Optimizing for Google Discover: SEO Key Steps

Are you looking to expand your reach and visibility on Google? Then, it’s time to focus on optimising SEO for Google Discover. This is another Google feature that enables users to explore content, based on their own personal interests and search history. As a business owner, this opens up a new world of possibilities to connect with your readers. Offer solutions, new experiences and inspiring content that supports their self-discovery journey.

Google Discover uses unique algorithms that analyse user data, such as location information and browsing history among others. This will make it easier for them to find relevant articles or videos, tailored according to the user preferences, even if they haven’t searched explicitly about those topics before! Know that it emphasises the visual aspect a lot.

With personalised feeds catering specifically towards individual interest areas- there is no better way than using top-notch techniques in your favour! In this article, we’ll show you the key steps that can help improve your chances of appearing in front of the right audience. The sooner you start implementing them, the faster you can see how success can be achieved with a few simple steps.

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High-Value Content Reigns

If you want to optimise your SEO for Google Discover, the key is still to focus on creating high-value content that matches Google’s policies. This means crafting informative and engaging posts that are unique and original. The better quality is your content, the higher chance it has of appearing in users’ Discover feeds. Here are a couple of specific tips to improve or to add to your ongoing strategy:

  • Accurate and engaging titles: to further boost visibility, take your time to create titles that boost curiosity to be read and that announce what readers can expect from each post or text. Make sure it reflects the coming content. By doing so, you’ll help Google understand exactly what kind of information you’re providing – which will increase the likelihood of being featured prominently in search results! 
  • Trustworthy content: Trust is crucial for your content to appear in Google Discover feeds. If it’s considered spammy or untrustworthy, users won’t see it. By choosing only to publish well-researched and up-to-date information, you will build trust in google and in your audience. Therefore to build trustworthy content, prioritise accuracy and authority. Meaning that, to achieve this goal, cite sources and links to reputable websites. Make sure to also provide transparent information about your business and the content you create. Additionally, ensure error-free writing by avoiding typos or grammatical mistakes, and showing care to your reader. 
  • Structured data matters: Incorporating it into your website can assist Google in understanding your content more effectively, increasing the chances of being showcased. Instances of structured data encompass incorporating schema markup for items like a recipe, product, book, event or review. 
  • The schema markup may contain information such as title, summary, writer/authorship details, publication date and time frame, visual elements (images), rating evaluations/scores and pricing structure among other things depending upon what type/category/type/content you are marking up.

Visuals are Powerful Allies

A crucial approach to enhancing your SEO for Google Discover involves incorporating images and videos into your content. Visual elements are highly favoured by Google, with evidence indicating that content featuring visuals typically outperforms text-only material. 

  • To Google Discover this gets even more relevant, as it mainly uses visuals, which requires specific attention, in order to keep the comfort of navigating on your page. Images are essential and powerful elements of any website because they can convey information and emotions organically immediately at first sight. So, when utilising images, it’s essential to optimise them for swift loading times by compressing the file size without compromising quality. Additionally, consider including Alt text describing the image for visually impaired users as well as a caption providing context. Alt text can also improve a website’s SEO, by providing search engines with more information about the image’s content.
  • As for videos, ensure they’re hosted on a dependable platform and optimised specifically for mobile devices. This entails using formats compatible with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which can boost load speeds while elevating the overall user experience significantly. AMP is an open-source initiative that allows website owners to create fast-loading, mobile-friendly pages. By using video formats compatible with AMP, website owners can boost load speeds, improve the user experience, and increase the likelihood of their videos being shared on social media platforms.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Google Discover needs that your website is well-adapted to the mobile experience. This entails incorporating a responsive design suitable for various screen sizes, using easily readable fonts and sharp visuals, while also reducing loading times significantly. 

As more and more people access the internet via their mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is essential. Google Discover, a content recommendation tool, is accessed primarily through mobile devices, making it even more crucial to have a mobile-responsive design. A mobile-friendly website basics are: 

  • Automatically adjusting to the screen size of the device
  • Readable fonts and sharp visuals that are easy on the eyes, on small screens 
  • High-resolution images that look sharp and alive.

Prioritise User Experience

Google’s algorithm considers user experience when selecting content to showcase on Google Discover. Ensure that your website is easily navigable, features distinct calls to action, and offers an enjoyable user experience. By making sure that your website offers a pleasant user experience, you will also increase your chances of appearing in Google Discover and driving more traffic to your website. 

Provide Translations to Various Languages

If you wish to give it even a step further, here is an extra key. Thinking global, to engage a world audience effectively, it’s a plus to include multiple languages in your content. Google Discover supports numerous languages; therefore, by producing multilingual content you can enhance the likelihood of appearing in users’ Discover feeds who speak those specific languages.

While generating multilingual material, make certain that translations are precise and culturally relevant. This entails collaborating with skilled translators knowledgeable about both your industry as well as a target demographic.


Google Discover is a great resource for reaching new crowds and amplifying your presence on Google. By applying these key tactics to maximise your SEO for Google Discovery, you can increase the probability of appearing in feeds and driving more visitors to you. 

Remember that it’s important to create an individualised strategy for Google Discover, even if you already have your SEO marketing strategy basics in action. This includes, as we have seen, making web pages mobile-friendly and giving special focus on quality visuals. It matters to offer content that looks attractive, while also being of high quality and pertinent to those who would be interested in it. Be a partner to your audience and provide them with solutions and new experiences, as they unfold their own journey of self-discovery. 

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