Best Remote Jobs to Check Out This 2023 [Updated]

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want?

Give remote work a try!

A remote job gives you the opportunity for a better work-life balance. You’ll have more time to spend with your family or become a digital nomad. You can virtually work anywhere on a flexible schedule as long as you have a functioning computer.

Don’t doubt yourself if you have no freelancing experience. 11% of people ages 16-24 tried teleworking in 2020 amid the pandemic, while 22.5% are 55 years and older. It’s never too late for anyone to jump on the hybrid workspace.

Remote work is here to stay, so check out the best 16 remote jobs in 2023.

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16 Best remote jobs 2023

Remote jobs are increasingly becoming popular, with 4.7 million people working from home in the U.S. alone. However, not everyone fits into one job role. So you might be wondering which online work is best for you?

With countless online jobs circling the internet, you must consider a few things before applying. First, think if commuting or virtual work is more reasonable for your lifestyle and long-term career plans. Then, create a portfolio relative to your niche and gather all the requirements needed for the position.

If you’re still unsure which avenue to take, here are the best remote jobs for 2023.

1. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative remote jobs, earning up to $50 an hour. Companies need compelling content to market their products and services. So here’s where you come in, you help business owners write clear, error-free content for their websites. Your write-up must reflect the company’s brand voice, targeting the audience to make a sale.

It’s not hard to become a copywriter, but you need strong research and creative writing skills. This remote work involves a lot of data collection and requires you to read various articles to gather valuable information.

2. Content manager

As a content manager, you assist companies in plotting a consistent company identity while keeping an online presence. Many businesses hire freelance content managers to alleviate employee workload and reach a broader customer base.

This position allows you artistic freedom to generate different types of content. It can be in the form of writing, videos, or images to promote your client’s products and services. You’ll need some knowledge of analytics and content marketing tools to excel in this remote role.

3. Content creator

For content creators, the internet is their oyster. They put together entertaining or educational materials that pique their target audience’s interest. It can be in the form of blogs, videos, and infographics. They either work with a company’s marketing team or independently.

Successful content creators riding solo usually get brand sponsorships. Businesses pay them a fixed rate plus free products to advertise their brand. You can leverage this industry if you have a decent following on social media platforms. Some platforms may monetize you for having thousands of followers, or you can sell products through your account.

4. Social media manager

Getting paid to be a social media manager may seem like a dream come true for some people for a good reason. Managing social media accounts like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, or Pinterest has enormous revenue potential. You can earn hundreds of dollars per project per client on job marketplaces like Fiverr.

A day in the life of social media managers involves overseeing follower interactions and implementing content trends to build an online community. Although it can be a demanding job trying to please followers, it’s imperative to set personal boundaries when venturing into this industry.

5. Podcast manager

People spend more than seven hours a week listening to podcasts and are not slowing down anytime soon. Podcasters produce various interesting topics presented in a series where listeners can download and listen. While some podcast producers handle everything, others need remote workers to organize their ideas.

Being a podcast manager is exciting. You can use your creativity and imagination to edit audio, manage social media, and contribute fascinating talking points. What’s even more enticing, you can have an influential person as a guest on your client’s show.

6. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts using software programs like Adobe Photoshop. Clients typically give them ideas of what their illustrations, logos, and photos should look like for marketing purposes.

You can become a graphic designer without a degree. Given that you have the proper knowledge and interpersonal skills, you can earn up to $50,000 a year. All you have to do is make your portfolio stand out. If you have no credible experience to show your employers, offer someone a free design and ask them for feedback instead.

7. Video editor

These days, companies value video editors as an essential role in their company. They need freelancers to create video content to achieve corporate and online marketing goals through brand awareness and audience engagement.

Most video editors make money on Upwork, where clients post job listings. As a film editor, you must manage post-production processes and deliver quality results to increase customer interest in your client’s business.

8. Product manager

Product management is a good career path if you want a remote work setup. You’ll have the same perks and responsibilities as a product manager in an office, except you can work from the comfort of your home. Your role will entail analyzing product trends, efficiently managing teams, and determining new market niches that fit your clients’ needs.

You can easily fit into this sector if you have a background in sales, marketing, or information technology. While most employers look for candidates with extensive experience, some small businesses need entry-level product managers.

9. Project manager

Project managers are the most flexible hybrid jobs. They can work in any industry coordinating tasks and other processes to complete project goals. They usually use online tools to delegate assignments, train employees, and assess their team’s results.

