People who get promoted aren’t simply lucky. If you look hard, you will notice a pattern of good personality traits that top-employees possess that usually gets them in higher positions on the career ladder. Here are ten personality traits that can help you get promoted:


If you notice, people who get promoted usually exude confidence. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be cocky to get promoted. It simply means that you have to have the ability to trust yourself, your instincts, and your skills. This kind of confidence only comes after you’ve mastered your trade. It’s when you know how much you are capable of and that you can handle almost anything at work. Confidence is a good personality trait that managers do not necessarily look for, but rather positively influences the way they perceive you.


If you are a self-starter, you have relatively high chances of promotion compared to colleagues who just lounge around and wait for the next command. You are capable enough to see what you need to do, and you do your best to address it without a lot of supervision. This makes you a very dependable player for your team or even your entire company. A proactive person is someone highly fit for a managerial role. This is because there is a higher level of common sense at play when you seek out and uproot problems before they worsen.


It’s one thing to be a proactive self-starter, it’s entirely another to be an uncooperative jerk who just doesn’t want to follow orders. If you are a rank-and-file employee, your boss is there for a reason. And while this does not discount you to learn leadership skills for your own good, it still means that you have to have capability as a team player. To to do this, you need to have an ear that is ready to listen and absorb critique and instruction. You should view these as opportunities for you to improve and learn more so that you can become an active leader in the future.


A lot of things can go wrong at work. If your job is fast-paced and involves handling a lot of stressful situations, it is easy to tilt towards the dark side and feel gloomy. The power of positivity is one of those good personality traits that can effectively combat almost any work-related challenges that can come your way. The ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel makes a person more determined and competent to do their job. Therefore, if you are optimistic, you are more likely to perform better at work, and thus obtain a promotion faster.


People approach you when they need help or some good advice. Being the go-to person for your peers shows just how dependable you are as a colleague. It is also one of the good personality traits that can quickly get you promoted. Leaders and managers need to be trustworthy and dependable. Their team needs to feel and know that they have a leader who can get them through thick or thin, no matter what the situation at work is. That is why, if you notice many of your counterparts depend on you for help, your managers likely see you too.


There is usually a good reason why your workmates and managers see you as a dependable person. It is most likely because you are generous enough to offer your advice and expertise to help others out. Not only that, but you can also display generosity when you share the limelight and give credit to whom credit is due. That means to step out of the spotlight to acknowledge the work of others. Others’ success does not intimidate you. If you helped them succeed, you might even feel proud that you were able to help them and feel happy for what they have accomplished in their job.


Passion is something that you cannot force into a person. A strong drive is an attractive personality trait that sits very well with managers and executives. It means that not only will you do the bare minimum required to stay on the job, but you will ensure exceptional execution, or go beyond what is expected of you for the love of what you do—being driven means having big ambitions, not only for yourself but also for the quality of your output. It ensures that whatever you do, you always give it your very best. A powerful drive reflects a commitment to excellence. 

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Change is a constant thing, no matter where you are. For people who get a promotion, resilience is a good personality trait to have from the get-go. It shows how capable you are to adapt to new situations, environments, and people. Resilient people usually get promoted because the management knows that they are capable to handle the rapid changes that leaders and managers handle in their daily work.


The best leaders are not all about themselves. They know how to shift their focus towards others and empathize. They understand that the success of their team hinges significantly on the individual success of each team member. Leaders have to ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of their constituents as a responsibility. They know how to address each individual’s issues because they are capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes. The power of empathy allows you to relate to your team members and encourages openness within the organization. 


Finally, people who get promoted are usually humble. They commonly don’t brag about their accomplishments, and they rarely are the ones who initiate their promotion. That is because they typically prefer to focus on the tasks at hand and not on themselves. They are confident enough that the quality of their work can speak for itself and that the recognition is but a pleasant after-effect. 

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