Resume Objective Examples and Tips

When writing a resume, you can maximize the top section by placing a resume objective highlighting your expertise. It is an optional paragraph that states your career objectives, skills, and relevant experience. It’s an opportunity to show off your best assets to the recruiters early in the game. That’s why you should consider writing one for your resume. And in this article, we’ll dive deep into several resume objective examples for careers from various fields.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a short paragraph that states the position you’re applying for, relevant skills, and your objectives in landing the job. It usually consists of two to three sentences that are written concisely. 

Writing an excellent resume objective can make a lot of difference in your employment. Recruiters take only about six seconds to scan resumes, implying that you need to stand out immediately. And you can do that by maximizing the top section with the best credentials you can present. 

Why is it important?

Having a well-written resume objective immediately lets the recruiter know how you fit the job. In addition, your resume serves as the first point of contact when applying for a job; thus, you need to ensure every bit of information written is designed to impress the recruiters. If you need some guide in writing a resume that lands interviews, here are is an online resume course to guide you.

The steps in writing resume objectives

Before we dive into the examples, here are the steps you need to know in writing a resume objective.

  1. State a strong adjective describing yourself, insert two to three critical skills, including your career goals, and express what you want to do for the company.
  2. Mention the position you’re applying for and specifically state the company name.
  3. Write concisely. Two to three sentences with 30-50 words are the most optimal. Avoid adding fluff that doesn’t add value.
  4. Don’t use first-person pronouns.
  5. Utilize action verbs that add impact.

Correct and incorrect resume objective examples

Here is a quick side-by-side comparison of writing right and wrong resume objectives.


“Experienced Sales Manager with proven success in exceeding goals, delivering exemplary client satisfaction rating, and directing high-performing teams. Seeking for a Sales Manager position at (Company name), to leverage my brand portfolio production, management, communication, and organizational skills.”


“In search for a Sales Manager role where I can apply my skills. I have a significant work history and can handle multiple teams at the same time while delivering good results.”

See the difference between the two examples above? The first one is well-thought-of but short enough not to bore the recruiter. In contrast, the second statement sounds lazy, effortless, and disinterested—everything that a recruiter hates.

Knowing the right one helps you avoid penning a resume objective that’s unimpressive or offensive, even. 

Tips for writing compelling resume objectives

  • Keep everything concise but not too clipped.
  • Align the information based on the position and job requirements.
  • Start by stating your strongest attribute/s.
  • Do mention any license or certification that is relevant to the job.
  • Briefly express how you’ll add value to the company as an employee.

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More resume objective examples for different careers and backgrounds

Here are more sample resume objectives that will help you write your own: 

New graduate

“Driven Business graduate seeking a Sales position at (X Company) to lend my marketing and business analytics knowledge in driving profitability to the organization.”


“Resourceful digital marketer with a strong grasp of SEO and SEM, and proven success in driving paid conversions through solid online marketing strategies. In search for an SEO Specialist position at (X Company).”


“Well-organized accountant seeking for a similar position at (X Company) to utilize further my proven knowledge of corporate accounting, accounting law, and business analysis.”


“Results-oriented and organized general manager seeking for the business operations manager position at (X Company) to utilize 7+ years of experience in fulfilling the strategic requirements of the company.”


“Energetic Elementary History Teacher with strong academic background and practical knowledge in innovative teaching methods, seeking to give top-quality learning experience to students of (X School).”


“Analytical Administrative Assistant seeking for a similar position at (X Company) to help improve the organizational workflow and processes through the utilization of more than three years of administrative experience.”

Customer Service

“Highly motivated Customer Service Representative with over five years of experience in sales, seeking to be part of (X Company)’s customer service team to lend proven expertise in conflict resolution, organization, and communication to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.”

Human Resources

“Recent graduate in Human Resource Management, in search for an entry-level position in (X Company) to utilize topnotch communication skills, clerical skills, and leadership abilities.”

Information Technology (IT)

“Detail-oriented IT professional with five years of experience in testing software and expert knowledge in PHP, and core understanding of internet technologies. Seeking for a Senior Systems Engineer to further enhance skills in IT domains.”


“Enthusiastic individual seeking a mid-level banking position in (X company) to help further provide excellent banking experience by utilizing proven skills in negotiation, communication, customer service, and problem-solving.”

These are ten examples of resume objectives that demonstrate how you should write this section in your resume. If you need more help writing a resume objective that lands an interview, you may check out Skill Success’s array of professional development online courses to guide you.

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