5 AI-Powered Video Creation Tools for Team Collaboration

The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence AI and machine learning have abruptly changed the narrative for the content marketing industry. Unlike regular textual content, organizations can now generate catchy and high-quality interactive video content with AI video creation tools.  

Today, a staggering 82% of entire internet traffic stems from video content, and the majority of internet users consider it much more enticing in comparison to other forms of online content.  

The most intriguing thing about AI video creation tools is that you can simply write a script and it automatically generates a video from scratch. However, some of these tools are highly sophisticated and pave the way for team collaboration so you can easily share ideas for enhanced content creation. 

But how do you identify the best out of the myriads? To unravel that mystery, I’ve come up with a list of the top AI-powered video creation tools based on functionalities and direct interactions. Shall we?

Best AI Video Creation Tools for Team Collaboration

The best platforms for video generation should maximize efficiency, allowing you to boost production rate and value while saving a lot of time in the process. Although each of these tools has varying levels of functionalities, you can rest assured that they all showcase the collaboration feature that allows you to brainstorm and share ideas with your team.

Screenshot of Synthesia Home Page

1. Synthesia (Web)

Best AI Video Creator for Using Digital Avatar

It’s not every time that you stumble upon a compact video presentation platform such as this one. Its highly interactive user interface and user-friendly tools make it possible to create stunning visual content effortlessly. 

  • Additionally, it comes with a stock of over 150 ethnically diverse AI avatars and 120 plus audio-to-text language options which brings an unparalleled video creation experience for employee training, presenting to new prospects, and more. 
  • While you may be wondering how realistic the avatars are; Well, from an all-around overview, the avatars exhibit human-like activities and the platform has its way around the convincing movements of the lips and body such that they align with the speech. No wonder bigwigs like Google, Nike, and BBC find it highly irresistible. 

Other notable features include;

  • 65+ video templates give your team a list of professionally designed and customizable templates 
  • Screen recorders, built-in recorder which allows you to record short videos directly from an online video editor 
  • Voice cloning, allows you to make voice edits so as to blend with your personalized avatar
  • Text-to-speech automatically converts your typed-in scripts to professional voiceovers  
  • Team collaboration allows you to leave comments, tag people and get appropriate feedback to come up with a top-notch video presentation. 

This platform is quite prominent among bloggers, freelancers, course creators, online businesses, and other social media influencers looking for an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to create high-quality marketing videos.

Screenshot of Wondershare Home Page

2. Wondershare Filmora (Windows, iOS, Mac, Android)

Best AI Video Editor for Improving your video quality

Wondershare Filmora has proven to be a viable video editing tool despite being around for over a decade. This hi-tech system is notable for its ability to enhance video quality without you having prior knowledge of video editing. That’s how easy it can be!

So what exactly are the AI editing features? Check out this list for a preview:

  • AI motion tracking lets you follow the movement of an object to pin texts and add mosaic with a single click
  • AI smart cutout, so you can easily remove unwanted objects or backgrounds in your video clips
  • AI preset templates let you start your editing with a list of customized pre-installed video templates and also, lets you share them with friends and colleagues 
  • AI auto reframe adjusts video sizes automatically such that they suit all social media platforms 
  • Adjustment layer lets you add similar effects across multiple video clips simultaneously without destroying the original clip

While the functionalities aren’t limited to the above, it also comprises some creativity and productivity features like a video effect which allows you to make adjustments to titles, page transitions, elements, and audio to add more sugar to your videos. 

And again, when collaborating or exporting your video files, Filmora allows you to make adjustments to the settings meaning you can re-edit your video resolution, format, and even the frame rate.  

One other remarkable feature I came across in Filmora’s export window is the “Auto highlight feature”, once you toggle it, Wondershare instantly generates a 60-second video highlight for Youtube and 15-second TikTok clip without tampering with your original file.

Screenshot of Peech Home Page

3. Peech (Web, Better With Google Chrome)

Best AI Video Creator for Content Marketing Strategy

I know how tedious it can be when you have to restrategize your content to suit the specific needs of your audience, the time expended on making a single piece of content can be equally draining. Perhaps, it’s time you up your game with Peech.

Peech is a trailblazing piece of AI technology for content marketing firms and individuals looking to scale up the ROI of their businesses. It uses NLP technologies which allows your team to generate limitless high-quality and engaging marketing video content.

Why choose Peech for your team collaboration?

  • Peech content repurposing feature, circumscribes content for different audiences, resize aspect formats to fit different social media handles, and offers multiple subtitles for your content.  
  • Its unique editor allows you to generate five-star ready-to-publish video content within a very short space of time.  
  • Peech webinars lets you synchronize your webinars into the platform allowing you to highlight excerpts you wish to re-edit from the transcription, then export as short clips for TikTok or YouTube. 
  • Smart library feature allows you to organize your video content, edit them easily like a regular document and also automatically generate subtitles when you highlight keywords. 

On the whole, Peech is the best bet for marketing teams to collaborate and produce high-quality videos easily and effortlessly.

