7 Online Platforms to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills and Become an A Student

Academic writing is among the most often assigned homework tasks in all its varieties of papers  and different requirements. Students are required to write essays, lab reports, research papers,  reviews, applications, and other pieces of writing all the time and always look for additional help to  succeed with these assignments and be more productive. 

When it goes to an absolute time-saving way of being on time with homework papers, a cheap essay  writing service usually comes to mind first. They help students to overcome writing difficulties and  master the writing from the examples. The second, more time-consuming way is using a set of  various helpful platforms and applications, which can help to learn formatting rules, or avoid  popular cliches in writing, or generate some simple titles for academic papers and develop them  further in writing. So, let’s first define when students need to use some additional tools to become  better at writing and then move on to our list of the most helpful resources. We tried to gather the  most versatile of them to cover all the needs. 

Why Students Need Online Platforms to Improve Their
Essay Writing Skills 

They want to cope with the assignments independently and find additional tools to ease the writing. With online platforms, students can work at their own tempo, focusing on the areas where they want  the maximum improvement. This independence fosters self-directed mastering, permitting college  students to develop their writing abilities in a way that fits their personal wishes and gain  knowledge of style. For example, by using the Thesaurus, students tend to be only smarter but also  learn new words and meanings of phrases they don’t understand. 

This was the main reason, and the second one – they wanted to become more confident and  proficient in writing. Writing may be intimidating for lots of students, particularly whilst they’re  unsure about their talents. Online tools can improve college students’ self-belief by using imparting  them with the gear, expertise, and practice possibilities they want to turn out to be more gifted  writers. As they see their writing abilities enhance through the years, their self-belief grows, and  they become greater inclined to tackle writing obligations.

7 Online Platforms to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills 

Essay Title Generator 

Each great piece of writing starts with an outstanding topic, and sometimes it takes ages to think it  over and to follow the instructor’s requirements concerning the topic aspects. The essay title  generator can help you with this easily. How does it work? You type the general words of your  topic, for example, cyber security, climate change, presentation, bullying, revolutions, and so on,  use filters, and receive suggestions on various topics.

Help In Homework stands as our top pick among online essay writing platforms. It presents a comprehensive spectrum of services, encompassing elementary essays and assignments, advanced college-level compositions such as case studies and research proposals, and even encompasses the intricate realms of thesis and dissertation composition. The pricing structure is exceedingly reasonable, commencing at a mere $12 per page for high school-level tasks. The process of placing an order is remarkably straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring swift paper completion for all. Furthermore, Help In Homework boasts an adept team of seasoned writers who are poised to provide expert guidance on crafting effective essays and papers.

Citation Machine 

And other similar tools of such type help to cite your sources correctly in formats like MLA, APA,  Harvard, and others you may need. You can improve your existing bibliography or add the sources  you worked on for your paper and get its formatted version. This source also allows us to check  students’ papers for plagiarism and find useful guides about various formatting styles. 

The Purdue Owl 

It is a commonly known website with tons of advice, writing guides, and tips, where each student  will find anything needed. One can find a lot of academic paper writing guides there, a lot of  samples with detailed explanations. You can hang on the site for hours.

Grammar Checkers 

The most known of them are Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Ginger, WhiteSmoke, and others.  Some of them offer free services; some require a minimal price. You can use them right in the  process of writing or checking the whole paper. And follow their recommendations on grammar and  stylistic mistakes, sentence structure, and others. You can also find explanations of the errors in  some of them and be acknowledged about them next time. 

750 Words 

750 words is a great tool for training, practicing, and improving your writing skills every day,  where you can track your progress, speed of writing, and other issues. The website helps to create a  habit of writing on a daily basis. You can also find a lot of writing exercises online – from easy, like  describing your dog, to telling about yourself in 100 different words not connected with each other. 


This is a huge video library that offers a series of video lessons on writing and communication  skills. Their lessons cover topics like storytelling, essay structure, persuasive writing, and more. The  engaging videos can provide inspiration and tips for enhancing your essay writing abilities. You can  develop your critical thinking, for example, by using their advice or finding a lot of videos about  creativity, information literacy, fact-checking, and millions of other topics. 

Cliche Finders

Cliché finder tools can be useful for students in essay writing to identify and avoid overused or trite  phrases that can weaken their writing. Firstly, they are needed to identify the cliches, such as “to  think outside the box,” and get to know the ways of replacing them. Secondly, they are used to  improve the originality and clarity of a student paper to make it fresh and stand out. Thirdly, the  student’s personal voice is developed in such a manner, and the paper uniqueness as well. 

It’s also important to consider the context and purpose of the essay when using cliché finder tools.  While clichés should generally be avoided, there may be instances where their use can be  appropriate, such as in a dialogue or when deliberately employing a cliché for a specific effect.  Cliché finder tools can help students identify instances where clichés are being used unintentionally  or inappropriately. 

Remember, consistent practice, seeking feedback, and revising your work are essential for  improving your essay writing skills. These online platforms can serve as valuable resources to  support your learning journey. Do not also hesitate to ask others to help you with writing or simply  reading your paper and giving you some advice on how it can be improved and what points should  be omitted. 

Be the best student in your class with our writing tips and tools.

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