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Home-based online jobs have slowly been gaining popularity over the years. According to telecommuting statistics by global workplace analytics, there has been a surging 173% increase in regular home-based work between 2005 to 2018. They expect that number to increase much further in light of the global crisis brought about by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, which forced millions of the workforce into the safety of their homes.

Regardless of the global situation, there have always been work-from-home staple occupations that have pioneered and stayed as leading sources of remote jobs. Here are five exemplary representative professions that you can do at home:

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants provide administrative services to clients in a remote setting. You can think of it as a secretarial job where you may need to do a broad range of tasks, from sorting documents to scheduling events for your client. You might also do some transcription, file keeping, and email management, among many other activities. 

Usually, virtual assistants work at home. Although you can technically work from anywhere with access to the internet, your meetings with clients may require a quiet environment and a strong internet connection, which you can avail of in a home office.

Web Development or Web Design

With online businesses popping up now and then, the demand for web developers and web designers continues to thrive. Web developers are responsible for the technical aspects of a website—its functionality and application. Web designers, on the other hand, take care of the creative aspects of making a website—its design, layout, and overall look.

While some web developers and web designers work in regular office settings, more and more of them work as freelancers online. Many of these professionals cater to several businesses and clients. They work on a project-basis until the completion of a website. Others are employed full-time as regular home-based workers who develop and design and also maintain and update company websites.


Bloggers, copywriters, content writers, scriptwriters, technical writers, and novelists create written material for a living almost always has the opportunity to work from home. Just as thousands of online businesses need web developers and designers, they are also likely to demand writers to fill their websites with written content so that their visitors know what their business is all about.

Like web designers and web developers, many writers work independently as freelancers, catering to multiple businesses or clients on a project-based basis. On the other hand, others may be employed full-time by online companies to produce content frequently for a prolonged period to maintain and update their company website. 


Medical Transcription

Traditionally, medical transcriptionists work in clinical settings with medical professionals, recording medical information as dictated. Nowadays, with the help of voice recordings, transcriptionists can readily do the job from almost anywhere. Because of this, many medical transcriptionists are home-based and outsourced by medical establishments and private practitioners.

Since transcriptionists are allied health professionals, they usually have medical backgrounds. Transcribing medical information requires one to be well-versed in medical jargon. Medical professionals can opt to work as transcriptionists immediately if they want to. If you don’t have a medical background, you can complete several medical transcription programs for you to get a job.

Teaching or Instruction

You can do almost all types of online jobs at home. The same principle applies to the teaching profession. The advent of online courses opened up several work-from-home opportunities for teachers and instructors. There is a full host of online tools teachers can use to make their class more interactive and productive. Regular courses can instantly turn into dynamic workshops that the entire class can participate in, regardless of location.

It is, of course, imperative for home-based teachers to work in a conducive environment free from distractions. Thus, it would help if you secured an office or a proper workspace, at least where you can conduct classes in.


These are just five of the most popular examples of online jobs. With people and businesses slowly trying to maximize the benefits of technology and telecommuting, there is more and more work from home opportunities opening up each day. You can easily take on any home-based job if you think you have the right set of abilities. If you feel you need a bit of brushing up or learning new skills, online learning is a great tool you can consider.

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