8 Jobs in Communications

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Are you looking for a job in communications? Jobs in communications range across all different types of industries. Whether you want to work in an ad agency, perfecting a brand’s advertising messages or as a press reporter, there are jobs in communications for job seekers with varying career goals and skills.

How to Choose a Career in Communications

With so many jobs in communications available, it can feel overwhelming to choose a career path to take. Here are a few tips to choose a career in communications:

Consider Your Individual Skills and Interests

Consider your individual skills and interests when choosing a career to pursue. For example, if you enjoy writing and editing, you might choose a career in media. If you prefer the strategic side of the industry, you might choose a career in public relations.

Volunteer Your Services

Volunteering in different industries can help you get a feel for the different types of positions you enjoy, versus ones you don’t enjoy as much. You might volunteer to work as an assistant or content creator in an industry you think you will enjoy,

Do Your Research

Doing your research can help you choose a career that aligns with your career goals and salary expectations. Create a list of positions that interest you and then gather as much information on each one as you can.

Take a Class

Taking a class or two can help you get a feel for what to expect in different careers. You might find classes online or at your local community center.

Important Skills for Jobs in Communications

Regardless of the position you choose, communications careers often involve a good degree of communicating with the public. Certain hard and soft skills can be beneficial as you begin your career in communications. Here are a few important skills to focus on:

  • Writing and editing skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Active listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Media literacy
  • Critical thinking

Of course, communication skills of all types are important when seeking jobs in communications. You will need skills in verbal and written communication.

List of Jobs in Communications

Here are a few jobs in communications to consider:

1. Public Relations

Brand reputation is more important than ever today. People with communications skills have the ability to create press releases and influence the public’s opinion of a business. With strong communication skills, public relations professionals may also work with brands to overcome a negative reputation.

2. Media Planner

Media planners are responsible for choosing where to place a business’s ads. They work closely with brands to identify ad goals, creating strategies to increase brand awareness. With a strong background in understanding customers and how they communicate, those with a communications degree can help advise brands on where to place their media dollars.

3. Social Media Manager

Also in line with managing a brand’s reputation is social media management. Customers today often turn to social media to communicate with or express their frustrations with businesses that they frequent. Social media managers who also have communications skills can help with creating social media campaigns that promote brand awareness, while also helping respond to customer complaints in a personable and effective manner.

4. Human Resources Manager

Human resource departments are important to the overall company morale of a brand. In addition to hiring, human resource managers are also often the first line of contact when an employee is experiencing difficulties at work. Strong communication skills can help human resources managers better understand the needs of the company and its employees.

5. Brand Manager

Brand managers are responsible for aligning a business’s products to its customer base. They may be in charge of creating focus groups or choosing the right packaging for a product. Communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, are necessary when working as a brand manager.

6. Sales Representative

Sales representatives communicate with potential customers in an attempt to close a sale. The ability to effectively communicate and understand a customer’s hesitations can help a sales representative do well while increasing the revenue of the company.

7. Business Reporter

Business reporters research and compile information related to the business industry. They may write articles or press releases for new businesses or notify the public of updated finances of a local business. Some business reporters may also notify the public of recent government changes that could affect the business industry. Good communications skills can help business reporters uncover relevant business details.

8. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers work in all aspects of marketing, planning, strategizing, and tracking campaign success. They may work in print or digital marketing.  The ability to clearly communicate written and verbal, with both clients and customers is beneficial when working as a marketing manager.

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Entry-Level Jobs in Communications

If you are a recent graduate or looking to switch careers, here are a few entry-level jobs in communications that you might consider:

  • Journalist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Business writer
  • Language analyst
  • Language teacher
  • Digital content creator
  • Advertising writer

As you continue to develop your communications skills, you may find that you are eligible for promotions or mid to upper-level positions. Entry-level jobs in communications can be a good way to learn the industry.

Other Careers in Communications

Here are a few other careers in communications that you might consider:

  • Politics
  • Event planner
  • College alumni officer
  • Graphic designer
  • Content creator
  • Project manager

These careers utilize communications skills in addition to other skills. If you want to combine communications skills with other industries, like politics, these are a few careers to consider.

How to Train for a Career in Communications

Some careers in communications may be available to entry-level employees. Others may require candidates to have previous training, either through a college degree or certifications. You have a few options when it comes to training for a career in communications. You might choose to attend college and major in communications. 

A bachelor’s degree takes, on average, four years to complete. Some students may choose to continue their education with a master’s degree. Internships can also be a good opportunity to develop important communications skills. You may find internship opportunities with local marketing or editorial agencies.

You can also develop your skills and training with certifications. A few communications certifications to consider include the Communication Management Professional (CMP) or the Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP).

You can also supplement your existing skills with additional training in communications. For example, if you want to pursue a career as a marketing manager, you might further develop your communications skills, as well as brush up on your marketing knowledge with a class or two. If you want to work in publications, you might pursue further development of writing skills.

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