Why You Should Invest in Facebook Ads Now

Primarily functioning as a social media platform, Facebook has steadily established itself as a powerful marketing platform as well, with more than 140 million businesses using their applications every month. If you are a neophyte entrepreneur and you’re thinking about whether your startup or home business should invest in Facebook ads, here are a couple of reasons why you should.

8 out of 10 internet users are on Facebook

Who’s not on Facebook these days? Facebook reports that it has over one billion active daily users and over 2 billion monthly active users. Any entrepreneur or marketing specialist would agree that a platform with billions of users is the place to be for any business. 

Facebook audiences are vast and almost all-encompassing that even older adults who are over 65 years old are still active users themselves. That does not discount its hundreds of millions of young and middle-aged adult users. Anyone within the working and buying age is on Facebook. Therefore it’s likely that all of your potential customers are in there.

Facebook is there if you want to have a presence on a platform that can give you the broadest access to clients. It is probably the most obvious reason as to why you should invest in Facebook ads right now.

It is the cheapest way to advertise.

Maybe you are on the fence wondering whether Facebook ads are worth spending on. The first good news is that it’s not really a splurge in the first place. The overall average cost of a click on a Facebook ad is just a little under one dollar. If you contrast that with Google ads, which, on average, cost about thrice the amount or even more, it’s an automatic landslide win for Facebook in terms of cost.

Of course, you might have to factor in whether those clicks and their stunningly low cost are converting into sales to gauge whether you’re getting enough revenue. It will heavily depend on your type of business, marketing efforts, and expectations in terms of returns. Nevertheless, it is an excellent place to start with its low cost.

Facebook ads give the best targeting options

Men or women? Young professionals or experienced executives? What level of income? Race, religion, or location? How about specific interests? When it comes to demographics, no other platform can beat Facebook. You want to zero in on one particular target audience and filter everyone else out? You got it.

If you have a business type that is very specific to a defined group of people, you would want your ads to show up in their feeds most. It’s like having a smaller but stronger concentration of potential clients rather than a huge but diluted population that will likely waste your efforts and ad-invested money.

It is super easy to measure

With a reliable and well-established database, you don’t have to worry about playing guessing games or solving abstract algebra problems. Facebook has it all covered. Instead, you can expect hard and accurate numbers concerning the performance of your ads.

You can easily access your impressions and clicks. You can also easily track your conversions with a few tweaks on your website with the help of a Facebook ad specialist. With this, it is easier than ever to gauge the performance of your marketing efforts. You’ll quickly identify what works and what does not. You can implement changes that further improve your ads, or fix underperforming ones. You’ll always be in the know, and you’ll always know what to do, or at least be aware that something has to be done. And it’s all thanks to the availability of accurate and specific data. 

You can engage with your clients much better.

Broadcast-type ads are usually not that engaging. They are great at capturing an audience’s attention and sparking interest, but they don’t really provide many avenues for engagement. That is where social media marketing platforms have an edge.

While giving you access to the broadest and the most easy-to-filter market, you get to enjoy the added benefit of client engagement. Interactions such as likes, comments allow your brand to connect with your customers directly. The connections formed can be further strengthened with more interaction to achieve higher conversion rates. It will be like like making friends out of clients and gaining paying customers in the process.

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Facebook ads are mobile-friendly

There are an estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users globally in 2020. That number is seen to rise to 3.8 billion next year. Experts foresee the numbers to move only upwards in the years following. Over 98% of Facebook users access their accounts through their smartphones. That’s almost everyone.

With the enormous number of mobile phone owners worldwide who access the internet and social media by phone, it is only right that your marketing activities are mobile-friendly. Facebook is intensely aware of these statistics and has made their applications more mobile-friendly than ever.

That means that if you invest in Facebook advertising, you are making your ads more accessible than ever. Your clients could be literally holding your marketing efforts at their palms, and taking them anywhere they go.

Your competitors are on Facebook too.

By not being on Facebook, you’re doing your competitors a huge favor. You are allowing them to dominate one of the most extensive market resources there is online. Your customers are on Facebook, so it’s only right that you are there as well. If you leave them unguarded, competition can easily swoop in and snatch them from right under your nose. Not being on Facebook when your competitors and clients are is like having a major blind spot or no-signal area where you can’t reach out to your customers, and you don’t know what is happening.

Easier to expand to new markets

Because the platform is vast, when you decide to invest in Facebook advertising, you obtain access to other markets. When you’ve come initially to cater to working and established professionals, you might later consider reaching out to college seniors who have the highest potential to turn into professionals. 

The best part about it is that it won’t be as arduous as starting over. It’s going to be a mere expansion since you have already established a brand among the community.


Once you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and invest in Facebook ads, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about it. Luckily, there are massive online courses and classes on Facebook advertising such as Making Facebook Ads Super Easy, a beginner-friendly online course for anyone interested in learning all about Facebook Ads. 

Ready to invest in Facebook advertising? Click here to get started.

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