Top 3 Remote Part-Time Jobs And Where To Find Them

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Perhaps one of the best conveniences born out of the internet is the option to work from anywhere.The increasing availability of online jobs has given employers new avenues to explore and has empowered the workforce to utilize their skills in less traditional ways.

In a world of side hustles, workers who’ve held more traditional jobs all their lives may find it intimidating or almost impossible to take on additional work, especially in a remote setting. But we’re here to tell you that remote part-time jobs are your gateway to flexibility and work-life balance.

Benefits of Remote Work

Forbes recently reported the benefits of remote work. Data from the article was sourced from leading research institutes studying the topic of telework, including Gallup, Global Workplace Analytics, and Stanford University. It was reported that people working remotely showed better numbers in the areas of productivity, performance, engagement than their office counterparts.

Teleworkers were reported to be an average of 35-40% more productive; workers produced results with 40% fewer quality defects; and absenteeism was lower by 41%. 54% of employees also said they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility.

Flexjobs also provides a comprehensive look into why workers, especially those with a bit of experience under their belt, prefer more flexible working conditions. The top reasons include work-life balance, reducing commute stress, time and cost savings, and avoiding office politics and distractions.

It’s clear that remote part-time work is a great way to earn some extra cash without having to endure all the hassle of onsite work. To get you started, we’ve listed some choice niches of people looking for remote part-time jobs. On top of these suggestions, you might also want to explore IT jobs in Germany and other countries to widen your search.

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Transcription Services

One incredibly easy niche to get into is transcription. Many freelancers opt for transcription jobs because the application process is so straightforward and the work requires minimal supervision.

Most transcription agencies ask applicants to pass a language test and a transcription test. You’re given an audio or video file to listen to and you’re provided a list of writing guidelines to follow. If you pass, you’re in! Easy as that.

Transcription jobs are output based and don’t really require any direct client interaction. Employers will usually just put their transcribers in a Slack channel in case they have questions. That being said, you can work on your projects whenever you want as long as you meet your deadlines.

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, A+ listening skills, and like to work with minimal supervision, this is the niche for you. Here are some transcription agencies you can look into:


Happyscribe is a transcription and subtitling service trusted by brands like BBC, The United Nations, Forbes, and Spotify. The job is 100% remote and open to freelancers who are fluent in either English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, or Dutch. The average monthly pay is €450, but their top transcribers earn up to €2000.


Founded in 2006, GoTranscript has grown to be one of the largest online transcription and translation agencies in the world. Their transcribers earn an average of $150, but the best of the best earn up to $1215 monthly.


If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, you’re exactly what Rev is looking for. This transcription agency pays weekly via PayPal. Their transcribers’ average monthly earning is $245, and their top performers get up to $1495.

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Administrative Support

Another niche that’s easy to get into if you’re looking for remote part-time jobs is virtual administrative work. These jobs typically don’t require extensive work experience. The work can be quite varied, ranging from making calls, setting appointments, to data entry and HR work.

Depending on your client, you may have a fixed number of working hours daily, or you can be given tasks and just be set a deadline.

Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep is an academic support organization that provides test preparation and college-education consulting services to adults and parents of college-bound children. They offer remote full-time and part-time jobs. Some of their recent part-time openings are for Appointment Setter and HR Generalist.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands offers virtual, on-demand assistant positions. Assistants speak English and are based in the U.S. but may perform tasks for clients in other countries. The usual tasks include setting appointments, making calls, making purchases, data entry, and other concierge-type tasks.


BELAY is a virtual solutions company founded in 2010.  BELAY is dedicated to offering workplace flexibility as a part of both its company culture and recruiting process “because it allows and empowers” everyone on the team “to exercise a healthy work-life balance and genuinely find joy” in their work. Their recent job openings include Virtual Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager.

Lady remote working writing on paper

Academic or Tutoring Services

Despite schools reopening, many institutions still offer remote part-time jobs. If you have experience as an instructor or would like to work part-time in the academe, check out these jobs.

Rasmussen University

Rasmussen University is a for-profit, private institution of higher learning offering bachelor’s and associate’s degrees from campuses across Minnesota and in several other states. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Rasmussen University is currently looking for part-time Online Adjunct Instructors for various disciplines including 3D Design and Animation, Web Scripting, and Search Engines, Optimization, and Analytics.

Strayer University

Strayer University is a private educational facility that specializes in higher education for working adults seeking career advancement. Their most recent openings include Adjunct Faculty in IT Project Management, Operating Systems, Public Relations, and Teaching Assistant in Marketing.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on campus students, over 135,000 online students, making it one of the fastest growing universities in the nation. Some of their most recent openings include Adjunct Faculty in the fields of Mathematics, Epidemiological and Biostatistical Applications in Healthcare, Health Information Management, Graphic Design and Media Arts, Ethical and Legal Considerations of Healthcare.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a nationally recognized company on a mission to connect students with personalized tutoring services in both academic and test prep subject areas. The institution offers help in a variety of fields including elementary math, algebra, precalculus, statistics, calculus, biology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, SAT test prep, French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. It also offers tutoring services in reading, phonics, English, writing, computer science, accounting, economics, finance, and history. 

What’s Next?

The benefits of working remotely are too heavy to ignore, so despite the world going back to normal, expect remote work to stay. 

The truth is, there are so many virtual jobs out there waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking to utilize your skills and earn some extra money along the way, remote part-time work is the best direction to take. 

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