make time for side hustle

Ways to Make Time for Your Side Hustle

“I don’t have the time” is the most common excuse you hear from frustrated entrepreneurs when you ask them about the reason why they have not started anything for their side business despite the potential of their idea being successful.

All of us are given the same 24 hours in a day, but how come other people do more? How do they maximize and get the most out of their time? 

How can you become like them? Do you want to know what they do, that you are not doing? They sat down, and did the work! They did not wait to be motivated or the “perfect time” before they take action and start their business. They start doing all the hard work, start planning extensively, and most importantly, manage their time well so that they can prioritize the important tasks that need to get done.  

Here are some tips on how you can make time for your side hustle.

1. Get up early.

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” – Aristotle

Some successful business leaders wake up early and work on their to-do list while most of us are still sleeping. Waking up early makes you more productive because you can do more during the day. It will give you plenty of time on what you need to accomplish for the day. You can also spend more quality time for yourself, and you can attain your goals because you have more time.

2. Don’t waste your time on social media or watching TV.

Television and social media distract us to do the important things that we need to accomplish. For you to be more focused on your goals, you need to limit yourself from these distractions. Rather than watching your favorite Netflix series or checking somebody’s life on social media during your spare time, use your valuable time searching for opportunities, planning, strategizing, and learning everything about the business you want to start.

3. Make use of your day off.

Using your day off to recharge yourself is good for you. We need to relax as this will help us feel more alive and ready to take on challenges in our lives. On the other hand, days off are also the perfect opportunity to work on your side business. Since you spend most of your weekday time on your job, spend your weekends planning your business, working on the marketing and advertising of your business, or meeting potential clients.   

make time for side hustle

4. Learn to say “No” and make sacrifices when necessary.

Saying “no” can give you more time to focus on the goals that need to be done. Spend less time doing things that do not make you happy and things that would help you get closer to your goals. Sometimes, you need to say “no” to your friends if you have tons of tasks on your plate. It is okay to be honest with them and let them know that you are strapped for time. There would also be a chance that you have to say “no” to new opportunities, saying no can give you time to work on what matters the most; your goals.

5. Make a to-do list and stick with it.

One of the most helpful tips to make time for your side hustle is to manage your time by creating a to-do list. This technique can help you maximize your time and helps you to be more organized. A to-do list will help you be less distracted on things that are not important. Also, it helps you prioritize what’s the most important and the top things that can use of your time. Lastly, you will feel more fulfilled, because you are able to see what you have achieved in a day. 

6. Ask help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some help from your friends, family, or even outsource the tasks if you need to. You can ask help for your business or for your personal stuff to maximize your time and meet your goals. Asking for help can actually help you save time and money, especially when you are just starting your business. You also make the best use of your time and can do other important things when you delegate your tasks.

Ready to kick off your new side hustle?  Click here to get started.

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