How to Answer "Why Are You Interested in This Position?"

Career development does not begin when you get hired. Instead, it starts with what you do before signing an employment contract. One of the many things that you should not take for granted is having top-class interview skills.

Interview skills will help you secure a job, especially when your resume is not as impressive. It is the top reason applicants should take interview training seriously. Knowing how to answer questions and handle yourself while talking to a hiring manager is critical.

Interviewers often ask the same questions, but they do not expect you to have the same answers as the other applicants. Learn how to respond creatively by practicing some of the most commonly asked interview questions.

Why do hiring managers ask “why are you interested in this position?”

More often than not, hiring managers will ask why you are interested in a specific job opening. It is a simplistic but direct question that gauges your interest in the position. They will analyze whether you are willing to meet the job’s demands and deliver quality services.

In answering this question, hiring managers will not look for flawless or the most logical answers. Instead, they prefer those who can express their thoughts with sincerity.

When the interviewer asks you why you want the job, choose to answer naturally. Hiring managers are trained professionals. They can quickly notice when someone is trying too hard.

Examples of what not to say when asked “why are you interested in this position?”

There is no right or wrong way to answer job interview questions, but there are things that you should avoid saying to hiring managers. Always try to use your words to increase your chances of hiring. These sentences or phrases can create a negative impression of you or are downright disrespectful: 

  1. “I just need a job.”
  2. “I already have that on my cover letter.”
  3. “This job is the perfect stepping stone for my future goals.”
  4. “I was not successful at my other job applications.”
  5. “This job is not my first priority.”
  6. “I will do anything. Please accept me.”
  7. “This job looks easy to get into.”
  8. “I heard you offer good pay and benefits.”
  9. “I do not know.”
  10. “Can you please not ask that question?”

How to answer “why are you interested in this position?”

Your goal is to impress the interviewer without sounding rehearsed. Besides answering the question truthfully, there are multiple techniques you can employ to convey your interest in a particular job. Take note of the proven and tested job interview tips listed below and apply the ones you are most comfortable using.

1. Know more about the job description

A job description summarizes the requirements, duties, and skills employees should fulfill to qualify for a specific role. Most job openings provide a detailed job description to attract the candidates most suited for an open position.

For job applicants, not reading the job description is a mortal sin. Although you handled a similar job before, it does not mean that a company may not demand specific skills during their job search.

Sometimes, hirers can be meticulous. When you do not study the job description enough, you might embarrass yourself during the interview. If ever you get hired, you would eventually decline the job because there are specifications you are unwilling to follow.

2. Research about the company

Interviewers reward brownie points to applicants who seem well-researched about the company they are applying for. Getting to know a company even before getting hired shows dedication and diligence. It is an excellent way to convince interviewers you can do the same once employed.

Besides, knowing a company well enough will help applicants customize their responses. For example, applicants can specify which aspects of the company made them decide to apply for the position. 

There are several ways applicants may search for a target company. Browsing the company’s website and social media accounts will provide applicants with in-depth details that will help during the interview process.

3. Mentally prepare for the job interview

One essential item on the job interview checklist is being mentally prepared. In addition to looking presentable, it is equally vital to steel your mind. Interviewers mean real business, and they will not spare anyone.

Being mentally prepared reduces the stress and anxiety caused by the interview. When applicants get a better hold of themselves during job interviews, they can give more straightforward and impactful answers. Keeping your nerves under control makes you look confident, too.

Mentally preparing yourself sounds like a tall order, but it does not have to be a complicated process. Apply any grounding techniques that work for you and face the interviewer with a steady heart.

4. Connect with the hiring manager

No matter your answer, it will not be as convincing when you fail to connect with the interviewer. Interviewers are humans with emotions, too. So, reaching out to them is crucial so they can feel your sincerity more immensely.

When talking to an interviewer, prioritize building rapport with them. Be as personable as possible and make them feel like you are approachable. 

Imitation and repetition help. Try to be in sync with the interviewer by mirroring their gestures and restating the last words they said before answering questions. For example, a nod can be a silent but effective signal that you are attentive to what an interviewer says.

5. Outline your answer

Experts recommend the STAR method during interviews, especially when explaining why you are interested in working with potential employers. It is a simplified but direct approach that helps applicants refrain from dilly-dallying or touching on irrelevant points.

The STAR method stands for specific situation, task, action, and result. Therefore, limiting answers to these four factors will guide applicants into making a dynamic discussion.

However, do not treat the STAR method as the end-all-be-all of interviewing. The best answers remain those that come most naturally from you. Do not be too rigid with the rules because there is no hard-and-fast rule in interviews.

