5 Skill Success Courses to Nurture Your Creativity

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Whether you are looking to expand your creative horizon or acquire a new hobby, you have a variety of options to choose from with the right resource. From drawing, painting, to more timely craft, like digital painting and graphic design—there are tons you can try out. Thankfully, there are Skill Success courses that can help you on this journey.

Beginner or not, you are bound to find a Skill Success course that will definitely boost your creativity. To name a few top picks, here are some of them.

Painting for Beginners: Learn to Paint with Impact

Wanted to fill in the gaps you missed when you first started to learn how to paint? This Skill Success course is just what you need! Whether you are a total beginner looking to make painting a hobby or you want a refresher for painting, this online course will provide you the complete coursework to master the fundamentals and move on to more complex painting.

You will get to know the basics of painting with utmost guidance while also ensuring that you learn from it through challenging yet fun painting exercises. Taught by a professional artist, Malcolm Dewey, who has twenty years of experience under his belt, this online course is sure to be fire. It is supplied with his comprehensive demonstrations that will surely teach you more than just the fundamentals.

To give you a glimpse of what the course looks like, here’s what the Skill Success course covers:

  • Your painting materials
  • Studio setup
  • Usage of shapes and values
  • Importance of color and light
  • Color maps and color notes
  • Color shadowing
  • Impact of edges
  • The keys to painting with impact
  • Composition and design elements
  • Drawing for painters
  • Brushwork techniques
  • Painting process
  • How to use references
  • Plein air painting

Photoshop: Quick and Easy Digital Painting like a Professional

If you are interested in producing digital arts, why not take up this digital painting course? Now don’t dwell on the thinking that you cannot digitally paint when you cannot draw in actual. Many graphic designers are not really good at drawing, and you don’t have to be! As long as you can immerse yourself with the proper ways of maximizing Photoshop’s various functions, you can pass as a digital artist!

So why should you take this Skill Success course? First, it is instructed by an award-winning multimedia artist who teaches Digital Media at the American University of Myanmar. Second, digital marketing is booming, so you better get on the wave and learn the skill. Lastly, you will learn to create your very own digital images in various forms in which you can make a business or a freelance job. So if you are looking to dive deep into digital arts and its tricks and techniques, this course is the one for you!

Here is a breakdown of some of the learnings you will get upon taking the course:

  • Digitally create your own images, illustrations, graphic design, and more
  • Learn the use of various kind of brushed in Photoshop
  • Understand how to use copyright-free images into your arts
  • Acquire training in doing illustrations be it intermediate up to advanced level
  • Gain knowledge in various digital painting methods

Real World Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

If you are an aspiring graphic designer, this online course is your best starting point. This introduces the real-world challenges and tasks that all graphic designers face in their careers. And as a professional-looking into pursuing a profession just like that, you need in-depth training to gain the required expertise.

This online course will allow you to materialize your creativity using Photoshop and Illustrator. So if you have always wanted to delve into the primary and intermediate Photoshop and Illustrator, this course has got you covered!

Here’s a list of what this online course will bring you.

For Photoshop:

  • Addition of sunset in a sky
  • Image contrast
  • Image improvement
  • Pop art
  • Background removal
  • Image cutting
  • 3D e-book cover
  • Website favicon
  • Web graphics

For Illustrator:

  • Web graphics
  • Quality stamp
  • Custom logo font
  • PowerPoint and Excel charts

Learn Great Design: Typography, Color, Photos, and Layout

When you want to explore graphic design using a different and simpler design tool, there is Canva you can rely on. Canva is a free cloud-based design tool that you can upgrade to fully enjoy exclusive perks like unlimited photo use and storage. Graphic designers use Canva as it is less complicated and more straightforward—perfect for budding graphic designers!

In this Skill Success course, you will learn the principles of graphic design and how to build your design portfolio. This aims to propel your career in the digitally demanding job market with your newly acquired expertise in typography, photography, layout, and composition.

Aren’t convinced yet? Here’s an outline of subject areas you will touch in this online course:

  • Typography and fonts
  • How to use typography in layout and design
  • Photography in design
  • Usage of filters and effects in images
  • Basic color theory
  • Color tone, usage, and palette
  • Basic layout principles
  • Stock photography
  • Portfolio building

Beginner’s 3D Modelling: 10 Unique Low Poly Buildings in Blender

Are you more into 3D modeling? This one’s for you! If you have always wondered how you can make 3D computer graphics, this online course will show you just how! Using Blender, a free and powerful 3D computer graphics software, you will learn how to build low poly. Low poly is a mesh of polygons that make up 3D computer graphics. 

Perfect for beginners, this online course will introduce how to use Blender, create ten 3D models with different kinds of buildings, and create a portfolio for aspiring game developers. So if you want to amp up your skills in computer graphics in a matter of hours, take this pick!

Here’s what you will learn with this compact course:

  • Blender interface
  • Camera controls
  • Emulated numbpad camera
  • Basic object manipulation
  • Mirror modifier
  • Ten types of 3D models

Those are just five of Skill Success’s vast array of online courses you can take to nurture your creativity. No matter what craft you are in, you will find an online course that will suit your needs and interests. Skill Success is just a few clicks away from you to make your free time more productive.

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