yoga is one of the best exercises for posture

Why You Need Exercises for Posture Improvement

You might wonder why you need exercise for posture. Posture and proper body mechanics are some of those things that people tend to overlook. Below we’ll find out what leads to bad posture, its consequences, and the recommended exercises for posture improvement.

Activities and habits that contribute to bad posture

There are everyday habits that you might be doing that hurt your posture. It is important to know what these bad habits are so that you can avoid them. Avoiding them means you put a stop to the deterioration of your posture so you can experience relief and better mobility.

Slouching when seated

Those who work in an office or at a desk are usually guilty of this. It can be tempting to slump when you sit for prolonged periods because it feels more comfortable at the moment. Some people feel tired of maintaining an erect posture, while others are just not conscious of their body shape when they are seated at work for a long time.

To correct this, you can trick yourself into remembering to sit upright by taking breaks every hour or so. Standing to stretch for a few seconds can do the trick. If you want to take it more seriously, you can opt for a special ergonomic chair or a standing desk to maintain your posture the entire day.

exercises for posture can improve back pain

Standing with a flat back

Another effect of sitting for prolonged periods is developing a “flat back.” The hips tuck forward in this type of posture, and the lower back is straight instead of curved. 

The person also develops a forward stoop. This position makes it uncomfortable to stand for prolonged periods. It also causes neck pain because the stooped position causes the neck to lean forward unnaturally.

Aside from sitting for prolonged periods, a flat back can also result from muscle imbalances such as doing too much of one type of exercise.

Texting or scrolling through your phone

Our phones are also culprits that contribute to bad posture. People tend to stoop or look down when using their phones. This hunching also happens when people work on their keyboards for a long time.

As a result, you will eventually develop a rounder upper back and stiff shoulders. This can cause chronic shoulder and neck pain. Simply adjusting the way you hold your phone or tweaking your working station can correct this.

Cradling your phone with your shoulder

People on TV might “hold” their phones on the crook of their neck using their shoulders when they’re busy with something. However, people who work with phones also tend to do this as a bad habit.

Over time, if you repetitively do this, it will strain the muscles of your neck and shoulders. These muscles are not designed to hold this position for long periods. If your job involves handling lots of phone calls throughout the day, you should practice holding the phone properly.

Consequences of bad posture

Bad posture has several health consequences. Here are a few of them.


Having a bad posture affects the way your muscles work. As a result, you become more prone to muscle and joint problems. People with bad postures often complain of pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and even head.

If you experience a lot of shoulder and back pain, look into your posture. There might be something wrong with it. If you experience headaches and you’ve ticked off all other possible causes, it might also be your poor posture.

Poor circulation

Poor posture can affect your circulation. It’s bad enough to sit all day every day. Having a bad posture only makes things worse. It restricts your circulatory system from functioning efficiently. On top of that, several sources show that poor posture can make you more prone to varicose veins

Restricted lung function

Hunching forward all the time lessens the area where your lungs can expand. If your lungs can’t expand to their maximum capacity, that limits the amount of air you take in. 

People with poor posture may experience shortness of breath, become more prone to cardiovascular issues, and experience poor concentration. That happens because if the lungs cannot take in enough air, there will be less oxygenation to the brain, heart, and other vital organs.

Poor digestion

Being seated for long periods of time does not only hinder your movement. It also causes you to slouch so that it compresses your abdomen. This puts pressure on your digestive organs.

Over time, your digestion becomes affected. Your stomach and gut become less efficient in processing food, and you may notice your belly getting thicker.

Spine degradation

As expected, poor posture has a direct consequence on your spine health. Spinal misalignment can lead to other health problems such as muscle spasms and nerve pain. In more serious cases, the spine becomes permanently deformed and impairs your ability to move easily.

Exercises for posture correction

If you are looking for an exercise program to improve your posture, you can take any of these online courses from Skill Success.

Complete Stretching: Exercises For Flexibility And Posture

Stretching is a simple form of exercise that almost everyone can do. Simple stretching is the best form of exercise for posture. If you have joint problems or cannot perform intense exercises, stretching is the perfect regimen for you.

Lessen Possible Causes Of Back Pain With Yoga

If bad posture has caused you to experience back pain, a Yoga program can help you. This course is a Yoga class that specifically targets people who suffer from back pain. It tackles the root cause of your back pain and helps you improve your normal posture.

How To Fix Your Own Back Pain And Sciatica

People with back pain from poor posture may also suffer from sciaticapain that radiates from the lower back, down to the buttocks and the thigh. People who suffer from severe sciatica pain may need medical intervention, but you can do exercises to lessen the pain. Improving your posture can also sometimes help alleviate it. 

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