It’s essential to have a deep education in a specific industry before pursuing a project management role. It allows you to reap more financial benefits. Though it’s only an option, PMI’s annual salary survey shows that people with a high school diploma can still take on this high-paying remote job.

10. Operations manager

If you live in cities like San Francisco, Fremont, and Oakland, you have a higher chance of earning more than in other areas in the United States. You can earn up to $40 an hour overseeing company operations, budget plans, and quality assurance.

You’re responsible for maintaining the company’s organizational structure. You have to see to it that all departments are on track with their goals. Since this remote job requires a lot of administrative work, you need to be results-oriented and have efficient time management skills.

11. Digital marketer

The internet has influenced the way marketers distribute information to customers. Businesses rely on digital marketers to reach new customers. You’ll have to ensure that your client’s website is searchable by optimizing content for search engines and using paid advertising.

Part of your job as a digital marketer is to use various digital channels to measure and identify weaknesses and improve performance. Overall, this remote job wouldn’t require you to have any degree. You can show your clients certifications to prove your credibility.

12. English tutor

Most people want to learn English as a second language. It increases a person’s chances of landing a job in a multinational company. And since it’s a global language, it makes them relatable in every country.

Language teaching is one of the easiest remote jobs. Teaching English online doesn’t require any background experience, but you need to be fluent in the language. You’ll be teaching students in all age groups. Some might be in kindergarten, while others may be in their 50s.

Because of the booming economy, countries like Japan, China, Cambodia, and Brazil are among the top places that need remote tutors. What’s great about being an English instructor is you can travel overseas and teach English wherever you go.

13. Translator

Remote jobs in the translation industry are slowly ranking up in the U.S. This role requires you to take written or verbal materials in one language and then reproduce them in another as accurately as possible.

Translators and interpreters earn around $90,400 per year. Their goal involves maintaining document style, structure, and voice while interpreting cultural slang and expressions. If you’re already bilingual, industries like technology, business, medical, and health demand a lot of translators. So you might as well make a profit just by knowing how to communicate in two languages.

14. App/Software developer

You can have abundant career growth as a software developer, allowing you to work remotely in different sectors. If you have a knack for building computer and mobile programs, it’s a profitable profession.

App and software development is constantly evolving. With dozens of programming languages and emerging technologies, it creates more job opportunities for job seekers. But employers require you to be adaptive to changing trends.

15. Data analyst

Working as a data analyst allows you to work remotely for various industries. Part of your job is collecting and analyzing data such as sales numbers or market research.

Data analysts can work for banks, retailers, marketing agencies, and the hospitality industry. Companies will ask you to provide visual information on the business’ performance. If you’re interested in this role, you need to polish your problem-solving and technical writing skills.

16. Accountant

Working as an accountant doesn’t require you to work in an office cubicle anymore. Technology has digitized accounting jobs. Multiple businesses can hire you to supervise, examine, and record operating expenses to ensure stability. They can benefit from your services by supplementing the traditional workforce during busy fiscal periods.

While it’s possible to get hired in this industry without certification or licensing, you may not be able to get paid a higher income. Most companies expect you to have at least one document stating that you passed the accounting requirements.

Is remote work for me?

Most remote workers leave their jobs because they want to detach from office politics and save extra cash from commuting. You’re not alone if you think you can relate to their burden.

Transitioning from corporate to freelance work requires a lot of pondering and preparation. You need to invest in reliable technology like a consistent Wi-Fi connection and noise-canceling headphones.

Often times you have to address company issues through online tools. So if you’re not vocal, start practicing communicating your opinions related to your responsibilities. When you’re on a job search, find a company that offers a healthy remote working culture. All employees must value each other whether other colleagues work remotely.

Benefits of remote work

Remote jobs aren’t just about saving money. It gives you the opportunity to work in a peaceful environment that fosters creativity. While some people enjoy the stimulating effect of traditional offices, some find the noise distracting, which can be difficult sometimes.

Some top remote jobs offer regular pay, health care, and other benefits without finding other clients. Job seekers have realized their productivity has increased since they started working remotely. They’re able to produce quality work even under limited supervision.


Finding jobs online is overwhelming, especially for those without an idea where and how to start. It’s going to be rough. However, it’s important to understand that even though there are millions of job applicants, you’ll find a role that’s right for you.

Websites like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor connect companies with remote workers. But if you haven’t found your job niche, there are online courses to strengthen your knowledge and skills in freelancing.

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