The Best Cartoon Drawing Courses for Beginners

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Cartoons are simple drawings that show features of your subjects exaggeratedly or whimsically. It is often visible in satires in newspapers or magazines, as well as animated motion pictures. Drawing cartoons for beginners is a good start since it is one of the easiest types of drawing to learn.

Jobs that make use of cartoons

Don’t underestimate it for the fact that it is easy, though. There are plenty of applications for cartooning skills. If you become skilled enough, you can use your cartoon drawing skills for the following occupations.

Print media cartoonist

Whether it’s for a newspaper or a magazine, you can find a spot as a cartoonist or a cartoon artist. Publications often make use of cartoons to make editorial statements and make their editorial stand pop out. Editorial cartoons complement written pieces to give them more impact through visual representation.

It is not always political, though. Other print media may include posters, flyers, and printed advertisements. Sometimes, if you are working as a freelance cartoonist, clients may simply ask you for a caricature for gifting purposes.

Graphic artist

Graphic artists who know how to draw cartoons have the edge over those who do not. If you know how to make cartoons in your graphic art practice, you further broaden your options for projects and deepen your specialization to a target niche.

It is advantageous for a graphic artist to learn drawing cartoons for beginners because they might have the need to make their own images and visual elements. Having this skill makes you more flexible and allows you to accommodate client requests that other graphic artists may not be able to.

Animation cartoonist

Perhaps the most popular application for cartooning is in animation. Even the earliest cartoons we used to watch on TV used cartoon drawings as a foundation. Drawing cartoons for beginners paves the way for more advanced skills like digital art and animation. 

Fashion designers

You might not link cartoons to fashion designers, but if you take a close look at fashion designers’ sketches, they fit the cartoons’ description: simple sketches with exaggerated features. Fashion designers need more time to create a vision and executing it through textiles and clothing. 

Because of this, they need a quick way to sketch up a design to convey what they plan to achieve. Cartooning makes this possible. These sketches are an inspirational basis and are used to present ideas and concepts to clients.

How to become a cartoonist

A personal instructor or a cartooning class is not necessary when drawing cartoons for beginners. Some basic principles plus a lot of practice is all you need to start making brilliant and fun cartoon characters.

Drawing Cartoony Characters

If you want to find a course that specializes in drawing cartoons for beginners, there is nothing more straightforward than this one. It is an online course that specifically teaches you how to draw cartoon characters.

The instructor in this course is someone who has been working in animation for almost a decade and has extensive experience in both 2D and 3D cartoon characters, so you are in good hands.

The entire course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to cartoon drawing
  • Style differences and basic construction
  • Construction for classical cartoon characters
  • Construction for stylized or cutout characters
  • Character design
  • Using reference for inspiration
  • Quick sketches
  • Combining ideas
  • Freehand drawing and design completion

By the end of the course, the instructor promises that you will have enough fundamental knowledge to be able to design and draw cartoon characters.

Recommended courses for you

Art for Kids: Learn How to Draw Cartoons Step by Step

If you want the simplest of the simplest cartoon drawing for beginners, why not take a kids’ class? There are several advantages to taking an art class that specifically targets young audiences. One of those is that these classes are usually more fun and engaging as they serve to capture and retain children’s attention.

Another advantage of taking kids’ art classes is that you can be assured that the instruction will be as simple as possible. If you want to take this class as a bonding experience, you can take it with your child. 

The course includes simple step-by-step instructions that involve organizing shapes and lines together until they form a recognizable cartoon figure. Here’s what you can find in the course outline:

  • Introduction, goal-setting, and some drawing exercises
  • Creating sea creatures such as a shart, walrus, jellyfish, and whale
  • Drawing forest animals like a bear, a fox, and an owl
  • Creating things found in the sky such as birds, clouds, and rainbows
  • Garden creatures like bees and bunnies
  • Drawing exotic animals like a rhino and a zebra
  • Making a birthday cake

At the end of the course, you (and your child) will have a fundamental knowledge of drawing. You will be able to make recognizable figures and draw things out of imagination.

Drawing Masterclass for Absolute Beginners

If you’re not sure if you want to confine yourself to drawing cartoons for beginners, this all-around beginner drawing course will give you the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for drawing in general.

Of course, one of the things you will be able to draw by the end of the course are cartoons, but you will also learn so much more. It tackles shading and drawing faces. In the course, you will learn the following:

  • Drawing lines with different properties, rhythm, and weight
  • The proper way to hold the pencil in a stable and comfortable way
  • How to create artwork entirely from lines
  • How to draw basic geometric shapes in order to build up more complex shapes
  • Creating forms from shapes
  • Applying values when shading
  • The fundamentals of shading with the “Reverse Shading Method.”
  • How to create the illusion of space in your artworks by applying linear perspective
  • Drawing the different parts of the face
  • Drawing basic facial proportions
  • Finding out your personal symbol set and explore how you like to draw
  • Draw with confidence

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