How to Make a Successful Midlife Career Change

For many people, the thought of a midlife career change is terrifying. The idea of starting over at this stage in life seems daunting and maybe even a little bit crazy. But for some people, it’s the perfect time for a career change. 

If you’re considering making a career change in your middle age, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone! This can be an exciting time for growth and exploration, but it can also be daunting if you’re unsure where to start. 

But with the right planning and preparation, it can be a highly successful move that allows you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Tips for a successful midlife career change

If your midlife career change isn’t living up to the expectations you had for it, certain things can be improved. The midlife years present an opportunity for successful change. Here are some ways to get on track with achieving career goals in midlife:

Put your heart into it

Take a long look at what’s missing from your life and develop realistic goals about how you might bring more of this into your life through new job experiences. If you haven’t done so already, begin making connections by talking to people who work in fields of interest. 

As you talk about ideas of new career possibilities, they will help show you where to find appropriate jobs for your level of experience.

Uncover hidden talents

People have all kinds of talents. Think about what activities come easily to you and how these might be done in a career setting. 

If you haven’t figured out your hidden talents, talk with a trusted friend or family member and discuss what comes naturally to you and what doesn’t seem like work. Remember that midlife is when we start seeing patterns and specialties developing that can help us make sense of our lives.

Set reasonable goals for yourself

There’s no need for perfectionism at midlife; midlife career change goals should be realistic, within reach, but not too easy either! 

Aim for excellence rather than perfection (here’s how).life is the perfect time to explore midlife career change options. If you have any doubts about your decision, they will be a sign that it isn’t right for you at this time in your life.

Develop an action plan

If midlife is the best time to make career change goals, then midlife career change plans are important! Keep records from the various exploratory interviews with people in fields of interest, and use what you’ve learned from networking events to help set midlife goals. 

To reach midlife career goals, you need a clear plan of action with step-by-step instructions on how to get there. It’s helpful to compare these midlife goals with similar ones from long ago when making a midlife career change.

Don’t give up!

Here’s a midlife career change secret: midlifers can accomplish more in one year than they could in five years when they were younger. 

If midlife career goals seem like an impossible dream, remember that with hard work and perseverance, you will be surprised at how much measurable progress you make toward midlife career change goals within a year or two of midlife-career change planning!

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Find the right balance between work and family life

It may not be easy to find midlife career change opportunities if things become completely unbalanced in your life (work too much and family time isn’t scheduled). 

When midlife balance is missing from midlife career change efforts, midlife mid-career change plans may need to be reworked.

Make the most of change opportunities

Midlife is a great time for midlife career changes and midlife mid-career change opportunities because it’s when we’re most likely to take risks. It’s perfectly okay if midlife mid-career change goals seem scary at first; that’s part of what makes midlifers such good mid-career changers!

Develop flexibility skills

People who thrive in midlife career change efforts can think on their feet, stay focused under pressure and adapt readily to changing circumstances. 

If you already have these skills, your chances of reaching midlife career change goals are high; if not, consider taking career development workshops at community centers or career centers to make up for any deficits in this skill set.

Plan ahead (but be flexible!)

The best career-change planners can work with several possible career paths and think creatively about what they want their new job to be like. This is a big advantage when dealing with potential roadblocks during your midlife career change efforts.

Know when the time is right

Midlife career change isn’t right for everyone who feels dissatisfied with work lately. If you have good people skills, and ability to see the bigger picture, and a clear sense of direction, then career-change career opportunities are probably a good choice for you.

If career change paths don’t feel like the right direction, it’s probably time to retire or go back to school instead.

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Use your resources

The career-change career path is not the right one for everyone. Still, if you have a particular skill or talent that you ignore, career-change career paths open up some interesting opportunities. Use your special talents and abilities to set midlife career-change career goals.

Don’t give up on your dreams

If you’ve always dreamed of being an artist, writer, musician, or other creative types, don’t give up on these dreams during your career planning. In fact, using your creative abilities may be easier in a new career field since there are fewer entry requirements! 

Even though career changes require more work at times, it’s often worth it when they allow you to follow your career dreams into a career that allows you to express your unique talents.

Keep your career change private (for now)

If you’re planning for a midlife career change, it’s best not to tell everyone at work or even family members about what you are doing unless they already know and can give great career advice. 

This protects your career-change career plans from people who may try to discourage you before you take the necessary steps toward reaching career-change career goals; these individuals may think it’s impossible to pursue midlife career goals, but often they just don’t take time to plan carefully enough while pursuing their own goals!

Keep things in perspective

Midlife career changes aren’t easy. It will take hard work to reach midlife career goals. The rewards of midlife career changes are great, but they don’t come without a few midcareer surprises along the way!

Don’t force it

A midlife career change is not the only solution to midlife crisis, especially if you have young children or other family responsibilities. 

Midlife career paths that may suit your interests and abilities may be available without quitting your job, renegotiating a new contract with your current employer, or going back to school for a midlife degree. If those options seem too extreme at first, consider an evening course or-time job in the meantime.

Midlife career changes can be exciting and rewarding if done correctly. Don’t be discouraged by possible setbacks; focus on your strengths and make proper career decisions based on what works best for your life. 

It’s okay if mid-career-change career paths seem difficult at first; experience with career development makes midlife career-changing much easier than when you were younger! 

Learn to make a successful midlife career change through career development courses at Skill Success!

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