10 Job Hunting Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job is not as easy as planning it out on your head. You have to do the actual work and exert effort into making sure you deserve your most desired career. On every step you take towards that dream, you have to ensure you are doing every ounce of effort to earn it—and it starts with your job hunting. 

Most likely, you will be starting with an entry-level career in order to advance to your coveted position. Nevertheless, as you earn experience in the field, you are carving a spot you will reap when the right time has come. For now, you just have to make sure you get the right stepping stones to get to your dream job. 

Tips to remember on a job hunt

One out of five Americans said that they already have their dream job based on a recent poll by the SurveyMonkey. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? Don’t you worry, we are here to help you with these powerful tips to land your dream job.

1. Assess what you want.

Before you start exploring the job market, it’s important to finalize what you really want and what positions you are qualified for. Start by asking what your desires are in terms of work and what positions will get you there. From there, you can map out the particular positions you need to start applying for.

Your dream job might be a stretch so you will want to plan everything ahead at the beginning of your job hunt. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to figure out what you really want because you don’t want to end up hopping from one company to another when you realize that there is a mismatch of interests.

2. Don’t overthink your lack of experience.

It is reasonable for fresh graduates to not have much working experience, but you can make do with the internships and related training you have completed. These are enough to demonstrate that you are not a stranger to the role you are applying for. 

Do not be deterred by lack of experience because everyone starts with only a few under their belt when they started. Every career effort you did in the past matters to your future employers so shed some light on them when marketing yourself.

3. Know your worth.

The accumulated experience and expertise add up to your value as a professional. Before you decide what roles you want to jump into, you have to evaluate your worth. You should gauge your own skill-set that makes you fit the role to avoid conflicts in fulfilling the duties. When you know what you are capable of, you are more likely to land a job that suffices your desires, capabilities, and needs.

4. Do your research.

During your job hunt, you will do an ample amount of research to find any career opportunity that suits you. You may either be directly contacting preferred companies, browsing through online job portals, or asking for referrals on your network. Whichever platform you choose to use, you have the responsibility to research further about the company and position you are applying for. This way, you can assure yourself that you are getting into good hands.

You can try looking them up on Glassdoor and other job portals to see company and employee reviews for a glimpse of the job environment and career growth they offer. You have to remember that having a good grasp of the company background and role details are important to nail your interview with them.

5. Reach to your network.

You most probably have a LinkedIn profile where all your professional acquaintances serve as your connections. Keeping an active profile will attract recruiters who can directly come to you when they see your qualifications. In addition to that, your connections may serve as a referral source which can hook you up with your desired position. 

It’s always an advantage to have someone who can vouch for your expertise so always keep your LinkedIn and other platforms updated. To learn how you can utilize LinkedIn into your job hunting, you can check out this LinkedIn Blueprint to guide you.

6. See the job requirements only as guidelines.

When you think too much of the job description requirements, you tend to limit yourself to qualifications that you don’t meet. Although there will be some non-negotiables that include particular expertise, you can surely arrange some items that have equivalence to your skills.  Don’t be scared when you see a qualification that goes beyond your own skill-set, there will be companies who are willing to give chances especially when you can provide the needed skill that displays your competency in a related aspect.

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7. Tailor a resume for every job application.

One of the biggest mistakes job applicants make on a job hunt is applying to multiple companies with the same resume. Don’t fall into that death trap. Tailor every resume you apply for based on the company and position. This way, you can stand out among the pile of candidates who are vying to land the role. 

Ensure you add specific qualifications the employer is seeking to show them you have taken the time knowing more about the job responsibilities. Seek guidance from helpful resources like this online course to perfect your resume.

8. Write a cover letter.

Your resume should always come with a cover letter containing the reason why you deserve to be hired. Your cover letter should not be a duplicate of your resume—it should be a narrative of why you are qualified to work for them. 

Think of it as a pitch to offer them your service. Tell them why you are perfect for the job in the most impressive ways you could think of. To have a peek of how you can ace that cover letter, you can check out this cover letter masterclass to help you land that interview.

9. Nail the interview.

When you have successfully secured an interview for your dream job, all that’s left to do is the preparation for the big day! This is the dream after all. You want to ensure that you bring home the bacon through a successful interview with your potential employer. Get helpful tips from this online class to make sure you impress your interviewer.

Prepare ahead and review some questions that may be asked. Practice how you will deliver your answers and highlight your best assets without sounding arrogant and unrealistic. Lastly, do not forget to ready some questions you want to ask the interviewer to display your genuine interest in the role.

10. Be ready to negotiate your salary.

One last thing before you accept that job offer—negotiate! Only 36% of candidates negotiate their salary based on a survey by ZipRecruiter. Do not settle right away with what the company offers you.

Do your research prior to acceptance to avoid underselling yourself. Most employers offer a lower amount than the ideal compensation to reduce costs. So research ahead and be ready to defend why you deserve a higher pay. This way you can make sure your dream job suffices your monetary needs as well.

Ready to get your dream job? Just keep these in mind when job hunting to ensure reaping a rewarding job that fulfills all your desires.

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