How to Find the Best Career Path For Your Personality Type

Personality type is a way of categorizing individuals based on their natural preferences and tendencies in terms of behavior, thinking, and feeling.

It is typically measured using questionnaires or inventories that assess various personality traits. Personality types are commonly grouped into four main categories: introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

Having an understanding of your personality type can help to inform decisions related to career paths, as certain types may be more suited to particular roles or industries than others.

Personality tests

It is common in business schools, psychology programs and even as a part of many modern onboarding processes to be given a personality test, especially as part of resume development. Some of the most popular ones are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Personality Test.

These tests assess your individual traits, such as how you tend to interact with others, how you make decisions, and what motivates you. Knowing this information can be helpful in understanding which career paths may be best suited for your personality type. One of the go to websites for taking personality tests is, which offers a free MBTI test among other tests and explanation of the 16 personality types.


Being honest with yourself while taking one of these surveys is the best way to actually find out what kind of career you are best suited for. It can be easy to answer questions based on the kind of person you think you want to be or you think other people would most respect, but you won’t get accurate results that you can actually apply if you don’t answer the questions honestly.

These questions are usually in the form of multiple choice that proposes a statement (e.g., I am most likely to be found working in a team setting) and then gives you a list of responses of varying degrees of agreement (e.g., strongly agree, strongly disagree, neutral).

Interpreting your results

When interpreting the results of a personality test, it is important to remember that there is no one “right” type. Different types can be equally successful in different career paths, depending on their strengths and interests.

It is also important to note that our personalities are not static and may change over time as we gain experience and maturity. Therefore, it is important to continually assess your personality type and adjust your career decisions accordingly.

Finding the optimal career path

Once you have taken a personality test and interpreted your results, you can begin to explore different career paths that may be suited for your individual personality type. Consider what motivates you, such as working with people or working independently, and what kind of environment you prefer.

Additionally, research the types of jobs that may be available in your field of interest and assess which ones best suit your personality type. This process can help to narrow down the options and make it easier to find the career path that is right for you.

What kind of jobs are best suited to the different personality types?

Once you have a better understanding of your personality type, you can start to narrow down the career paths that make the most sense for you.

Below we will discuss some of the career paths that are best suited for people depending on where they fall on the personality spectrum. It is important to keep in mind that these are never guarantees.

People are complex, and it’s hard to pinpoint the best job based solely on one’s personality type.

Introversion/Extraversion: People who identify as introverted may be more suited to jobs that require independent work, such as software engineering or writing. Those who identify as extraverted may do better in roles that involve working with people, such as sales or customer service.

Extraverted people derive a lot of energy from interacting with other people, so jobs that allow them to do this often bring the most satisfaction. Introverted folks, on the other hand, may prefer a quieter environment and solitary work.


Sensing types tend to focus on facts and data, while intuitive types are more interested in ideas and possibilities. As such, sensing types may be better suited for roles that require attention to detail and structure, such as accounting or engineering.

Intuitive types may prefer jobs that involve creative problem-solving, like graphic design or marketing.

What’s more, intuition types may enjoy jobs that require them to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions, while sensing types thrive in roles where they can identify patterns and utilize existing data.


Thinking types tend to be more analytical and objective, while feeling types are usually more focused on emotions and relationships.

  • Thinking types may do well in business or scientific roles where they can use their analytical skills.
  • Feeling types may be more suited to jobs that involve working with people, such as counselling or teaching.


Judging types tend to be more organized and structured, while perceiving types are often more flexible and adaptable.

  • Judging types may do better in roles that require organization and planning, like project management or accounting.
  • Perceiving types may be better in roles that involve adapting to changing circumstances, such as customer service or freelance work.

Working with mentors and career counsellors

It’s always a good idea to combine the self-knowledge gained through standardized personality tests with the help of qualified professionals. Meeting with a career counsellor or a mentor can be helpful in finding the best career path for your personality type.

They can help in evaluating different job opportunities and pinpointing those that suit your individual skill set and interests. Finding an experienced professional who has worked in fields related to yours may also provide valuable insight into which jobs are actually viable for you. 

You might find that your financial goals conflict with the results of your personality test, for instance.

The bottom line

Understanding your personality type is an important step in finding the optimal career path for you. Take some time to learn more about yourself and the different types of jobs available, and you will be sure to find the perfect fit.

Additionally, you should also factor in your other strengths and weaknesses. Just because a personality test has told you that you are best suited to a particular role doesn’t mean that you should discount other options. It is important to consider all the possibilities and make an informed decision.

What’s more, it’s extremely important to be completely honest with yourself when completing a personality survey.

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