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Crystals are becoming so popular and mainstream, especially for the Millennial and Gen Z population and have become a part of the billion-dollar industry. It seems that people are more aware not only of the beauty of the crystals but also of the crystal energy. No wonder there are crystal therapy training courses available online for beginners and existing crystal therapists or crystal healers. 

Crash Courses in Healing Crystals for Beginners

Below are two of Skills Success crystal therapy online courses you can enroll in if you are interested in crystal therapy. You can also take advantage of Skill Success lifetime access or all-access pass that gives you the best course catalog and unlimited access for a monthly or annual fee.

Crystal Therapy Healing Course

The Crystal Therapy Healing Course will provide you the basics of crystal therapy healing and insights into crystals, their energy, and how to set up as a Crystal Therapist. You will gain a deep understanding of the history of crystals, chakra, how crystals can heal and how to cleanse them, and how to market the crystals.

Introduction To Crystal Healing

This crystal healing course is designed to improve meditations, mindfulness, energy, and chakra. You will have a better understanding of crystal etiquette and how to take care of your crystals properly. 

Gain full knowledge of the chakras and their qualities. Become sensitive enough to know when, how, and what crystal to use, which include powerful meditation techniques, deep chakra meditation, and crystal learning exercise.

To help you get started with crystal therapy training, we compiled a roundup of the most popular crystals, their healing abilities, how to cleanse them properly. Visit KashPilot if you need financing for therapy. But first, here is a short introduction to crystals and crystal therapy. 

What are Crystals and Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy is a complementary and alternative medical medicine technique that uses crystals and other stones to treat, heal, and protect a human’s body, mind, and soul. 

Many believe that crystals emit positive, energizing, and calming energy or vibration that helps a person achieve a peaceful mind and a recharged body.

The first historical crystal therapy reference is tied to the Ancient Egyptians. They use the crystals in magic formulas and for protection and health. Egyptians also used crystals cosmetically, like Galena, as eyeshadow also known as khol.

The Ancient Greeks also used crystals. There are also several crystal names we use today that came from the Greeks. One good example is the crystal Agate, the name given by the Greek philosopher and naturalist. Another example is Amethyst, which means a-, meaning ‘not,’ and methys, meaning ‘drunk’ or ‘intoxicated.’ They believed that wearing it would protect one from becoming drunk or intoxicated.

10 Different Types of Crystals: What Is the Right Crystal for You?

There are several types of crystals filled with their own healing abilities. Here are some of the most popular crystals.

1. Clear Quartz

The term “quartz” comes from the Greek word for “ice.” Clear Quartz provides the energy of clarity, light, reflection, and amplification. Anyone who is having difficulty finding answers about life decisions or those who simply want to clear their mind, body, and spirit can use this crystal. 

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a gentle pink stone, called the Heart Stone is a stone of universal love. This crystal encourages unconditional love, self-love, friendships, restore broken relationships, deep feelings of healing, and peace. It also helps attract new love and romance. 

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful protective purple stone that has several healing properties. It is said to reduce headaches, enhance the immune system, regulate hormones, improve skin appearance, promote a good digestive system, and more. 

4. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye crystal is a golden stone with slick luster and opaque transparency. It is believed that anyone wearing or carrying this stone will embrace their inner tiger strength. This stone is for you if you are looking for a stone that will get rid of your fear, self-doubt and give you a boost of encouragement.

5. Turquoise

Turquoise crystal is a purification stone and can help heal the mind, body, and soul. This crystal is connected to the healing energy of water, the life-giving element, and has the ability to support the healing of the overall well-being. It also has the ability to eliminate stress and negative energies. 

6. Moonstone

Moonstone crystal is said to have a tangible connection to the moon’s magic of giving protection, wisdom, harvesting passive ad relaxing energy, and encouraging inner growth and strength.

7. Sapphire

Sapphire crystal is a blue stone that embodies wisdom and royalty. It can restore balance with the body and brings peace of mind by aligning physical, mental, and spiritual planes. 

8. Ruby

Ruby crystal is a red stone that encourages passion, intellect, and zest in life. Carrying or wearing a Ruby can help overcome exhaustion and is known to calm hyperactivity in some people.

9. Citrine

Citrine crystal is believed to carry the power of the sun. It encourages wealth, prosperity, and success. It also enhances concentration and stimulates the strength of the brain and intellect. This crystal will uplift your spirit and bring more happiness and positivity to your life.

10. Jasper

Jasper crystal is a dense, opaque, microcrystalline variety of Quartz. It enables a person to slow down, reflect, and connect or become present with the present moment and in one’s surroundings. Whoever wears or carries this stone brings comfort, optimism, and freedom from fear.

How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals?

As long as your crystals are not sensitive to light, saltwater, and smoke, you can do the following methods.

  • Perform the “smudging” method. This is by placing a sage in a metal bowl or Abalone shell, burning the leaves, and running your crystals through the sage smoke. 
  • Soaking up some sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours will help your crystals absorb and hold more energy. 
  • Submerging your crystals for a few hours to a few days in a glass bowl with saltwater.

Other ways of cleansing your crystals include:

  • Rinsing your crystals in natural running water like a stream, but you can also rinse your crystals under a faucet.
  • Burying your crystals in brown rice and disposing of the rice immediately after the crystal cleansing. 
  • Using sound and vibration, either chanting, singing bowls, or a tuning fork. This is ideal for collectors with a large volume of crystals.

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