Definition and Examples of Cause and Effect Language

According to Newton’s third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and effect language somewhat functions in the same sense. In this article, you will find several causes and effect language examples that you can use in everyday communication.

What is the cause and effect language?

Cause and effect structure words are transition cues that connect and separate cause statements from effect statements. If you’d notice cause and effect language examples, you will consistently notice at least one cause statement, at least one effect statement, and one transition word that separates them.

Cause and effect language is important because it allows you to effectively communicate causative relationships between events. This is an excellent example of the effective use of language for clearer communication.

We may not notice it at all, but our everyday conversations and reading material, this article included, are filled with cause and effect language examples. Take a look at the cause and effect language examples below, categorized into transition words for cause and transition words for effect.

Cause and effect language examples: transition words for cause or reason

The most c ommon transition words used to emphasize cause are because, since, as, and due to, and because of. Here are some examples of these words in action:


I was late for work because I got caught up in heavy traffic.

She declined his proposal for marriage because she did not love him.

There should be no room for error in the medical practice because lives are at stake.

He stormed out of the house because he did not want to be around those people anymore.


The children stayed indoors since it was raining. 

Since most of us are already here, we can start now.

Everyone felt sympathetic towards her since she was a new widow.

The dolphins never visit anymore since the beach is already so polluted.


Seeing as it was sunny outside, she took the children to the park to play.

The little boy remained silent as he was taught not to interfere with adult conversations.

She excelled in all her classes as she was taught by the very best.

As it is already late, you best head home.

Due to

Due to his condition, he was deemed ineligible for service.

Classes did not push through due to inclement weather.

The professor has a bad impression of him due to his insolence.

Production did not proceed due to limited resources.

Because of

Because of my parents, I was able to go through college for free.

All of my plants died because of the heatwaves.

All of his cavities were because of his smoking habit.

It became apparent that she was there because of him.

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Cause and effect language examples: transition words for effect or result

Some of the most commonly used transition words for effect-oriented are so, therefore, thus, hence, and as a result of. Here are some case and effect language examples using these transition words:


She was late for work, so she skipped breakfast.

I wanted to give you something so that you’ll feel better.

The winds were strong, so her umbrella was ruined.

The child was running too fast, so he tripped and fell.


I’m not feeling well; therefore, I’ll stay home.

The entire community helped. Therefore the project finished ahead of time.

My biological parents were unable to care for me. Therefore I was adopted by my wealthy aunt.

He was very thin. I, therefore, assumed that he was malnourished and poor.


The room was full of people; thus, it was very noisy.

The class was being loud and unruly; thus, they received a surprise quiz to punish them.

She had very sensitive skin; thus, she easily burned whenever she went outdoors.

It was very cold outside; thus, we stayed indoors.


The blizzard is intense; hence it won’t be safe to drive.

The lady was displeased with the dress; hence the seamstress offered to have it altered.

It is important to maintain connections with loved ones despite the distance; hence phone calls and social media are heavily used.

People resort to panic-buying in times of crisis, hence the surge of sales during the pandemic.

As a result of

She became emaciated as a result of chronic purging and poor eating habits.

As a result of your actions, your team will not be able to participate in the finals

As a result of irresponsible human behavior, climate change has accelerated.

He became very defensive and aggressive as a result of his traumatic upbringing.


These are not the only transition words out there. There are plenty more cause and effect language examples such as, consequently, for this reason, as a consequence, cause, therefore, thereby, then, and much more. 


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