6. Close your answer with a question

Choosing to close your interview with questions is a subtle way of reinforcing your interest in the job position. It may not be a direct response to the question, but it reminds interviewers how you take every opportunity to learn about the job.

You will know an interview went well if the interviewers responded to your questions. It can signify that they are starting to see you as a part of the company. 

Be strategic in asking questions. Pick queries relevant to the interview process and refrain from those already covered by the interviewer. Asking unintelligible questions will negatively impact the interviewer’s view of you.

Headhunters interviewing female job candidate

“Why are you interested in this position?” sample answers

There is nothing wrong with looking at how others answer interview questions. However, it is not advisable to copy precisely their responses. Instead, you should aim to learn from their answers and figure out what details may apply to your situation.

Listed below are ideal interview responses to “Why are you interested in this position?” for different job titles:

Sample answer for software developer

“I intend to become a software developer at your esteemed company because I believe in my programming and problem-solving skills. I look at software creation as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Every step is a search for the perfect fit to execute specific features.

Initially, I was not as interested in software development because my first love was with the mechanical side of computer systems. However, I decided to pick software development as my major in college after seeing how software applications are shaping the modern world.

After working with a few software development companies, I became a specialist in health-related software systems. After being in several software development fields, I realized I could positively impact people’s lives by simplifying healthcare systems.

I am aware that your company is a veteran in developing healthcare programs. Your latest project with the local health center was impressive. Since you have the background and expertise in the fields I am most interested in, I would like to offer my services and grow with you.”

Sample answer for data analyst

“As a budding data analyst, I want to work in a company that will guide me to becoming more competent. Based on my research, I realized that your company has a dynamic work ethic that pushes employees to be their best selves. As a result, I think I will be able to grow most as a professional with you.

I promise accuracy, consistency, and quality in my job. I am the type of data analyst that looks into reports intently until they have been processed into comprehensive reports. I always recheck my work to avoid unnecessary revisions in the future.

I am good with numbers and market research. I find that the role you recently opened can provide me with opportunities to expand my talents and competencies. 

Becoming a data analyst is a lot of responsibility. I cannot rush my work, and I should always aim for perfection. Creating data sets and algorithms will require a high-level concentration, but I think I can do so. I am a perfectionist, so I always want to deliver more than expected.”

Sample answer for marketing manager

“I find the marketing manager role fulfilling and challenging at the same time. It is a complex role that does not fit everyone, but only those with experience and grit. I humbly think that I am fit for this role. 

The marketing manager role is fulfilling for me because I can somehow make a direct impact on a company’s growth. My talents in connecting with people and executing ideas are helpful for this kind of position.

I also find the marketing manager position challenging because the trends in reaching target markets and advertising products change a lot. As someone who is dynamic and constantly creative, I can employ my talents to draft ideas that will help companies get traction and generate profits.

Once hired, expect that I will dedicate myself entirely to fulfilling my duties.”

Sample answer for web developer

“I consider myself a creative person. I use my knowledge and skills in coding and software development to create web pages according to my clients’ needs. Knowing that my passion and skills fit well with the web developer position, I am highly interested in your job opening. 

Based on what I know about your company, you are into customer service and marketing. My portfolio will show you that I made several web pages catering to customer service and marketing industries. I received compliments from my previous bosses, co-workers, and clients for my outputs.

Also, I prefer to be in a competitive work environment. Knowing your company culture, I would be excited to work every day because I will have the motivation to push myself out of my limits.”

Sample answer for accountant

“I finished my accountancy degree with Latin honors. After college, I worked with a couple of prestigious banks and accounting firms within the state. I thoroughly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of being an accountant.

Since I was a young kid, I have always been meticulous with money. I love to organize my savings and account for everything I have spent. So, upon learning that accountancy was a possible college degree, I decided it would be my life path. Now, I enjoy my profession because I can help others.

Being an accountant is taxing, but when I work for an honest company, I know I will be changing somebody’s life for the better. I appreciate your work culture because I find myself growing even more in your company.”

Sample answer for financial analyst

“Having a finance degree gives me multiple job options. However, of all the choices that I could make, becoming a financial analyst seems like the best fit for me. 

I am extroverted, and I love to keep up with clients. Besides handling and analyzing financial data, financial analysts should also render some level of companionship to stakeholders. With my personality, I humbly think that I fit the position well.

A good financial analyst is honest but hopeful. In my two-year experience as one, I always gave my clients well-studied insights about their businesses. I do not sugarcoat them, but I try to discuss all the possible options that could fit their preferences.”

Max your job search success rate

“Why are you interested in this position?” is just one of the many questions you must answer during a job interview. One best way to improve your chances of hiring is to practice with other problem-solving interview questions.

Keep on the grind because your next interview might lead you to your dream job.

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