitar

Whether you are a total beginner or can hit up a few chords, an introductory tutorial is necessary. And this course will cover just that when learning to play the acoustic guitar. This compact course has over 2.5 hours of video lessons and practice demos to help you get acquainted with guitar basics.

It includes explanatory videos on essential concepts and techniques. Also, there are practice videos containing relevant graphics and voice overs so you can play along with the instructor 

You only need a few hours and a guitar by your side to complete this course. Upon completion, expect to perfect the following areas:

  • Touch the fundamental concepts of playing the guitar
  • Play the acoustic guitar in a lead role
  • Learn to improvise or play a solo over a basic form
  • Play the acoustic guitar in a supportive role or accompaniment
  • Get an in-depth explanation of the basic building blocks of music

Master the Guitar Fretboard in 6 Easy Steps

The fretboard is where you execute all the needed chords to play out the music. Familiarizing yourself with the fretboard will ease the learning curve since it is where you play the chords. Together with strumming, the chords are the concepts that make music possible in a guitar. 

Why do you need this course? Well, it basically covers everything you need to know about the fretboard and all the necessary chords. Without diving deep into them, you cannot fully explore the wonders of playing the guitar.

Here are the essential lessons you’ll find in this online course:

  • Know the music alphabet
  • Identify any note on the guitar
  • Learn the fifth and sixth string notes
  • Master the D shape chords
  • Play power chords
best online guitar lesson

12 Strumming Patterns You Must Know for Guitar

As mentioned, strumming is one of the vital concepts you need to master in playing various songs. Not all songs have the same strumming pattern. Thus, you need to know as many patterns in your journey to learning to play the guitar.

Instructed by a self-taught professional guitarist, this course is sure to give you an easy yet comprehensive walkthrough for most beginners. You only need to pick up your guitar and play along with the instructor to learn the 12 patterns shared in this online course. 

When you complete this online guitar course, you can play more songs. With 12 strumming patterns in your pocket, you have various versions to play out, even with a single piece.

Learn to Play 10 Guitar Songs Using Just Three Chords

Now, if you are a beginner seeking to play songs but limited to knowing a few beginner chords, this is your best option. The wonderful thing about learning to play musical instruments is you don’t have to know all the chords to start. You can start with two, three, four, and so on, and you will still be able to play several songs.

This course will show you the versatility of musical instruments that can be played with just a few chords. Imagine how knowing only a couple of chords can make you seem like a pro? It’s possible as long as you know a variety of songs with similar melodies.

By the end of this course, expect to have mastered ten songs you can quickly nail with just three simple chords.

Introduction to Playing the Bass Guitar

Want to go edgy with a bass guitar? Here’s your best online guitar lesson to introduce you to playing the instrument. Whether you are looking to join a band or you just want to learn to play the bass for leisure, some hands-on tutorials will benefit you. Even if you have little to no experience playing the guitar, you don’t have to worry since this bass guitar mastery course will walk you through the basics.

Designed to help you put together your first sound without a hitch, the online guitar course is compact yet immersive. It lasts for over 2.5 hours with lessons to teach you the basic concepts, music theories, and techniques. Even more, it offers a bonus practice video that allows students to play along with the instructor with the help of graphic guides and helpful voice overs.

You only need a bass with you to nail this online guitar course. In completing the course, here are some areas you will learn about:

  • Play bass in both the lead and supportive roles
  • Perform a whole song arrangement
  • Learn to do a solo with your bass
  • Get used to playing along with a band through the course’s Jam Room feature
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Intermediate Lessons to Playing the Bass Guitar

If you have prior knowledge of playing the bass guitar and want more intermediate techniques to learn, this is the best online guitar lesson to take.

This online course boasts 12 sets of lessons and practice demos to help you pick up new and more advanced concepts. These include different melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and improvising. It even features a program called Jam Room that serves as a virtual bad you can play along with to appear like you are playing for one.

If those aren’t enough to convince you, here’s a list of the valuable lessons you’ll get out of taking this online guitar course:

  • Master playing both the lead and support roles
  • Ace a whole song arrangement
  • Learn all the notes on all the E, A, D, and G strings
  • Familiarize with the chord progression
  • Know the walking bass line
  • Play a 2/4 and 6/8 feels
  • Play a funk feel with major and minor thirds
  • Learn rock and ballad feels

Learn 12 Must-Know Beginner Rock Guitar Riffs 

Interested in excelling your rock guitar riffs but do not have enough knowledge to get started? Here’s the best online guitar lesson to guide you.

This beginner-friendly course sheds light on the various power chords and chord progressions that you can use in top rock riffs. Not only that, but you also get to fully immerse yourself with an in-depth look at how the electric guitar and amplifier work together.

Filled with comprehensive lectures and practice demos, this is a surefire to amp up your beginner skills in playing the rock guitar. Here are some of the course’s inclusions that you’ll find valuable:

  • Get acquainted with the electric guitar and amplifier
  • Know the most used power chords
  • Do palm muting
  • Master the finger exercises included
  • Nail 12 different rock riffs

Whether you are a total beginner or a novice player, there is a best online guitar lesson you can find here on Skill Success. Be it an introduction or an in-depth lesson to a particular concept; you have a vast array of options that cater to your needs.

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