8 Tips to Attract Top Nonprofit Talent

More and more talented employees are trying to leave their jobs.

A 2021 survey finds that 63% of workers quit their jobs because they see no opportunities for advancement in their workplace. And as this Great Resignation continues, both nonprofits and for-profits encounter challenges attracting top talent.

The competing job benefits from the for-profit sector are making it increasingly difficult to find the right people in the nonprofit sector. So, how can a nonprofit attract and keep talent? Nonprofits need to amplify their recruitment strategies and company culture.

Here are eight tips on how to attract top nonprofit talent.

1. Create a positive culture

People want to work in an environment that fosters positivity and encouragement. Create an organizational culture where job seekers and supporters are willing to work for a good cause.

A nonprofit organization driven by empathy, engagement, and encouragement attracts qualified candidates. Empowered employees create positive results.

Give your workers the chance to voice their needs and become leaders in their work responsibilities. Allow them to transform your organization by crafting their work habits.

If you find it challenging to attract proficient employees, try to reassess your nonprofit organization along with your current employees. Then, strategize a way to develop an environment where you can offer support without compromising your mission.

2. Allow remote work

Work-from home and digital nomads are gaining popularity. People realize that certain job positions don’t need to be physically present at the office.

Don’t limit your opportunity to acquire the best talent only to people who live where your organization is based. Instead, reach an international job market through remote work.

It’s unnecessary to ask applicants if they’re willing to relocate anymore. A considerable part of the population has adjusted to the hybrid work model. So it’s unlikely for nonprofit staff to tolerate jobs that demand employees to work in the office.

Nonprofit organizations should identify which roles need to remain physically present from those that can work remotely. Roles such as grant writing, accounting, and marketing can follow the remote work style.

This rapid change in work models comes with a significant threat to employees; burnout. 30% of nonprofit workers have experienced burnout, and 1 out of 10 are at risk of nonprofit burnoutWith this added risk, you should give your staff options for remote work. In doing so, you also save office space expenses.

3. Leverage digital platforms

Finding skilled and high-quality employees is difficult. Now that job postings on websites are not enough, nonprofits need to find other platforms to find top talent.

Statistics show that over 58.6% of the world’s population uses social media, in which the number will increase by 2025.

Other nonprofit organizations attract the best candidates by using SEO to rank on Google search engines. In contrast, some use social media platforms to distribute information about their open positions. 

When placing a job advert, it’s vital to showcase your organizational culture on platforms where people have the most convenient access.

Leverage digital platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Google. And target a different workforce generation through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Social media sites are an effective way to advertise a job post. Your followers can share the post on their feed, attracting an honest range of people.

4. Share your mission and vision

The mission and vision statement provides nonprofit organizations with direction to pursue their goals. It helps align resources towards achieving success. When nonprofits don’t prioritize their purpose, they’ll struggle to develop strategies to grow the organization.

Think of your mission as a marketing exercise. Suppose you have an effective nonprofit business plan that highlights your mission. Your organization will naturally attract people who want to provide value for your cause. 

So, when seeking to employ the best talents, it’s essential to highlight your organization’s goals. Cite how your foundation has a unique method of making a difference.

Countless nonprofit organizations tackle climate justice but may have a completely different approach. For instance, one organization may focus on education through workshops and tourism programs, while others focus on research and technological solutions.

Creating a powerful nonprofit brand that can showcase your vision will gravitate talented candidates toward your social cause.

5. Make use of your network

Networking skills are vital to any organization. Networking allows nonprofits to deliver their cause, culture, and opportunities that cultivate interest. It’ll enable organizations to fill in a job vacancy without advertising it.

Nonprofits grow their network through online groups, board members and staff, and conferences. Allowing nonprofit leaders to collaborate with like-minded individuals and create lasting impressions.

Using your network with educational institutions and community organizations can help you identify dedicated talents. But be sure to put your mission first before your organization’s needs to build a significant opportunity for your beneficiaries.

This networking avenue allows potential students and passionate individuals to amplify their impact.

6. Encourage team members to help

Supportive team members are happy to recruit talent. When nonprofit organizations are committed to their team, each member will encourage their professional acquaintances to join the organization.

Each team member affects the organization’s culture and growth. Involve them through the hiring process by giving them the chance to interview candidates. They might be able to help you find the right talent.

Get hiring right by investing time in getting to know your colleagues. Keep them engaged in the ins and outs of your organization. Not only will they help you with recruitment, but they’re more obliged to work longer for your social cause.

7. Offer opportunities for participation

Volunteer work is one of the best ways to find dedicated nonprofit talent. With this generation workforce shift, more millennials are attracted to nonprofits. Diversification in the workspace is a representation of the community they serve.

If a nonprofit lacks diversity, it loses community trust and relationships. Diversity is having a range of gender representation, social status, and ethnic makeup.

Offering opportunities to a diverse workforce allows organizations to gain a different perspective. For instance, one demographic group may face different challenges that others may not feel daily. Through small paid gigs and volunteerism, you relieve employee workload and allow citizens to provide selfless acts to their communities.

8. Offer attractive benefits and growth

Spending more on your team is an investment! Nonprofits that expect their team to work proactively at below minimum wage have a greater chance of employee turnover.

Understandably, nonprofit organizations can’t compete with commercial salaries. You may offer entry-level positions, competitive wages, and attractive benefits as they climb up the ladder.

Monetary compensation is not the only thing that drives nonprofit talent. As employees struggle with work life balance, offer other benefits like flexible working hours, insurance, personal growth, and even free daycare services. This method encourages not only mission-driven candidates to apply but also retain current professionals.

Limited growth is one of the reasons people quit their jobs. Nonprofit professionals want to evolve in their work environment.

Succession planning and investing in professional development are great strategies for acquiring and keeping nonprofit talent. You may enroll your organization in an eLearning platform to provide unlimited nonprofit training courses to your employees.


Recruiting is challenging for both for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

It’s essential to utilize digital platforms if you want to expand your team. Create a website that highlights your organization’s mission and work culture. Digital platforms are a great way to attract nonprofit talent.

Get your workers to support your talent acquisition by investing in their career advancement. They’re more likely to suggest your foundation to their friends looking for a job.

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