Improving Communication Within Your Business: Best Tools and Practices

4. Pictory 

Best AI Text-to-Video Generator

Pictory is nothing short of fantabulous and remarkable for its ability to summarize and convert long scripts and blog posts into short video clips with additional subtitle files. Its interface is highly interactive making it quite easy to create compelling videos without prior experience. 

To generate new video content, all you have to do is provide your script, images, and other media to serve as the starting point of your video creation and Pictory’s AI algorithm works the magic. Some of its notable features include;


  • Huge media library which automatizes selection from 3 million plus video clips and images coupled with 15,000 music tracks from industry giants – 
  • Text-to-speech, making in-app voice records, uploading pre-recorded audio files, or choosing from a list of pre-installed AI voices and Pictory will do the talking. 
  • Video content repurposing, by simply transforming your webinars and Zoom calls into texts and ultimately into blog posts, e-books, white papers, and more. 

Pictory’s features are inexhaustible as it offers all the functionalities you need in video editing software, in summary, its core features are; Script to video creation, blog to video creation, auto summarize long videos, automatic video captioning, video editing with texts, Video highlight creation.  

Being a versatile tool, it can be used for different purposes depending on your area of interest. 

  • For Youtubers; it offers a much simpler way to generate engaging videos, even without camera aid.
  • Marketers and agencies can use the tool to create top-grade video content that appeals to customers without having to make any huge investments in any expensive software.
  • Course creators can use the tool to generate video content that enhances their teaching materials.

Overall, Pictory is suitable for anyone looking to create stunning visual content that grabs attention and drives engagement. 

Screenshot of Runway Home Page

5. RunawayML

Best AI Video Generator for advancing creativity and research

RunawayML is an AI browser-based video editing software that works on the principle of machine learning, allowing it to speed up your video editing process with a host of functionalities. 

  • It has the potential of storing files in multiple formats including 4k resolution, and also gives the room for editing and exporting video files in PNG and ProRes formats.  
  • RunawayML text-to-image generator allows users to create images from scratch by simply entering illustrative texts
  • Text-to-color grade paves the way for easy customization of original LUTs for video content by entering illustrative texts
  • Super slow motion feature automatically creates new frames to convert low frame rate footage into a simple slow motion video 
  • Frame interpolation automatically creates smooth transitions between your uploaded image files to generate a flowing video result. 
  • And the list goes on and on! Other notable features include; AI training, real-time collaboration, transcript generator, subtitle generator green screen, InPainting, motion tracking, and AI magic tools. 

RunawayML is a decent tool for artists and designers looking to up their game with AI. It is equally useful in education for students and other academic personnel looking to leverage AI in their research and teamwork.

BONUS: Pitch (Web)

Best AI Presentation Maker

Pitch is an all-in-one modern AI presentation maker that creates beautiful slide layouts where you can customize slides with a range of color palettes. Teams can easily edit generated decks together with its collaboration, editing, and analysis tools.

Pitch is purposely built to make slide design effortless, so you can spend your time crafting your story instead of aligning boxes. Our editor supports your every click, ensuring your slides are tidy, beautiful, and on-brand.

Notable AI editing features:

  • Easy-to-use editor with smart features and shortcuts
  • Professionally designed templates with a story structure
  • Best-practice examples to inspire your next business deck
  • Built-in features to assign slides, comment, and collaborate
  • Custom fonts always visible and editable in any presentation

BONUS: Appy Pie Design

Appy Pie Design, rooted in Artificial Intelligence, revolutionizes graphic design for both businesses and individuals. What distinguishes Appy Pie Design is its AI-driven smart suggestions, automating routine tasks and speeding up the design process. This platform makes design not only accessible but also efficient and high-quality.

Appy Pie’s Text to Video Generator is a groundbreaking tool that seamlessly bridges the gap between textual content and dynamic visual storytelling. Designed for both novices and professionals, this feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform written narratives into captivating videos. Users simply input their text, and the tool crafts a visual representation, eliminating the need for intricate video editing skills. The result is a compelling video that resonates with audiences, enhancing engagement and comprehension. Appy Pie’s innovation is a testament to the evolving landscape of content creation, where AI simplifies complexities and democratizes video production.

  • It utilizes sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to interpret the text prompt and produce a video that is both captivating and in sync with your textual narrative.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows even beginners to easily create high-quality videos.
  • Users can export videos in various formats, ensuring compatibility across a broad spectrum of devices. 
  • Appy Pie’s Text to Video Generator provides affordable subscription options for various budgets.

All pro users of Appy Pie Design will get a free subscription for one month in which they’ll get five free credits where a user can create four images using each credit. 

Unleash Your Team’s Creative Prowess 

No doubt, video generation tools have undergone a series of transformations since inception and we’re witnessing the birth of newer and more advanced versions that leverage the viability of artificial intelligence. By embracing the top AI-powered video creation tools as in this piece, you can unlock new levels of creativity in your team. 

From AI avatars to voice cloning coupled with an endless list of mindblowing features that make your video creation experience extraordinary, your creativity stops at the extent of your imagination.

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