11 Best Freelance Graphic Designer Websites to Find Jobs

Using freelance graphic design websites to land gigs is the smartest decision a graphic designer can make and take advantage of. Graphic designers get exposed to different projects and clients. They can use this experience in building their portfolio.  

Here are 11 freelance graphic design websites to make a quick income or land prestige projects.

Inspiring freelance graphic designer portfolio websites

As you go through the job sites, you will need a separate place to store your work as part of your graphic design portfolio. Many budding designers feature their work on social media, but many still opt to put them up on their own portfolio websites.

There are several perks to having your work features on your own website. one big one is the amount of creative freedom you can experience if you do decide to make it from scratch. Here are a few design portfolio websites from other graphic designers that can inspire you as a freelance graphic designer:

  1. David Shrigley
  2. Marvin Leuvrey
  3. Kay Blegvad
  4. Robbie Simon
  5. Thomas Pregiato
  6. Jean Jullien
  7. Marian Bantjes
  8. Kate Moross
  9. Lotta Nieminen
  10. Mike Kus
  11. Jessica Walsh
  12. Olly Gibbs
  13. Marleigh Culver
  14. Snask
  15. Xavier Cusso
  16. Magda Ksiezak
  17. Pawel Nolbert
  18. Studio Chen Chen
  19. Lisa Maltby
  20. Dutch Uncle
  21. Mr. Bingo
  22. Craig Black

Where can freelance graphic designers find work?

Here are 11 freelance websites to make a quick income or land prestige projects as a freelance designer.

1. Upwork

Previously known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platforms. You can find almost any type of freelancer work you are trying to find, and the exact job you are looking for, including any design job. 

With Upwork as one of your freelance websites, you will never run out of projects because you can browse with Upwork’s 5,000+ graphic design jobs.

How to submit your Upwork profile for review?

  • Submit a proposal on the job post page
  • Set your hourly rate or bid on fixed-priced projects
  • Write a cover letter for the project
  • Answer any screening questions
  • Add attachments with your proposal
  • Click the submit a proposal button

2. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is an online job marketplace that ties employers and freelancers to work together for a specific project or task. Both employers and freelancers can take advantage of the services freelancer.com has to offer. 

Employers can access thousands of freelancers without the need to place an advertisement. Freelancers, on the other hand, can easily search and choose from this platform’s part-time to full-time work opportunities.  You can easily find freelance designer gigs in no time with this website.

How to get started with freelancer.com?

  • Register for free by clicking Sign Up.
  • You can also choose to sign up using your Facebook account or via email.
  • Provide your username.
  • Select account type: “hire for a project” or “work as a freelancer.”

3. Fiverr

If you are looking for some fast money project and creating and completing a project quickly as a designer, you can use Fiverr as it offers tons of opportunities. Fiverr is a “marketplace for small services,” and gig economy platforms in general.  

It can be useful for new freelance graphic designers who are just establishing their portfolios and looking for experience as we all know that the services of Fiverr start off at 5$. And it is not a bad price for beginners.  

Some clients charge more for small tasks, but since Fiverr provides access for freelancers all around the world, clients can choose the freelancer at an affordable price.  

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour makes finding a part-time design project easy. Anyone, whether a graphic designer or not, can sign up for free by just using a Facebook or Linkedin account. Most projects are per-hour gigs, which is perfect for those who just want to build a portfolio while earning. Also, the more you earn from your projects, the less percentage PeoplePerHour takes.  

How to get started with PeoplePerHour? Register using your Facebook account or email account. From there, you can create your profile, post an offer, and search for new projects.

5. Toptal

Toptal is one of the top freelance graphic design websites and is one of the largest, globally-distributed, and exclusive networks of the top freelance software developers, designers, and project managers in the world.

Since Toptal is touted as a community of talented designers, expect that you will be compensated with a fair price for your services.  A dedicated team of full-time designers handpicks the right artists for each project. Meaning to say, the project that will be assigned to you is based on your skillset.  

However, if you are just a beginner freelancer, you might find it hard to get a gig from this website.

6. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is their answer to websites like Upwork. However, this is currently only available within the U.S. and within specific service categories, which includes design, software development, marketing, accounting, legal, and more. 

How to apply to be a service provider on ProFinder? You can start by accessing ProFinder from your LinkedIn homepage. Your LinkedIn profile and my ProFinder profile are connected. Thus, any changes made to your LinkedIn profile will be reflected in your ProFinder profile. 

Learn more about how you can turn your Linkedin profile into a killer online resume by reading this article.

7. DesignCrowd 

DesignCrowd is a marketplace for online logo design, web design contests and any other type of graphic design. A person or a business that needs a design can run a Design Contest or run a Freelance Graphic Design Job in DesignCrowd. 

Designers can submit their ideas for consideration once they get invited. If they got selected, the client could directly contact them on edits and feedback.

You can register an account in DesignCrowd for free.

8. 99designs

This is a global creative platform that allows clients and designers to collaborate to create quality graphic design, such as logos, websites, and more. Graphic designers can either work directly with clients on their one-on-one project through the designer search tool. Or they can find clients by getting invited to participate in a contest where the client can select the best design.

9. AwesomeWeb

This is a freelance marketplace for the best graphic designers, programmers, and web designers. If you are just starting out, this platform is not the best option as established designers looking for fresh clients are only the ones considered. 

Once you have submitted your profile and portfolio, those will go through rigorous assessment and be manually reviewed before the prospective clients find your profile in the AwesomeWeb’s search results. You will no longer be bidding and looking for clients because the clients will be searching for you.

You will be billed $27 per month when you sign up, but you can cancel or put your account on hold at any time to stall the payment.

10. Dribbble

This self-promotion and social networking platform focused on digital designers where they share ideas and get hired. Dribble continuously creates tools and features that drive designers and their work to the next level. This allows designers to showcase their skills for their portfolio and get noticed by prospective clients.

The platform serves as a designer portfolio of digital designers. Some designers also use Dribble to find inspiration and request feedback on your digital designs from other community professionals. 

Discover the world’s top designers and creatives by signing up.

11. Designhill

Designhill is a creative marketplace where independent artists can find gigs by providing graphic design services to businesses, and individuals alike need high-quality designs. This platform also offers designers a chance to design their t-shirt, have them printed, and sell them online with PrintShop by Designhill. It gives freelance designers another way to showcase their work and, at the same time, make some money from it.

Hone your skills and develop your talent as a graphic designer to increase your chances of nailing projects in freelance graphic design websites by enrolling in these online courses.

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